Hollywood Casino at Greektown Parking Fee 2023 & Valet

(Editor’s note: We’ve reached out to the casino for 2023 updated info on 1/12/23. We’ll update this page once we hear back).

The Hollywood Casino at Greektown in downtown Detroit is a maze of buildings, walkways and parking structures, yet it usually provides plenty of covered parking for its casino customers.

Formerly just known as the Greektown Casino, the property boasts a 30 story hotel tower that is home to 400 hotel rooms. For its part, the casino has over 100,000 square feet of gaming space combined, with 2,850 slot machines and 62 table games, not including its 12 table poker room.

Although it has only 23% of the Detorit gambling market, (behind the MGM Grand at 43% and Motor City Casino at 34%), Hollywood Casino at Greektown stays plenty of busy enough due to its central location.

There's lots of parking at the Greektown Casino
There’s lots of parking at the Greektown Casino

Hollywood Casino at Greektown Parking Fee

Hollywood Casino at Greektown’s parking fees are a little confusing and inconsistent.

In the past, you could get free parking at the Greektown during most days. During busy days downtown (i.e. Lions games, North American International Auto Show days, etc.), you would be charged. That however, has apparently changed.

There isn’t information about this on their website, however a call to Greektown confirmed that parking for non-hotel guests at the main garage (red star on map) will cost you $20, regardless of the day of the week. During busy days, (like Lions games), the fee has been up to $40, so be warned.

A friend who recently visited Greektown says that the fee is waived if you both (A) have a player’s reward card, and (b) spend 30 minutes gambling.

One other note: The Greektown Casino’s players card (GT) has five levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Infinity. It’s also our understanding that parking is free for anyone with a GT player’s card who has reached “Silver” level or higher.

Even on days with big events, parking is free for registered hotel guests (it’s included in the amenities fee).

(Here’s a map showing you the Greektown’s main Self-Parking garage (red star), along with casino valet parking (brown star), hotel valet parking (gray star), and other valet entrances and nearby parking garages)

Greektown Casino Hotel Parking Garages and Self-Parking

The Greektown’s Self-Parking garage (red star on map), is attached to the hotel and is a decent walk to the casino. The main garage offers self-parking, and valet parking is free for hotel guests. The other two nearby garages (yellow star and green star), are pay-to-park garages.

Per an SEC filing, the Greektown has a total of 5,382 parking spaces available in garages, along with another 90 spaces in uncovered parking lots.

Here are the four Greektown Casino Parking Garages:

Main Hollywood Casino at Greektown Self-Parking Garage(the Red star on the map)

This is the 13 story parking garage attached to the hotel. It has 2,764 spaces and a a clearance of 8 foot 2 inches.

If you want to self-park, you use this garage by accessing one of two ways, but most driver usually come off of Interstate 375, the Chrysler Freeway.

From there, the exit ramp (using the Lafayette exit), takes you right to the self-park parking garage. The off-ramp becomes Chrysler Service Drive. You’ll see the 13 story parking garage on your right. It’s clearly marked and the entrance sign is clearly visible on your right.

Alternatively, one can access this garage on the south side of the parking garage, when going east on Monroe Avenue, which is a one-way street. The entrance is on the far east end of the parking garage, at the corner of Monroe and Chrysler Service Drive.

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Valet parking garage (Brown star)

This seven story concrete structure sits on the south side of Macomb, and stretches from Beaubien Street all the way to the next street over, St. Antoine Street. This building, which is for valet parking only, was built in 2013 as part of a $28.6 million addition. It has 850 spaces.

While some casinos have valet garages just for valet drivers to park the cars, this valet garage is one the customer pulls into, before handing over the car to the valet driver.

Alternative Parking Garages Nearby Greektown Casino

There are two parking garages near the Hollywood Casino Greektown. They are listed on the casino’s website, however I’m not sure if they are affiliated. What I do know is that these two garages are always pay-to-park garages.

Brush Street Garage (Green star)

One of two pay-to-park garages, the Brush Street Parking Garage is located a full block to the south and west of the Greektown’s Beaubien Street casino entrance. In other words, it’s quite a bit of a walk.

The last I heard (I haven’t used this parking garage myself), this seven story brick structure charges drivers $20 on weekdays and $10 on weekends. (This is on non-busy game days. During busy Tigers games and Lions games, this fee may rise significantly). It has 1,150 parking spaces.

Fort Street Garage (Yellow star)

Located on the corner of Fort Street and Beaubien Street, this garage, like the Brush Street garage, is a seven story structure. It has 618 spaces. Also like its Brush Street cousin, it is paid parking, with $20 fee on weekdays, and $10 fees on weekends.

Valet Parking at the Hollywood Greektown Casino-Hotel

The Detroit People Mover Passes by the Greektown Casino
The Detroit People Mover Passes by the Greektown Casino

Including a special “VIP” valet area, the Greektown has four different valet parking areas. All four valet entrances are accessible from St. Antoine Street. (St. Antonine Street is the main, one-way street running north between the casino and hotel areas.)

The four valet entrances are as follows:

Casino Express Valet(Brown star) This is in the new, multi-million dollar seven story valet garage mentioned earlier. The newer structure is on the west side of St. Antoine Street, north of Monroe Avenue after you pass under the walkway. You’ll see the “Casino Valet” sign on your left.

Hotel Valet(Gray star) This valet entrance is on the east side of St. Antoine Street. You’ll see it on your right, immediately after you pass under the diagonal pedestrian overhead walkway that connects the Greektown casino and hotel/casino buildings.

VIP Casino Valet(Blue star). This entrance is off of St. Antoine Street, just twenty feet north of E. Lafayette Street.

Lafayette Street Valet (Black star) – The southernmost valet entrance, this valet area is for casino patrons only (you wouldn’t want to haul luggage from here).

(By Steve Beauregard. Photos courtesy of VasenkaPhotography and Mark Goebel via Flickr.)