Distance from Treasure Island (TI) to the Las Vegas Convention Center – Best Ways to Get There, And Can You Walk It?

By Steve Beauregard

It’s a 1.2 mile walk (or 2.0 kilometers) from the Treasure Island Hotel and Casino to the front of the Las Vegas Convention Center. Walking non-stop, it would take you from 25 to 30 minutes to get there.

To do so, simply head out north (towards the Fashion Show Mall), either right outside the TI or from the north exit.

Either way, the sidewalk will lead you to the pedestrian bridge that crosses over Spring Mountain Road leading you to the Fashion Show Mall. (The first store you’ll see is the giant Nieman Marcus).

The TI is not far from the Las Vegas Convention Center
The TI is not far from the Las Vegas Convention Center

If you don’t go in the Fashion Show Mall and show, you’ll stay on the sidewalk, where 300 feet in front of you will be another pedestrian bridge that will take you over the Las Vegas Strip on over to the Wynn.

Stay on the sidewalk in front of the Wynn. From there, it’s a straight shot north on the Strip sidewalk to Convention Center Drive. The walk from this pedestrian bridge at the Wynn to Convention Center Drive is approximately 1/3rd of a mile.

One note: when walking north on the Strip sidewalk, be sure to keep going past the Encore. In other words, don’t try to take a right at E. Desert Inn Road. This may seem like a shortcut to the Convention Center, but it’s not pedestrian friendly.

The simpler (and more traveled, hence safer route) in my mind, is to stay on the Strip to the aforementioned Convention Center Drive. From there, it’s just an approximately 1/2 mile walk to the front door of the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Bus from Treasure Island to the Las Vegas Convention Center

Hopefully your convention offers complimentary bus service from the TI to the Convention Center. Many larger conventions provide this service, so be sure to ask about it at the front desk.

If not, another convenient bus option is to take what’s known as the “SDX.” This stands for “Strip Downtown Express” and is different than the popular and frequent “Deuce” bus you’ll see travel up and down the strip.

Unlike the Deuce, the SDX will tax you directly to the front of the Convention Center. And in just 11 minutes to boot.
The nearest northbound SDX stop to Treasure Island is in front of the Wynn, just about 200 feet north of the pedestrian bridge over the Strip I mentioned earlier. In total, this SDX bus stop is just about a five minute walk from the front of Treasure Island.

When major conventions are in town, the SDX runs beginning at 7 a.m. Otherwise service begins at 9 a.m. Either way, the SDX runs every 15 minutes until 12:30 a.m. You can buy your bus pass at the Wynn stop.

(Go here to get the distance from the Mirage to the Las Vegas Convention Center).

Again, just to note: the Deuce does not stop at the convention center. It does have a stop close to Convention Center Drive, but you’d have to walk the 1/2 mile journey from there to the actual Convention Center. The SDX is a far better option than the Deuce for this trip.

Uber/Lyft/Taxi from Treasure Island to the Las Vegas Convention Center

It’s 1.4 miles from the valet area of the TI to the front of the Convention Center. Because you may be starting from the TI parking garage, and because the convention center has several different large parking areas, you can expect to add a fair share of walking to that 1.4 mile drive.

Nevertheless, door to door would take you in the five to seven minute range, going the same North Strip to Convention Center Drive route we mentioned for those wanting to walk.

At just 1.4 miles away, an UberX ride from the TI to the Las Vegas Convention Center is estimate at $7.81.

Is there a Monorail From Treasure Island to the Las Vegas Convention Center?

Unfortunately no, however the Las Vegas Monorail does stop directly in front of the Convention Center. The nearest monorail station to Treasure Island is inside Harrah’s Hotel and Casino.

Although Harrah’s is just .4 miles from the TI, the monorail station at the back of the resort adds another .15 mile or so. Being just over 1/2 mile from the front of TI, walking to the monorail station would take you about ten minutes.

The Las Vegas Monorail is clean and efficient, so this isn’t a bad option in my view (even if it does mean you’re backtracking some.)