Jay Rosenkrantz – Poker Pro, Filmmaker, and Star of “2M2MM”

By Steve Beauregard

Jason “Jay” Rosenkrantz is the well-known online poker professional, poker coach, film maker, and featured player in the poker reality show, “Two Months, Two Million.”

In the show, Jay and three other young hot shot online poker pros, Brian Roberts, Emil Patel, and Dani Stern attempted to win a combined $2 million over the course of eight weeks living together in Las Vegas.

Rosenkrantz was the big winner of the foursome, finishing the two month experiment up $406,500. Most of it came during the show’s final episodes, when he engaged in some epic heads-up matches with David Peat, otherwise known as “Viffer” online. In a famous quote after a losing match, Viffer tells “Krantz” as he’s nicknamed, to “die in a grease fire.”

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Jay Rosenkrantz Founded Deuces Cracked

Rosenkrantz shared with igaming.org, a story that didn’t seem to make the 2M2MM broadcast. Apparently he and some others ate mushrooms, and tried to break into a property next door that housed the television production.

This doesn’t seem to be out of the norm for Rosenkrantz. In other interviews and on the 2+2 poker forums, Krantz wrote about a night at the Venetian filled with cocaine and hookers, although he never admitted to personally partaking in either. He has admitted to lots of drug use, and to something considered even worse in the poker community, multi-accounting (playing on multiple accounts).

Coming from a modest background, the big money potential was the major draw for him.

(Here’s an interview with Jay from the show, “Two Months, Two Million)

Intrigued by the movie, “Rounders,” Rosenkrantz played nickel poker games in the lunchroom at school. He says he’s always been a winner at poker, and other than waiting tables, has basically never had a real job in his life. Like Phil Ivey, Rosenkrantz snuck into Atlantic City casino poker rooms to play poker before he had turned 21. In Rosenkrantz’s case, he played $5/$10 No-Limit.

Jay Rosenkrantz graduated from Boston University in 2006, majoring in screenwriting. He discovered online poker through the popular poker forums 2+2, where he eventually become a moderator in some of the high stakes forums. He’s told interviewers that he’s had months where he’s played 100,000 hands.

Krantz has played the highest stakes online, against the best players in the world, including Durrr (Tom Dwan), Cole South, David Benyamine, and others. In 2008, he played in a series of high stakes heads-up no-limit hold’em games against Patrick Antonius. I don’t know how he finished, but at one point, Krantz admitted to being up over $200,000.

Like all “ballas” Krantz admits to going a little wild with the newfound riches poker brought to him. He once bought a watch for $15,000, but says he really doesn’t like watches.

Jay Rosenkrantz on HighStakesdb.com

Playing as pr1nnyraid on Full Tilt poker, Rosenkrantz routinely was involved in some of the highest NL and Pot-Limit Omaha games online.

The HighStakesdb.com database shows that all the players they have ever tracked, Rosenkrantz is the 28th biggest winner, when playing as pr1nnyraid. Their records show that on FullTilt alone, Rosenkrantz has won $2.4 million over the course of nearly 80,000 hands played.

The largest pot Rosenkrantz won online, took place on June 26, 2008, when playing heads-up NL against “TonyBlir,” he won a $585,009 pot with a bigger full house.

Hendon Mob Data

True to his online roots, Jay Rosenkrantz’s live tournament winnings are meager. He has won just over $50,000 in live tourneys – consisting of three minor cashes at the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas. In 2010, Rosenkrantz finished 684th in the WSOP Main Event, pocketing $19,263.

Expanding on his love for the poker strategy discussion he expressed so frequently on the TwoPlusTwo.com forums, Rosenkrantz was a founder of the poker training site, DeucesCracked.com. The site offers numerous training videos and poker discussion forums.

Bet Raise Fold

Regardless of how busy his poker pursuits has become, Rosenkrantz has consistently been involved in filmmaking of one kind or another. He’s helped produce legendary poker comedic shorts, “The Micros” as well as another cult favorite poker documentary, “From Busto to Robusto.”

In addition to his involvement in 2M2MM, he was the producer of the poker documentary, “Bet Raise Fold.” The film, which premiered in June of 2013, told the story of online poker, and the devastating aftermath of poker’s black friday. Krantz says he’d like to see the movie appear on Netflix and the like.

Investors who put up money for the film included poker superstars, Tom Dwan, Raptor, otherwise known as David Benefield, Brian Hastings, and others.

Jay Rosenkrantz’s screen name is “Krantz” on Twoplustwo.com, and “pr1nnyraid” on Full Tilt. On PokerStars, he used the screen name: “purplEUROS.”

His Twitter account is @DCKrantz. You can reach Jay for coaching help at: krantz@deucescracked.com. In November of 2013, he took part in the famous National Novel Writing Month. Krantz posted on his blog that he finished the science fiction novel, titled, “Nightmare 1.0.”

Krantz says that he’ll continue to write novels, (self-publishing them), while pursuing more film work.