Promo Code for DraftKings 2017 – A Free $3 Tournament Entry For New Players Making Their 1st Deposit

Not using the DraftKings promo code GJ100 may get you slapped.

Not using the DraftKings promo code GJ100 may get you slapped.

By Steve Beauregard (Updated February 2017)

Looking for the free tournament entry bonus when signing up for DraftKings? Registering via on one of the Draftkings banners on this page or using the promo code GJ100 will give you a ticket into a free $3 daily fantasy sports tournament.

That’s GJ100

As in Great Job 100! Or Green Jockstrap 100, or Giant Jugs 100.

(As a side note, I have to disclose that as an approved affiliate for DraftKings, I receive a commission when you use the GJ100 deposit bonus promo code or register through a link on this page).

I also wanted to add that I monitor the code this site daily, to ensure that the code is updated and operational so that you receive the free tourney entry ticket you are entitled to. However should you have any questions about entering it, or have any problems whatsoever, please contact me at my personal email address:, I will be happy to get things straightened out with my contacts at DraftKings.

Depositing on DraftKings

You can deposit on DraftKings through a variety of ways, including using PayPal, a Visa card, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express.

You may also use Visa, MasterCard, Amex and Discover gift cards.

Another point to make: unfortunately, ten states don’t allow you to play online fantasy sports for money. That’s because these states know what’s best for you. The nannies in question are Alabama, Arizona, Hawaii, Idaho, Iowa, Louisiana, Montana, Nevada, New York, and Washington.

Regardless of what state you live in, you must be 18 years or older to play on DraftKings, (except for residents of Nebraska and Alabama, who must be at least 19 years or older). Those of you living in the state of Massachusetts must be 21 years or older.

More About the

If you already here, you probably don’t have to be sold on playing on DraftKings, but we’ll cover some basics of this American company, just in case you are on the fence about depositing with them.

Founded in 2012, DraftKings is based out of Boston, Massachusetts. Although it is only a few years old, it is the second largest daily fantasy sports site, (in terms of player traffic), behind only

Unlike FanDuel and some other sites, which stick just with the major sports: NFL, college football and basketball, NBA and MLB, DraftKings includes an array of offerings that includes: golf, NASCAR, and soccer, for example. Unlike their main competitor, NFL pre-season games can be played. They even ran fantasy tournaments for E-sports.

According to a recent NY Times article, Fox Sports has invested $150 million into DraftKings, for roughly 11% ownership of the company.

If you listen closely, you can hear them chant, Use DraftKings Promo Code GJ100

If you listen closely, you can hear them chant, Use DraftKings Promo Code GJ100

Other investors in the company include Major League Baseball, the NHL, and Major League Soccer.

And while ESPN’s parent company, Disney, backed out of a reported deal that would have Disney owning a big chunk of DraftKings, ESPN and DraftKings have agreed to an exclusive partnership agreement. (That’s why you hear tons of ads for DraftKings on ESPN and ESPN Radio, but none for FanDuel).

According to a recent article on the Wall Street Journal’s website, DraftKings has a reported valuation of $1.2 billion dollars.

Thank you so much for reading and good luck with your lineups! (Photo courtesy of John Martinez Pavliga and Jim Larrison via Flickr).