The Best Nightclubs in Las Vegas – Rankings of the Busiest Clubs in Sin City by Revenue

XS at the Encore is the Top Nightclub in Las Vegas, based on revenue
XS at the Encore is the Top Nightclub in Las Vegas, based on revenue

By Steve Beauregard

Some judge a good Vegas nightclub based on the music or d.j. Some base it on the hotness of the guys or girls in the club. And some base it on the price of a drink and/or how long they have to wait in line for a cocktail. Yet ultimately, the best nightclub in Las Vegas is probably the one you had the best time in.

Since we all have different tastes, the best nightclub winner will vary based on what you like. What I can tell you for certain is the list of the most popular clubs in Las Vegas, based on their revenue figures.

We all knew Las Vegas was the place to go for club hopping. After all, of the busiest 100 clubs in the United States, 15 of them are in Sin City. What surprised me, however, is the fact that of the top ten most popular nightclubs in America, seven are on the Las Vegas Strip. This is based on revenue figures from Nightclub Bar and Club magazine.

Based on popularity, the best nightclub in Las Vegas is XS at the Wynn – Encore Hotel and Casino. In fact, it’s the busiest nightclub in the United States, with annual revenues of between $103 and $105 million dollars. Even at $18 a pop, that’s a lot of vodka and Red Bulls.

Both the Cosmopolitan and Venetian/Palazzo complex have four nightclubs and/or bars on the list, followed by the Wynn/Encore with three. But with the first, sixth, and 18th most popular clubs on the list, the Wynn/Encore clubs combine for (on the low end), $158 million in revenue, far outpacing the combined gross of both the Cosmopolitan clubs ($105 million) and the Venetian/Palazzo clubs ($80 million on the low end).

Inside XS at the Wynn/Encore
Inside XS at the Wynn/Encore

What this means is that the Wynn and Encore Hotel and Casinos are the undisputed club capital of Las Vegas for 2015.

So here are the best nightclubs in Las Vegas, as based on their rankings on the hot 100 clubs from Nightclub and Bar Magazine – a respected trade publication for those in the nightclub industry.

#1 XS Nightclub – Wynn/Encore

The indoor/outdoor king of the nightclubs is at the Encore Hotel and Casino, attached to the Wynn Las Vegas. Last year, it brought in between $103 and $105 million dollars.

At XS, the cover charge on Saturdays for men is $50, while bottle service starts at $450 (not including the 8.1% tip and mandatory 20% tip). The wait to get in to pay these prices can be hours, so you can see how XS made 1/10th of a billion dollars last year.

XS opens at 9:30 p.m. and closes at 4 a.m.

#2 Hakkasan – MGM Grand

Consider it’s the newbie on the Strip, having opened in the spring of 2013, the new, but enormous Hakkasan at the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino has established itself as a monster on the Las Vegas Strip club scene. Its building took over part of the space previously used to display cute lions. But MGM Grand officials soon learned that thirsty clubbers from Southern California are way more profitable than a free kitty zoo.

With revenues of between $100 and $103 million a year, its less than 2% revenue annually from being Las Vegas Strip’s best nightclub.

Hakkasan Las Vegas closes at 4 a.m. It has over 80,000 square feet of space on five levels. This includes the restaurant and separate Ling Ling Lounge.

#3 Marquee Nightclub and Dayclub – Cosmopolitan

The Cosmopolitan’s first of four entries in the top clubs in Las Vegas generates more than the casino, with $80 to $85 million a year in receipts.

It’s helped by the fact that unlike other clubs, it has a daytime party, and that it closes an hour later than most clubs, at 5 a.m.

#4 TAO Las Vegas -Venetian/Palazzo

Celebrating ten years now, TAO Las Vegas may not reign supreme any longer, however it still finds its name in the tabloids, with a steady roster of celebutantes and others partying in its massive 60,000 square feet of club space.

TAO generated between $50 and $55 million last year.

#6 Surrender Nightclub – Encore/Wynn Hotel and Casino

With three bars, a pool, and blackjack tables to boot, Surrender at the Encore also makes headlines, with a clientele that includes athletes and movie/TV stars. Surrender generated $40 to $45 million last year.

#9 Hyde Bellagio

Perhaps the least “clubby” of all the clubs on this list, Hyde Bellagio is a little upscale with an incredible location overlooking the Bellagio fountains. Still a newcomer on this list, having replaced my favorite spot, the Fontana Bar, Hyde Bellagio made $25 to $30 million.

#10 LAVO Las Vegas – Palazzo/Venetian Hotel and Casino

Almost more known for their restaurant than club, LAVO Las Vegas is more intimate than the XS’s and Hakkasans of the Strip. Still it brought in between $20 to $25 million last year.

So those are the Las Vegas nightclub entries in the top ten. The three other spots in the top ten are taken up by two nightclubs in Miami, Florida (LIV and Story), and a New York sister of a Vegas entry, LAVO New York.

Inside Hakkasan nightclub at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas
Inside Hakkasan nightclub at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas

Here are the other Las Vegas nightclubs that made the top 100 list:

# 17 Chandelier Bar at the Cosmopolitan – $15 to $20 million.

#18 Tryst at the Wynn – $15 to $20 million

#28 Chateau Nightclub and Rooftop at the Paris Las Vegas – $10 to $15 million

#48 Ghostbar at the Palms Resort – $5 to $10 million

#55 Lagasse’s Stadium at the Venetian – $5 to $10 million

#66 Bond Bar at Cosmopolitan – $5-$10 million

#67 Vesper Bar at Cosmopolitan – $5-$10 million

#68 The Bourbon Room at the Venetian $5 – $10 million in revenue
(Haakasan Photo courtesy of Marc van der Chijs via Flickr).