Caesars Palace to Mandalay Bay – How Far is the Walking Distance, Best Way to Get There, and Is there a Tram?

By Steve Beauregard

It’s just over a 1.8 mile walk from the front entrance of Caesars Palace (where you call a taxi) to the front doors of the Mandalay Bay.

This is assuming you walk the entire way on the sidewalk, and not use the two free trams that are offered. Using the two free trams would results in a an actual walking distance of approximately 1.1 miles, (more on that below).

Although there are a variety of routes to get between the two classic Las Vegas mega-resorts, sticking with the long stretch of sidewalk of the west side of Strip would take you around 35 to 40 minutes to walk, assuming you do not make any stops.

Mandalay Bay is a 1.8 mile walk from Caesars Palace
Mandalay Bay is a 1.8 mile walk from Caesars Palace

So it’s 1.8 miles between the Caesars Place and Mandalay Bay. Mapping systems may tell you it’s just a 1.6 mile walk, but that’s not counting the distance from the front of Caesars Palace to the Strip sidewalk (around 200 feet), nor the distance from the front of the Mandalay Bay at the Strip to the front doors (300 feet).

There are also three different detours you have to take, by way of pedestrian bridges over the busy traffic below.

Directions when walking from Caesars Palace to Mandalay Bay

To walk it, just head out of Caesars to the Strip sidewalk in front of the fountains in front of the resort, and take a right (going south), towards the Bellagio.

At Flamingo Road, you’ll zig-zag to the right and use one of the three aforementioned pedestrian bridges on this route.

From there, at the upper entrance of the Bellagio, you may either go left and downstairs, continuing on the sidewalk fronting Lake Bellagio and the incredible Bellagio fountain show, or go right inside the casino all the way back to the Bellagio Convention Center, where you’ll be able to take the free tram to the Monte Carlo.

Those of you wanting to walk the entire way on the sidewalk will have a fairly straightforward walk, as you’ll just stick to the Strip sidewalk. The two remaining pedestrian bridge detours will lead you slightly away from the Strip, before leading you back. These remaining two bridges are at the City Center, and at the New York-New York Hotel and Casino.

In short, you’ll just keep walking south, past the Bellagio, Cosmopolitan, Monte Carlo/Park MGM, New York-New York, Excalibur, and Luxor, before reaching the shimmering gold exterior of Mandalay Bay.

Tram from Caesars Palace to Mandalay Bay

Although there is not a direct tram or monorail from Caesars Palace to Mandalay Bay, there are two free trams between these two Las Vegas resorts that can lighten the load off your feet and time spent under the scorching Las Vegas Sun.

The first one is the free tram that runs from the Bellagio to the Monte Carlo/Aria.

When entering the Bellagio from the pedestrian bridge connecting from Caesars Palace, stay to your right, walking through the Bellagio Casino to the front desk. Staying right, you’ll head towards the convention center area – at the end of which is the tram loading station.

Although it has a stop in the middle of the Aria, getting off at the last stop on this tram puts you near the shopping area of the Monte Carlo. You’ll have to walk through this area and the Monte Carlo Hotel and Casino to get back to the Strip sidewalk.

The second free tram starts at the Excalibur, so you’ll have to walk past the New York-New York and over the pedestrian bridge to the Excalibur Hotel and Casino. There in the front, you’ll see signs and the station for the free tram between Excalibur and Mandalay Bay.

Bus From Caesars Palace to Mandalay Bay

With a bus stop right in front of the resort, taking a bus from Caesars to Mandalay Bay is easy and convenient. Affordable too.

The Las Vegas Strip bus system is called the Deuce, and it runs 24 hours a day, with stops every 11 to 12 minutes during most of the day and evening.

The closest stop to Caesars Palace is towards the Forum Shops, north of the fountains, almost right underneath the giant “Caesars Palace” sign and electronic billboard.

Once onboard the Deuce, it’s just a 14 or 15 minute ride to the bus stop directly out right in front of Mandalay Bay. It’s just a 9 or 10 minute drive if you take your car, but the Deuce stops 5 times between the two hotels.

Taxi/Uber/Lyft from Caesars Palace to Mandalay Bay

As I mentioned, it’s just a 10 minute, 1.6 mile drive between Caesars Palace and Mandalay Bay. This means a taxi would cost you in the $10 to $12 range (this includes tip). I’m unsure as to Uber/Lyft pricing for this route, other than I’m sure it’s less at all times other than surge pricing.

Best Way to Get from Caesars Palace to Mandalay Bay

In my book, the best traveling option is to take the Deuce. It’s fairly quick, straightforward, and very affordable. However if you are not on a schedule and just want to check out the sights, by all means either walk the 1.8 mile route, or use a combination of walking and tram-taking.