Emil Patel – Poker Reality Show Star, Net Worth, and the Player Behind the Name “WhiteLime”

By Steve Beauregard

Emil “WhiteLime” Patel, is an online poker pro, and probably most famously known as a cast member of the 2009 poker reality show “2M2MM”.

The show featured four hotshot online poker players as they joined forces and money in an attempt to win $2 million in profit over two months spent living together in a Las Vegas mansion.

In addition to Emil, the cast consisted of Jay Rosenkrantz, Brian Roberts, and Dani Stern.

Emil Patel Was a Cast Member on "2M2MM"
Emil Patel Was a Cast Member on “2M2MM”

The group failed in their goal, but Patel was the second biggest winner in the house during the show, winning $161,900 by grinding at lower stakes than what some of the other guys were playing. While the other three had huge wins and losses, Patel seemed to be a more steady, consistent winner over the 8 weeks.

The quiet one of the four, Emil Patel was one of the more likeable cast members. In every episode of 2M2MM, he was shown loudly slurping some sort of drink. It sort of became a running gag.

Other episodes showed him very awkwardly trying to hit on women (usually with no success), at various Vegas clubs. He told one woman he was a prince of a mid-Eastern country. On another occasion, he asked a women if she wanted a backrub. When she said, “No,” he replied, “Are you sure?”

The only vegetarian in the poker house, Patel was known on the show for eating large amounts of food for his size, and for taking a brutal shot in the face from a water balloon during a water balloon ambush the other guys played on him.

Emil Patel grew up in East Hanover, New Jersey. He studied business at New York University, majoring in finance. It’s there where the poker bug first hit him, during his sophomore year.

Like most college males, he played in low buy-in ($10) games on campus, before discovering online poker. While he has literally made millions playing internet poker, the remarkable truth is that Patel has never made a deposit on an online poker site.

He told PokerNewsDaily.com that in college, he took advantage of the numerous freeroll tournaments at GoldenPalace.com to build up a $200 bankroll, ten cents at a time. He credits the twoplustwo.com forums for improving his game, saying he started getting good about six to eight months after learning the game.

Patel dropped out his senior year of NYU to focus more on his increasingly successful online poker career. He later would graduate in 2007.

He played a lot of limit on PartyPoker, before making the switch to no-limit games and moving quickly up in stakes. He told UK magazine, Poker Player, that moving in with Jay Rosenkrantz, (the two were roommates before 2M2MM) helped his game immensely. Patel would later go on to coach on Rosenkrantz’s poker training site, Deuces Cracked.

While Patel will play very high stakes, $500/$1000, he tells Poker Player that one of his best qualities as a player is being able to take the game seriously when dropping down to low stakes ($5/$10 in his case).

According to the poker tracking site, Highstakesdb.com, Patel has had days where he has won over $400,000. Then again, he once lost $168,000 in under 30 minutes playing $200/$400 NL heads-up against Phil Ivey.

The database estimates that in July of 2007, Emil, playing as Whitelime on Full Tilt, profited nearly $1,000,000 for the month.

His career live poker tournament winnings, according to the Hendon Mob, are just $320,483. Emil Patel’s largest live tournament cash came at the 2007 World Series of Poker, in the $5,000 No-limit Hold’em 6 handed tourney. Emil has said 6 handed NL Hold’em is his specialty. He won $83,145 by finishing 8th in the event, (one of the only times an 8th place finish means you didn’t make the final table).

However in 2011, he did make a WSOP final table, when he finished 6th in the $1,500 Pot-Limit Omaha tournament, good for a $45,544 pay day. Four months later, he final-tabled the 3,200 Euro buy-in Shootout event at the WSOPE. Overall, he has 8 WSOP cashes in his tournament career.

Emil Patel Net Worth

Like the typically young gun poker player, Patel admits to spending like a balla on occasion, but unlike many pros, he seems to practice solid money management, investing some of his winnings in mutual funds. As I mentioned, he studied finance at NYU and has even appeared on the Fox Business Channel. It’s unclear what Emil Patel’s net worth is, but considering he’s had days where he’s won over $400,000, (along with his practice of investing), it’s likely to be in the low millions range.

Currently Emil Patel lives in Helsinki, Finland. Outside of poker he enjoys watching sports and trying various restaurants. He writes a blog about pizza, of all things. His twitter account is @maroonlime.