Promo code for FanDuel 2017 – Get Five Free Entries (Up to $50) with the FanDuel 5 Pack

The GJ100 promo code for FanDuel works works for football, baseball, basketball and more.

The GJ100 promo code for FanDuel works works for football, baseball, basketball and more.

By Steve Beauregard (Updated February 2017)

Let’s say you have a buddy who wants you to play fantasy football against him for five weeks.

And let’s say it will cost $10 to play each week, but he’ll spot you the entry fee.

Welcome to the GJ100 FanDuel 5 Pack!

It’s a new promotion from FanDuel that allows new players to get five free entries worth up to $50. You don’t even need a promo code to get this new bonus. Just get it by clicking on one of the links on this page and make your first deposit.

Your free entries are good for 50/50 League Contests. These are tournaments where half the field, gets paid, while the other half walks away with nothing.

(Requisite disclaimer to keep me from going to jail and ending up with a cellmate who wants to engage in intimate relations with me: I am an affiliate with and will receive compensation when you register via a link on this site, and/or through the GJ100 promo code for FanDuel.)

FanDuel Entry Fee Credit Promo Code

Now for 4 details.

1) First off, you have to be a brand new player to FanDuel. Those of you who have played for money on FanDuel before, aren’t eligible for this new promotion.

2) Secondly, you must deposit at least $10 into FanDuel.

3) You can play one entry per week. FanDuel will send you a link each week which you’ll use to play the free tournament.

4) Lastly, the benefit of the FanDuel 5 Pack bonus depends on the amount of your initial deposit. Players who make a bigger initial deposit are rewarded with bigger free entries:

First Deposit:

$10 to $24.99: You’ll get 5 free entries into .25 cent 50/50 tournaments.

$25 to $99.99: You’ll get 5 free entries into $1 50/50 tournaments.

$100 to $199.99: You’ll get 5 free entries into $5 50/50 tournaments.

$200 or more: You’ll get 5 free entries into $10 50/50 tournaments.

As you can see, you get more bang for the buck if you’re initial deposit is $200, but you should only deposit what you can afford and at the amount of your comfort level. But hopefully your comfort level is $200.

Sometimes with online bonus codes and promotional codes, you’re never really sure if you have been credited with a bonus. I’ve been there. Which is I want you to know that the this bonus is active, and working today.

Should you have any questions about whether the code worked for you, I would be more than happy to help. While I am just an affiliate of FanDuel, and not an employee, I will call or email my contacts at FanDuel to help ensure the process is completely smooth for you, as it is for most players.

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Please feel free to email me, Steve, at my personal email account at should you feel you have not been credited the 5 free entries, or should you just have any other questions about the promo code, or about FanDuel in general. I’m happy to help you in any way, other than helping you pick your wide receivers, because I seem to suck at that, to be honest.

Why Play at FanDuel?

FanDuel is the largest daily fantasy sports website, with over one million active users. Not only is FanDuel safe and legit, it is partly owned by major reputable institutions such as NBC and the NBA. FanDuel currently has marketing partnerships with 16 different N.F.L. teams: the Baltimore Ravens, Buffalo Bills, Chicago Bears, Cincinnati Bengals, Cleveland Browns, Detroit Lions, Green Bay Packers, Houston Texans, Indianapolis Colts, Jacksonville Jaguars, New York Jets, Philadelphia Eagles, San Diego Chargers, St. Louis Rams, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and Washington Redskins.

As for the legality? Because of a special carve out exemption in the UIEGA bill of 2006, (the one that took away my online poker), playing daily fantasy sports on sites like FanDuel is completely legal. (Some states, however had deemed it against state law).

(Photo courtesy of Phil Roeder via Flickr).