FanDuel Radio Promo Code – New Players Get 5 Free Entries (up to $50)

Unlike your chances with her, the GJ100 FanDuel promo code is a sure thing.

Unlike your chances with her, the GJ100 FanDuel promo code is a sure thing.

By Steve Beauregard (Updated February 2017)

You probably came to this article looking for a FanDuel promo code you heard on the radio – one which you later forgot. It’s easy to do.

Whether it’s a nationally syndicated radio host with millions of listeners like Jim Rome, or the local hacks on a barely-listenable small town sports talk show, everyone on sports talk radio was pimping a FanDuel radio promo code. Last year.

This year however, you don’t need a code. All you have to do is register via one of the banners on this page. The promotion is for new players only, and it gives you one free entry a week, for five weeks in a row, into one of their 50/50 tournaments. These are where roughly half the field wins and doubles their entry fee, and half the field loses.

This promotion replaces the $200 matching deposit bonus advertised everywhere, all the time last year. (FanDuel has stopped the matching deposit bonus).

This new promotion and bonus gives you the same benefit as the other 2016 Fanduel promo codes you may have seen online or heard advertised on the radio.

Keep in mind, this is a one time credit for brand new players on FanDuel playing in their first tournament.

It’s also contingent upon the size of your first deposit. By that I mean a player who makes his first deposit of $200 can get 5 different $10 free entries. A player depositing $100 can enter 5 $5 tournaments, a $25 initial deposit gets you up to $1 tournament entry fees for free, while a $10 first deposit gets you five entries into $.25 tournaments.

This code works and is checked constantly by me, to ensure that you’ll receive your five game freeroll credit. In addition, if you have any questions about the promo, or other issues, I’ll be glad to help get these sorted out with FanDuel personally. (Try that with a sports talk host). Please just email me at beauregardsteve@hotmail should you have a question.

According to the Fantasy Sports Trade Association, There 56.8 million daily fantasy sports players in the United States and Canada combined. FanDuel is by far the largest of the many daily fantasy sports sites, with over a million active users during football season. DraftKings comes in second.

More on Jim Rome, Dan Patrick, and the FanDuel Promo Code

Like you probably do, I listen to a lot of sports talk radio. Mostly Jim Rome, but also, on occasion, Dan Patrick or ESPN radio – especially in the fall when I can’t get my fill of NFL and college football talk.

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Those of you who listen to even a little bit of sports radio will undoubtedly hear a ton of ads for daily fantasy sports sites. And why not? Daily fantasy sports is skyrocketing in popularity. Over 56 million people in the United States and Canada played daily fantasy sports in 2015 – an increase of 15 million people, or 36%, from 2014.

I’m not sure where, or on which radio station you heard about a FanDuel promo code, but here are the most widely listened to radio sports talk shows in the country. The first four on this list are generally considered to be the most listened to, however beyond that, the hosts are in no particular order. Please note: unlike TV ratings, radio ratings are harder to acquire. That’s because you have to actually pay hundreds of dollars to get access to the radio Arbitron ratings.

In any case, here is a list of the most popular, national sports talk hosts, which I’ve complied these from a variety of online sources.

Most Listened To Sports Talk Shows

Jim Rome – CBS Radio. At one point he was the 8th most listened to radio host in the United States (for all genres). It is believed that his move to CBS radio has resulted in fewer listeners however.

Dan Patrick – Premier Networks

Mike and Mike (Mike Greenburg and Mike Golic) ESPN Radio

Colin Cowherd – (Formerly of ESPN Radio, but now with Fox Sports Radio). ESPN claims that he had 3.1 million listeners each week.

Jay Mohr – Premier Networks

Dan Le Batard – ESPN Radio

Doug Gottlieb – CBS Sports Radio

These are just some of the more popular hosts. I haven’t listened to all of them, but many have their own FanDuel radio promo code, similar to the GJ100 I mention every chance I get.

Just like in this stadium, you sometimes can't hear the FanDuel radio promo code

Just like in this stadium, you sometimes can’t hear the FanDuel radio promo code

I haven’t included local sports radio hosts either. In many cases, (New York City for example), a talented local sports talk host (like Mike Francesa), will beat a nationally syndicated one. Primarily, this is because the local sports guy will talk only about a local team or teams – in other words, a topic more of interest to listeners than the more diversified, national topics covered by the likes of Rome and Patrick.

Whether it’s a nationally syndicated host, or a small-marked station with just a handful of listeners, these radio hosts, and/or their production companies, receive a commission every time someone signs up using their code. So do I when you register on FanDuel through one of the links on this page. I’ll receive a kickback from FanDuel, just like the sports talk guys do when they talk about their own Fanduel radio promo code.

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Why FanDuel?

Chances are, if you’re looking for a FanDuel radio promo code, you’re already sold on the company. If you’re not, know that FanDuel is the largest, most active and successful daily fantasy sports site. In addition to being completely legal under federal law, FanDuel is legit and safe, as both the NBA and NBC Sports have ownership stakes in the company. You must be at least 18 years old to sign up however. Registering is easy, and its software and system is easy to navigate. Hey, one million FanDuel daily fantasy sports players can’t be wrong. (Photos courtesy of Matthew Straubmuller and Mobilus In Mobili via Flickr).