Two Months, Two Million: The 2M2MM Poker Reality Show on G4, and the Poker Players’ Results

By Steve Beauregard

Two Months, Two Million, known as 2M2MM, was the poker reality show originally aired during the summer of 2009 on cable’s G4 network. The show ran for one full season and contained ten episodes – all of which are available on Netflix streaming.

The premise of 2M2MM was to show how four hotshot online professional poker players live and work together in a Las Vegas mansion during two summer months as they pursue their joint goal of making a combined $2 million dollars in poker winnings.

Although poker players are notoriously independent and known for their individualism, the four players combined their bankroll and worked together in pursuit of this monetary goal.

2m2mm had 10 episodes total
2m2mm had 10 episodes total

The four cast members all had very impressive poker resumes prior to joining forces on the show. The team on online young guns consisted of Jay Rosenkrantz, Brian Roberts, Emil Patel, and Dani Stern.

In addition to filming their play and the numerous ups and downs experienced on the way to their goal, the show attempted to reach a broader audience outside of the hard core poker fan, by showcasing the boys’ life in the mansion. A big part of each episode included such things as the various practical jokes they’d play, friendly competition with friends, as well as a taste of the high rolling “balla” lifestyle many young men in their twenties were able to experience during the high flying days of the online poker boom before the UIGEA.

Whether it was showing the guys rolling down the Las Vegas Strip in their Range Rover, fancy dinners out costing hundreds of dollars, or clubbing at places like the Ghost Bar atop the Palms, the show didn’t shy away from showing how the four poker pros rewarded themselves in excess, for all of their online success.

The four poker pros set up residence in a beautiful mansion in Las Vegas, complete with plush gardens and expansive swimming pool.

A major focus of the show centered around the “War Room” – a room converted into the team’s poker operational center, complete with couches, comfortable chairs and work stations, and numerous large monitors to give viewers a stadium-style view of the live poker action happening in cyberspace. All four players played multi-tables constantly, often even while playing uber high-stakes heads-up matches.

To assist with the mundane day-to-day chores around the mansion, (and to enable the boys to spend their time working towards the $2 million dollar goal), the guys hired both a personal assistant and chef.
The team’s chef, Robert Owens of Atlanta, was a likeable addition to the show. Having a musical background, he performed at the big party the team held at the mansion in episode ten.

In addition to poker and partying, the Rosenkrantz, Roberts, Patel and Stern spent time on the golf course, at casino pools, and in competition with four other high stakes pros living in Las Vegas during the 2009 World Series of Poker. Another episode showed Rosenkrantz desperately trying to get a heads-up match with French poker pro David Benaymine. In that same show, Dani was able to play with Erica Schoenberg, who at the time was dating David Benaymine.

2M2MM Poker Show Results

As with most poker players, particularly in the high-variance heads-up high stakes poker games which team members seemed to favor, there were a lot of ups and downs during the filming of “Two Months Two Million.” Here are weekly results. Keep in mind, these are the combined wins our losses of all four players.

Episode 1: + $35,000
Episode 2: +162,900
Episode 3: – $84,200
Episode 4: +$48,700
Episode 5: -$128,000
Episode 6: +$106,000
Episode 7: -$5,500
Episode 8: +$371,000
Episode 9: +$108,900
Final Episode 10: $60,800

Total for the two months: +$676,000

So while the team had what most of us would consider to be an incredible two months of profit, the players ultimately fell short of their goal by quite a large margin, winning about 1/3rd of their goal.

The big individual winner during 2M2MM was Jay Rosenkrantz, who had an incredibly exciting session against high stakes pro David Peat, who goes by online name “Viffer.” During the session, Rosenkrantz was down big (over $100,000 if I recall correctly), before making a huge comeback, based on what Rosenkrantz felt was a betting tell on Viffer’s part.

When all was said and done for the session, Jay booked a $350,000 win, which was by far the most successful day of the challenge, and a majority of the overall teams’ winnings.

Each week, the worst player (defined as the player having either lost the most money, or won the least amount of money), would have to perform a penalty stunt as punishment.

These humorous stunts included Stern having to wear a tutu to the Planet Hollywood buffet, Rosenkrantz having to perform as a male stripper, and Roberts doing a cringe-worthy stand-up routine at the Four Queens on Fremont Street.

While the television show was not a huge hit with the public (G4 did not order a second season), show gained, (and has retained), a cult following among poker players, and among guys like me who are jealous of the money and lifestyle of these fun-loving poker pros.

Other than Brian Roberts, all of the players were likeable, and less cocky than you would imagine. After all, these are twenty-something guys making hundreds of thousands of dollars. And while they all got along well, the show was not without its share of drama.

Halfway through the two month experiment, and after running horribly for awhile, Rosenkrantz fled for the comforts of home and mamma back East to recharge.

At other times, big loses would have the players sniping at each other. When suffering a huge defeat, the guys would often retreat into the “tilt room” which was a plastic tarp covered room full of fruit and other items an angry player could smash with one of the baseball bats provided in order to take out his frustrations.

Overall individual results for the 2M2MM players are as follows:

Jay Rosenkrantz: $406,500
Brian Roberts: $7,500
Emil Patel: $161,900
Dani Stern: :$100,800

Overall, 2M2MM was an entertaining look into the lives of high-stakes poker pros during the pre- Black Friday poker boom. It remains a cult favorite and all ten episodes of the show were available on Netflix at the time of this writing.