Kristy Arnett Bio – Her Poker Career, Videos, Twitter and More

By Steve Beauregard (Updated June 29, 2015)

With a bubbly personality, good looks, poker knowledge and a series of popular videos (some of which are of her in a bikini), Kristy Arnett is one of the most popular and widely-known faces in poker media.

Kristy was born in 1985 in Kalamazoo, Michigan to a single mother. While we all know her as Kristy Arnett, her name at birth was Kristy Ann Nguyen. When her mother married at man in 1990, he adopted Kristy, and she took his last name.

Kristy’s nationality is American. (I already told you she was born in Michigan). If you’re still curious about her ethnicity, Kristy writes on her blog that she is half Vietnamese and half Korean. She also says she is 5’6″ and weighs 130 pounds, if you’re curious, and many of you are based on forum posts I’ve read. She has two younger half-sisters.

An excellent athlete, (as a freshman, she started on a soccer team that won the state championship), Arnett received an athletic scholarship to the oddly-named Indiana University – Purdue University of Fort Wayne. In addition to being heavily involved in fitness and workout activities, Arnett has completed a sprint triathlon. In June of 2015, she completed a marathon

In 2004, Kristy began her love affair with poker, joining the other jocks in home games. She writes that her online poker career began with not having to deposit anything. She won $5 in a freeroll, and soon ran that up to $700.00.

Kristy Arnett’s Husband

At the age of 19 years old, while attending college, Kristy met her future husband, Andrew Moreno.

According to the Hendon Mob database, Moreno, a professional poker player, has over $140,000 in career tournament winnings, $44,000 of which came from a deep run he made in the 2012 World Series of Poker Main Event, where he finished 177th place.

(Here’s Kristy in a popular video, when covering an EPT stop in Barcelona, Spain).

Moreno proposed to Arnett in 2009 while in Paris, and the couple married in June of 2011. Kristy wrote a blog post that said they two almost divorced in December of 2014. However in May of 2015, the couple purchased a 2 bedroom, 2 bath Las Vegas condo together. Arnett bragged that it was “cash.”

Kristy Arnett’s first poker media gig was as an intern at CardPlayer magazine, where she wrote articles for Quickly she was hired fulltime, and began working on the poker-related videos, for which she is so famous. She says her inspiration was the popular and beautiful Shana Hiatt.

Her very first video interview took place at the 2007 NBC Heads-Up Championship, when she chatted with movie star/poker player Shannon Elizabeth. Arnett says she was incredibly nervous during the interview.

One interview that sticks out in her mind as being memorable is the one that took place at the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure tournament, which is held yearly in early January at the gorgeous Atlantis Resort in Nassau in the Bahamas.

There she interviewed Tom Dwan, who was making headlines for his now famous “Durr Challenge.” Dwan agreed to the interview, but only after making Arnett drive him on a jet ski. She promptly, (and accidently), threw him off into the ocean. Arnett told the 2+2 Pokercast podcast, “I’m Asian. I’m a bad driver.”

In fact, for seemingly constantly being on camera, Arnett admits to suffering from social anxiety, and still gets nervous conducting interview segments or skits that she knows will be widely-viewed.

She has said she was probably the most nervous when interviewing Olympic champion and poker player Michael Phelps.

In 2010, she began working at, continuing her video appearances, including a heavily-viewed YouTube video, where she ran topless on the beach in Barcelona. (video above).

In 2014, Kristy announced she was leaving, a decision she says, that was not easy to make given her love of travel and adventure.

She says she is thinking about starting a family, and will consider more options in the world of fitness and hosting, but mostly wants to seek new challenges, saying that she couldn’t see herself as a “PokerNews girl forever.”

As for those challenges, it may involve playing more poker. Arnett, however, says she’ll never try to become a full-time player. Her Hendon Mob results are very modest, showing just under $12,000 in lifetime tournament winnings.

She played in the 2012 WSOP Main Event, but did not cash. She didn’t play in 2013, because she says she didn’t feel she deserved it, based on the fact her busy schedule prevented her from playing in a lot of tournaments. She says she is currently not in a position to buy in for the $10,000 tournament.

Arnett admits to having a “chip on her shoulder” when it comes to playing, rather than just reporting, on poker, and says she feels she has something to prove on the felt.

Recently, she took part in the filming of the poker reality show, “Poker Night in America,” playing what most poker observers thought to be high stakes and tough competition for her: $25/$50 no-limit. Although she says it was fun, the appearance was a disaster, poker-wise, as she lasted just five hands. She tells 2+2 that in the first hand she played, she lost her stack to Mike Matusow.

Kristy also wrote that at the recommendation of Daniel Negreanu and a friend she spoke to while drunk at the Bellagio, she attended the controversial “Choice Center” in Las Vegas, which some in the poker community, like Bryan Micon, have dubbed a “cult” or a “poor man’s Scientology.”

Kristy Arnett Twitter Account and Blog

Kristy tweets often here: @KristyArnett, while she writes at both (her personal blog), and at