Caesars Palace to Aria – Walking Distance & Time Bus Route & Tram Information

By Steve Beauregard

Walking along the Las Vegas Strip, and not taking the free tram, it’s about 7/10th of a mile from the front of Caesars Palace, to the north front entrance of the Aria Hotel and Casino at City Center.

It would take you about 15 minutes to walk it. Some mapping systems say it’s just 1/2 mile, but that is not door-to-door. These resorts are so large, the distance from the sidewalk to the actual front door can be lengthy.

There is also a free tram that cuts your walking distance by about 1/4 mile (more on that below).

The Tram Station at the Bellagio
The Tram Station at the Bellagio

For the straightforward, scenic walking route, leaving Caesars front entrance and head south, cutting across the Roman Plaza, going towards the Bellagio.

The sidewalk leads you to a bridge that crosses over Flamingo Road into the Bellagio. From there, go left, back downstairs, where you’ll be back on the Las Vegas Strip with the fountains of Bellagio right in front of you.

Keeping heading south, past Lake Bellagio, and past the Cosmopolitan. Right after the Cosmopolitan, you’ll take another pedestrian bridge over Harmon Avenue, where soon you’ll enter the doors on your right to the inside of The Shops at Crystals.

Inside this luxury mall, you’ll find lots of signage pointing you to the Aria. It’s about a 600 foot walk from the front of Crystals to the front desk of the Aria.

Tram from Caesars Palace to Aria

While there is not a full length tram that runs directly from Caesars Palace to Aria at the City Center, there IS a tram that runs from the Bellagio to Aria which would cut your walking time. Still, it’s roughly a 1/2 mile walk from the taxi stand area at Caesars to where you get on the tram.

Having measured it, I can tell you it is 2,400 feet from the front of Caesars Palace to the Bellagio tram station. This taking the fastest route, walking along the open patio area (called the Roman Plaza) of Caesars Palace towards the Bellagio, rather than sticking with the Las Vegas Strip sidewalk.

Just like taking the long route, you’ll cross over Flamingo Road on the pedestrian overpass into the Bellagio. Only this time, you’ll go right inside the casino. First you’ll pass the shopping area, before getting to the casino.

You’ll want to walk the length of the Bellagio’s casino to where the beautiful conservatory is located. From there, keeping following the signage that points you to the convention center, as the free monorail to the Aria is located near the back end of the Bellagio’s convention area.

The free tram from the Bellagio to the Aria runs every ten minutes or so, from 8 a.m. to 4 a.m. There are two stops to choose from, but both take you to the Aria. The first stop actually drops you off at the Crystals Mall, but from there it’s just a very short walk to the Aria. The second, (and last) stop, takes you to the south end of the casino, and to the north side of the Monte Carlo resort.

Either way, you’ll want to take the tram on warm Las Vegas days, as the plush Bellagio and comfortable trams are much more pleasant that the scorching Sin City sun.

Bus (Deuce) from Caesars Palace to Aria at City Center

This is one of those rare cases where taking the Deuce (the name of the Las Vegas Strip bus system) is not really worth your while.

The nearest bus station to the front door of Caesars Palace is the one under the large sign, across the street from the new Linq project, 800 feet away.

Once on the bus, it’s just a five minute ride to your stop, however that stop (the closest one to the Aria), is at the south end of the Bellagio’s lake. By my measurement, it would still be a 1/4 mile walk to the Aria’s front desk.

Between the walking, and waiting for the bus, it would be faster to just walk over to the Bellagio and take the tram.