What is the ESPN Radio FanDuel Promo Code?

She doesn't know the ESPN radio FanDuel promo code either

She doesn’t know the ESPN radio FanDuel promo code either

By Steve Beauregard (Updated February 2017)

What is the ESPN radio FanDuel promo code?

To be honest, I don’t know. I listen to a ton of sports talk and have lost track. There are a variety of hosts, all of whom have different codes. And some hosts have left the ESPN radio network, meaning I’m not sure the FanDuel radio promo code they pitched even works anymore. In fact FanDuel has ended their $200 matching deposit bonus used by many during the 2015 NFL season and promoted frequently on the air last year. You can however, get the new, FanDuel offer available to ESPN radio hosts and other media personalities by clicking on one of the FanDuel banners on this page and/or using the promo code: GJ100.

That’s GJ100

As in Gray Jockstrap 100, or Good Job 100, or Going Jogging 100, or whatever else you could think of that starts with a “G” and a “J.”

While you may have heard a promo code for FanDuel on one of the many popular ESPN radio shows in the past, you’re likely to hear more. In 2016, the network announced that the exclusive partnership they had with FanDuel’s main competitor, and the second most popular Daily Fantasy Sports site, Draft Kings, has ended. Previously, Draft Kings was the exclusive daily fantasy sports advertiser on the network. Other previous plans for ESPN’s parent company to invest $250 million and become part owner of Draft Kings have been abandoned.

In any case, signing up through a banner on this page and/or using the GJ100 promo code when making your first deposit will allow you get five free entries into NFL beginner 50/50 contests. These are the contests where half the entrants get paid. (I should disclose here that I am an approved FanDuel affiliate, and will receive a commission from them should you use the GJ100 promo code and/or register from one of the links on this page.)

The promo does come with some fine print, in that you have to be a first time player on FanDuel, and the amount of each entry free depends on how much your initial deposit is. In other words, the more you deposit (up to $200), the higher your free entry fees will be (up to $10 per free entry).

ESPN Radio

Here’s some more information about ESPN Radio, the most popular national radio network, although NBC Sports Radio, CBS, and Fox Sports are all making runs at ESPN. In addition, in many markets, local-sports oriented talk shows beat out the national ESPN Radio hosts in the ratings races.

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According to ESPN, 60% of sports talk listeners listen to an ESPN radio show. And 20 million people a week listen to ESPN radio, either on the computer, or through one of their 500 radio affiliates.

In addition to live NFL, college football, MLB coverage, etc, here are the regular weekday ESPN radio shows:

Mike and Mike

– This longtime popular morning sports talk show, hosted by Mike Greenberg and Mike Golic recently passed the 17 year mark – pretty remarkable in the ever-changing world of sports talk radio. Greeny is Northwestern grad and former ESPN News anchor, while Mike Golic is a former NFL defensive end and little brother to former Raider lineman and sometime actor Bob Golic.

Russillo & Kanell – Ryan Russillo was formerly part of a broadcast duo with Scott Van Pelt, who left to assume the late-night Sports Center anchor gig, Russillo now is partners with Danny Kanell. Kanell, as you may recall, is the former Florida State standout quarterback later drafted by the New York Giants. He also had stints quarterbacking the Atlanta Falcons and Denver Broncos, mostly in back-up rolls. He also played in the Arena Football League.

Dan Le Batard (with Stugotz) – Le Batard last year replaced Colin Cowherd in the mid-day slot, when Cowherd left “the mothership” to join Fox Sports Radio. Le Batard had huge shoes to fill.

According to ESPN, 3.1 million people listened to Collin Cowherd’s show each week, while another 1.1 watch the televised simulcast version. On top of those impressive numbers, ¾ of a million people live streamed the show on the internet each week. Also, last year, he had 16.5 million podcast downloads.

In addition, Cowherd’s take-no-prisoner’s approach was (and is) captivating to a lot of listeners (like me), who bore quickly of the vanilla, try-to-please everybody, don’t offend anyone style of Dan Patrick.

Jalen and Jacoby – Jalen Rose is the former NBA vet, while David Jacoby has been a producer and commentator at ESPN since 1999.

Jorge and Izzy – Hosted by Jorge Sedano and Israel Gutierrez. Like Dan Le Batard, Jorge Sedano went solo for awhile, after his co-host of the Sedano and Stink show, Mark Schlereth, left ESPN radio to focus on the T.V. side of the worldwide leader in sports. He then was teamed with Jen Lada. The Jorge Sedand/Jen Lada radio pairing lasted all of a few months. Lada, who used to cover pro teams in the Chicago area, remains with the company working on the digital side, while also making appearances on air and in front of the camera from time to time.

The Right Time with Bomani Jones – I tried looking at Jones’ Twitter account. He must have been sick the day they taught capitalization. On air, Jones is painful to listen to. He comes across more as one of those extreme angry black lives matter protesters than your normal, pleasant, friendly, fun-loving sports guy. But if left-wing social politics is your thing, Jones is your guy.

Freddie Coleman – The former college football player and New York City native holds down the graveyard shift for three hours.

ESPN Radio’s weekend lineup for the 2016 fall season includes a natural focus on college football on Saturdays, and NFL-centric programming on Sundays, including fantasy football shows in the morning and recaps of all games in the afternoon.

Just to sum up, for those of you looking to play on FanDuel and score the free five game entries: you can get that by using the promo code: GJ100. It’s not an official ESPN radio FanDuel code, but it will get you the same exact bonus.(Photos courtesy of ph-stop and Jeff Kern via Flickr.