Victoria Coren Mitchell has been on many poker magazine covers

Victoria Coren Mitchell has been on many poker magazine covers

By Steve Beauregard

Victoria Coren Mitchell is the beautiful English woman who is a popular author, columnist, television host, as well as a successful professional tournament poker player.

Although well-known in the United Kingdom as an author and for television appearances, in the poker community, Vicky Coren Mitchell is primarily known for being an attractive successful female player, (which is very rare), and the first person (male or female), to win two EPT (European Poker Tour) events.

Born in England in August of 1972, Coren Mitchell is the daughter of a popular U.K. satirist. It’s clear from reading and listening to Victoria, that her father’s humor has been passed on to the next generation.

She’s made her living writing and hosting television shows, and by winning millions on the poker tournament scene. Her Hendon Mob database shows her cashing in tournaments even before the Chris Moneymaker poker boom.

Vicky Coren Mitchell Poker Tournament Winnings

With over $2.4 million in live tournament winnings, Victoria Coren Mitchell ranks 9th on the list of winningest female players in poker tournament history.

Victoria’s poker tournament breakthrough came during the 2006 EPT “European Poker Championship” held at the appropriately named Victoria Casino in London. She took down the tournament, winning $941,513 while becoming the very first female EPT winner.

She cashed in two WSOP events, most recently in 2012, where she finished in 17th place in one of the event’s many $1,500 NL events, good for $26,000. After her 2006 win, she’s also cashed in several PartyPoker live events, and other less prestigious tournaments.

Then came Sanremo, Italy.

In the ten years of EPT tournaments prior to the 2014 Sanremo event, there had never been a two-time winner on the tour.

In the main event, she fought her way through to the final table. Able to overcome her status as the short stack at the table, Victoria took home first place in the tournament, winning $660,947.

She says that she tries to have fun in every tournament. And from watching her in big time events, she seems be doing exactly that.

Victoria recently told the 2+2 Pokercast podcast that the “chatter and camaraderie” are part of what keeps her coming back to the poker table, and worries that the rise of the ever-present anti-social players – decked out in their hoodies with their ear buds in – will make the game less enjoyable. She also says that while she enjoys poker players, she loves the game even more, calling it “unsolvable.”

While incredibly successful and beautiful, Coren Mitchell retains a gentle, self-depreciating charm. In interviews, such as the one on the Pokercast, she comes across as a combination of bubbly cheerleader and razor-witted comedian. And there’s that sweet English accent of hers, which – for Americans like me – conjures up images of a sexy Mary Poppins.

The fact men so greatly outnumber women on the big-time professional poker scene makes Coren Mitchell’s success even more remarkable. On that front, she has told interviewers that while she has found a lot of sexism at the poker table, she has never felt an unwelcoming vibe.

She says that men are more naturally drawn to poker than women are, due to her belief that women are more security-conscious, whereas overall, men are less detached to the value of money. She also believes the fact that men are more math-oriented helps explain the high male to female ratio found on the felt.

Victoria Coren Mitchell – Author, Columnist and TV Host

The child of a successful writer, Coren Mitchell has written columns for the London Observer, Daily Telegraph, Elle and GQ. On the poker front, she authored, “For Richer or Poorer – A Love Affair with Poker” back in 2009.

She has also hosted both game shows and poker shows on English television, including a brainy thinking man’s (or woman’s) game show called “Only Connect” that has aired on BBC 4 and BBC 2. As part of her duties, she writes the introductions and many of the questions.

Her poker related commentary gigs have included stints on “Late Night Poker,” “Celebrity Poker Club,” and the “Ultimate Poker Challenge” among others.

Although not a paying gig, Vicky also was the creator of a classic prank that came about after the 2007 death of her father, of all things.

After hearing about a band of funeral crashers, who will show up uninvited to the funerals of the well-to-do around London, Coren-Mitchell organized a sort of “sting” to catch the crashers.

She spent weeks creating a fictitious person, known as “Sir William Ormerod.” After publishing bits of pieces about Sir William on the internet, as way of establishing his identity, Victoria paid for a faux obituary advertisement. The announcement of Sir William Ormerod’s death included activities he had participated in and clubs of which he was a member. It stated that only close friends and family of Sir William could receive an invitation to the funeral by sending an email to an account Coren Mitchell had set up for the sting.

She says that within a few hours of the fake obituary, she began receiving emails from funeral crashers who claimed to know Sir William from such or such a club and/or activity.

She married U.K. comedian David Mitchell in November of 2012.

Victoria Coren Mitchell’s Twitter handle is: @VictoriaCoren. She blogs at

From 2007 to 2014, Vicky was a sponsored pro for On November 27, 2014, however, she became that rare pro to give up her sponsorship. In a post on her website, Coren Mitchell said she left PokerStars due to her opposition to the site’s horrible, greedy decision to introduce casino games on what had previously been a strictly-poker only site.

Coren wrote: “I cannot professionally and publicly endorse it, even passively by silence with my name still over the shop. Poker is the game I love, poker is what I signed up to promote.”

To paraphrase what one poster on the poker forum site stated, “So this is what integrity in poker looks like.”