DraftKings Promo Code ESPN – The Same Free Tournament Entry Deposit Bonus Heard on TV & Radio

Not affiliated with the DraftKings Promo Code GJ100 - I just like the photo

Not affiliated with the DraftKings Promo Code GJ100 – I just like the photo

By Steve Beauregard

What is the DraftKings promo code on ESPN?

It depends. In the past, they’ve run ads all day and night with a variety of different promotional codes, however the code: GJ100 and/or registering via one of the Draftkings ads on this page will get you the same free $3 tournament entry after making your first deposit that you heard or saw in a commercial on ESPN.


As in “Great Job 100” or “Giant Jockstrap 100,” which is what you’ll need should you take down one of the site’s big weekly tournaments, in which first place can be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, or in some cases, millions of dollars.

I said “it depends” at the beginning, because if you watch ESPN for any length of time, or listen to ESPN radio, you’ll see and hear a ton of different DraftKings ads. The truth is, there are thousands of different DraftKings promo codes out there, all advertised by people like me.

Some of the promo codes have just words, (such as a name), others have numbers, and some have a combination of the two. They can get confusing or are forgettable. However just registering through a Draftkings banner on this page, or using the promo code: GJ100 will get you that same free tourney entry bonus you heard or saw on ESPN.

Using this GJ100 promo code means that DraftKings will give you a free entry to a $3 buy-in tournament.

This is a one-time deposit bonus, meaning it will only apply once after you make your first deposit.

You should also note, (especially if you work for the Federal Trade Commission), that I am fulfilling my legal obligation by disclosing that I am an approved affiliate for Draftkings.com, and that I will receive a commission from them if you sign up with them through a link on this site and/or use the bonus code GJ100.

ESPN and DraftKings Marketing Partnership

In July of 2015, ESPN and DraftKings entered into a marketing agreement worth a quarter of a billion dollars, which is quite a commitment considering that – according to Kanter Media as reported by the Wall Street Journal – Draftkings spent “just” $21 million on TV advertising in 2014.

The agreement allows Draft Kings to be the exclusive daily fantasy sports advertiser on ESPN TV shows and radio programing in 2016. Some daily fantasy sports observers, including me, feel that this agreement will help DraftKings surpass FanDuel as the number one most popular daily fantasy sports website. (Currently, in terms of active players, DraftKings ranks second only behind FanDuel.com).

Originally, ESPN’s parent corporation Disney, had been in discussions to purchase a chunk of DraftKings.com, however Disney executives apparently backed out of the purchase.

Still the $250 million advertising partnership between DraftKings and ESPN is huge, and potentially a game-changer for the daily fantasy sports industry. After all, the average die-hard sports fan (like me), is constantly glued to ESPN. And those viewers will soon only see ads for DraftKings promo codes – not FanDuel.

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While you haven't seen it on ESPN, using the DraftKings promo code GJ100 will make you want to cheer

While you haven’t seen it on ESPN, using the DraftKings promo code GJ100 will make you want to cheer

FanDuel will still constantly run TV ads on CBS, NBC and Fox Sports, however they will be completely shut out of the important ESPN market in 2016.

This DraftKings/ESPN partnership covers ESPN radio, along with the other platforms in the “worldwide leader’s” stable of channels, including ESPN 2, ESPN 3, ESPN News, ESPN Classic, and ESPN U. (I know there are others, but I don’t watch ESPN “Desportes” or whatever it’s called).

So while it’s not the DraftKings promo code you saw or heard on ESPN (I can’t afford their advertising), using the code: GJ100 gets you the exact same free $3 tournament entry.

Thank you for reading and good luck to you on DraftKings. (Photos courtesy of Keith Allison and
Doug Wertman via Flickr).