Circa Resort & Casino Las Vegas Parking Fee, Valet & Map of the Garage Mahal 2021

Circa Resort and Casino is the first casino to open in downtown in Las Vegas in forty years. And it has by far, the best parking garage on Fremont Street, if not in all of Sin City. At a time when most casinos still cling to their dirty, dark concrete pads, the Garage Mahal (as it’s called), is clean, well-lit, and boasts both a chandelier and free Wi-fi!

The Garage Mahal Parking Garage at Circa Resort & Casino Las Vegas
The Garage Mahal Parking Garage at Circa Resort & Casino Las Vegas

However there is a fee to park here, both for self-parking and valet (more on that below).

The 8-story structure boasts 982 parking spaces and is over a half million square feet in size. Sitting directly across the street from the resort, it’s connected to the casino’s second floor via a short walk through an air conditioned pedestrian skybridge.

The entrance to the Circa Resort & Casino's Garage Mahal Parking Structure
The entrance to the Circa Resort & Casino’s Garage Mahal Parking Structure

The garage is well decorated, clean and illuminated to the max. It’s perhaps the brightest parking garage in all of Las Vegas, with both natural and LED technology showering the garage in sea of light. Combined with the bevy of security cameras throughout, (Circa says there is one security camera “above every four parking spots”), the Garage Mahal feels like a very safe parking structure (especially compared to some of the darker, shadier ones downtown).

Circa Las Vegas Parking Fee

When you pull into the parking garage, you’ll arrive at some gates, where you’ll punch a button to receive your ticket. Be sure to keep it as it’s costly to replace. Current rates to self-park at Circa Las Vegas are as follows:

Per Hour$4
Daily Maximum$25
Lost Ticket$30

These rates apply to hotel guests and non-guests alike. Also, they may increase during busy Las Vegas 3-day weekends, such as New Year’s Eve (and other special events).

Circa Las Vegas Garage Mahal Valet Fee

The valet fee is waived for players at a higher One Card level. The current valet rate is:

Standard Rate$15/day
One Card Members at “Maverick” or “Legend” statusFree

Please note that during special events (i.e. busier times in Las Vegas), the valet fee jumps to $20.

Circa Las Vegas Valet Directions

The are are actually two valet areas: one in the Garage Mahal, the other at the resort itself.

When first arriving and staying at the hotel, you won’t go into the garage. Rather, you’ll use the valet at the corner of N. Main Street and Ogden, outside of Circa’s doors.

Upon entering, you grab your ticket at the gate to the left.

A valet pick up area is at the first floor of the garage. When entering from the hotel, you’ll use the pedestrian walkway then go down the bottom of the escalator. At the bottom of the escalator, there is a rope line for those waiting. Valet attendants are out front, but underneath the escalator is an enclosed valet stand should you need assistance.

Garage Mahal at Circa Las Vegas Map

The black “P” is the entrance into the self-parking garage. The blue star is the entrance to the valet drop-off parking area.

Circa Las Vegas Self-Parking Directions

You’ll enter the Garage Mahal off of N. Main Street. Once inside, valet parking and rideshare vehicles will go to the right.

Self-parkers will go in the left lane, where you will stop at the gate and get your ticket from the machine.

On the various levels, there are digital counters. Green dots indicate available spaces on each level.

Maybe you’re like me and always forget on which floor you were parked. To make it easier to remember, each floor is emblazed with a uniquely different color, along with a corresponding large, (maybe 7 foot tall) number made out of Matchbox cars. For me at least, a huge emerald “3” statue made out of toy cars helps me remember where I parked much easier than a simple “G”.

When leaving, you’ll find self-pay kiosks at the garage end of the pedestrian walkway (before you take an elevator or escalator). You’ll simply insert the parking ticket you received when arriving, and pay at the machine. You can pay at the gate, however it does not take cash.

Taxi, Rideshare Uber/Lyft Pickup & Dropoff Location

As the first Las Vegas casino to be built in the era of Uber and Lyft, Circa has built a garage very easily accessible for rideshare customers. Rideshare customers are picked up on the first floor of the parking garage.  From the casino, take the pedestrian walkway over to the garage, and then down the escalator. To the left you’ll see a rope line for those waiting for Uber or Lyft rides.

More about the Garage Mahal

  • Clearance into the self-parking area is 8 feet, 2 inches for self-parking. The first floor ride share and taxi areas have a clearance of 13 feet, 8 inches.
  • Circa has enabled high-speed broadband Wi-fi to be accessible throughout the garage.
  • Another very unique feature here is the Time of Your Life Chandelier. Hovering near the escalators, this 22 foot tall light fixture dazzles with changing blue and gold colors.
  • According to Choate Parking Consultants, Inc, the Garage Mahal cost $52 million dollars to construct.

(By Steve Beauregard. Photos copyrighted by