Walking Distance from the Monte Carlo to the Nearest In-N-Out Burger on the Las Vegas Strip

There's An In-N-Out Burger  Not Too Far from the Monte Carlo Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas

By Steve Beauregard

The closest In-N-Out Burger to the Monte Carlo Hotel and Casino is 8/10 of a mile away and would take you about 20 minutes to walk it.

We’re talking here about the In-N-Out on Dean Martin Drive, which is just on the other side (the west side) of Interstate 15.

While that may seem like a long way to experience the world famous restaurant, you’ll at least get to experience a little bit of Las Vegas Strip atmosphere before a long and unattractive 1/2 mile jaunt from the Strip to Dean Martin Drive.

To get there, you’ll just want to leave the southernmost entrance of Monte Carlo. It’s the one near the Monte Carlo Theater. Once outside, you’ll go right, (heading south), past the fun and popular Diablo’s Cantina, then past the City Center offices across Rue De Monte Carlo.

In front of you on your right will be the distinctive and fun New York- New York Hotel and Casino architecture, but you’ll keep walking south to Tropicana Avenue.

Please note that some navigational systems may tell you to “take a shortcut” by going right on the side road that exists just before the New York – New York.

Ignore this route.

This road would take you around the back side of the resort, eventually leading you out on a sidewalk-less stretch of road leading out to Tropicana. Not only is it sidewalk-less part of the way and less attractive, you’ll want to be on the Excalibur side of Tropicana – the reason why I’ll explain in a minute.

So staying on the Las Vegas Strip sidewalk, keep walking south alongside the New York – New York. When you get to the replica of the Statue of Liberty at the corner of the Strip and Tropicana Avenue, take the pedestrian walkway over to the Excalibur side of the street, (the south side of Tropicana Avenue).

Even though the In and Out Burger is on the north side of Tropicana Avenue, there aren’t -unfortunately – any sidewalks on the north side of the street and it’s clearly not designed for pedestrians.

The Excalibur side of the road is much more pedestrian-friendly. So once you are over the pedestrian bridge to the land of the big white castle, go down the escalators on your left. Instead of the well-worn path leading to inside the casino, you’ll stay right on the walking path, which leads to the sidewalk that runs along this south side of Tropicana Avenue.

On that sidewalk keep going west. The sidewalk does NOT follow Tropicana in a straight line, so you’ve been warned. In fact, after awhile, when getting closer to the Interstate 15 bridge, the path will head south for a little bit before leading you back up alongside Tropicana Avenue.

Just keep going west on the sidewalk, past a couple of pedestrian crosswalks, where the I-15 exit ramps are, and onto Dean Martin Drive. By this point, you’ll clearly have seen the big In-N-Out Burger sign to your right.

Just cross Tropicana Avenue, (using the crosswalks of course) and it’s just a few feet north of the street, off of Dean Martin, even though if you’re hungry and have just walked .8 mile, the few remaining hundred feet will seem like a marathon.

Again, make sure you stay on the south side of Tropicana when heading west to get your burger. So many mapping systems show you what the computer says is the shortest route, but which in reality isn’t feasible, which is why I did not include the Google recommended map for you here.

Driving from the Monte Carlo to the In-N-Out Burger

The Monte Carlo is only about 1/3rd of a mile from the closest In-N-Out Burger, as far as the crow flies. Unfortunately, you are not a crow.

As a human in a car, you will have to find a way to cross Interstate 15, which means going from the Monte Carlo parking garage back onto the Strip. From the Strip, you’ll go south, turning right (west) on Tropicana Avenue.

This road goes straight for a little over 1/2 mile over the interstate, leading you to Dean Martin Drive, where you’ll want to take a right. The burgers will be on your immediate right.

Taxi from Monte Carlo to the Nearest In-N-Out Burger
This would be around a mile drive. My Las Vegas taxi experience has shown me that a typical one mile taxi ride will run you in the $7 to $10 dollar range, (including tip). However that could increase depending on traffic, with the waiting fees and all.

You could also take a bus to the burger joint. The bus you’d want to take is the 201, and there’s a stop on the North side of Tropicana, just on the southern side of the New York – New York, which is where you’d have to walk to get on. Conveniently, the 201 has a stop just about 200 feet from Dean Martin Drive.

While the Deuce (the popular Las Vegas Strip bus system) doesn’t have a stop directly in front of New York – New York, it does stop in front of the Excalibur, making it shorter for you to walk on that south sidewalk.

So you could take the Deuce from the Monte Carlo to the Excalibur and either walk the 1/2 mile plus to In-N-Out, or cross the pedestrian bridge over to the NY-NY Hotel and Casino and take the aforementioned 201 over to the restaurant.