What is the Distance from Treasure Island (TI) to New York – New York In Las Vegas, and Can you Walk It?

By Steve Beauregard

From the Big Apple Coaster, to Zumanity, to Gallagher’s Steakhouse, there are many reasons to check out the New York – New York Hotel and Casino. From Treasure Island, the distance to New York – New York is 1.5 miles, or roughly 2.5 kilometers.

Google Maps says it would take you 31 minutes to walk it. From personal experience, that seems about right.

Situated on the same side of the Las Vegas Strip as TI, it’s a fairly straightforward walk south on the sidewalk. There are a couple of zig-zags, like when you have to take the pedestrian bridge near Caesars Palace, to cross over to the Bellagio, but overall you’d just have to follow the sidewalk south until you see buildings that look like New York City.

The New York New York Hotel and Casino
The New York New York Hotel and Casino

To shorten the walk considerably, you can take two free trams that are run by the casinos. The first one would be from Treasure Island to the Mirage. From there you’d have to walk back to the strip and past Caesars Palace to the Bellagio.

After a long stroll through the lovely Bellagio casino and convention center, you could take another free tram that goes from the Bellagio to where the Aria connects with the Park MGM Hotel and Casino.

Taking these two trams would cut your walking time by around 1/2 mile by my estimation, using aerial maps. (It would save a lot more if not for the fact you have to walk a lot in the Bellagio and Monte Carlo to get to and from the Strip to the tram stations).

From the south Aria tram stop, near the entrance of the Monte Carlo, it’s only around 1,500 feet to the first entrance of the New York – New York.

So basically, the actual walking distance from the TI to the New York – New York, (when using the trams), would only be approximately 1 mile. Furthermore, a lot of that would be inside casinos, meaning a walk from TI would certainly be feasible, even during hot Sin City August afternoons.

Best Way to Get from Treasure Island to New York – New York

With over 40 million visitors a year, Las Vegas has mastered the art of moving people around quickly, and the Strip’s two bus lines are a big part of it.

They’re called The Deuce and the SDX, and both are good options for getting you from the North Strip resorts (like Treasure Island) down to the southern resorts, (like the NY-NY).

The Deuce runs every 15 minutes from 9 a.m. until 2 a.m., at which point it runs every 20 minutes. The nearest bus stop to Treasure Island is just a 2 minute walk south of the resort, across the street from Siren’s Cove Blvd.

Get on the bus there, for the 20 minute ride (with 4 stops along the way), to the Park MGM stop. The distance from the Park MGM bus stop to the entrance to the New York – New York Hotel and Casino is just 500 feet.

The other bus line, the SDX is perfect for some north/south casino hopping, but not this particular journey. You’d have to walk a bit north of the TI, then walk more to the NY-NY after it drops you off south of Tropicana Avenue. The ride itself, is shorter than the ride on the Deuce, (due to fewer stops), however the extra walking probably doesn’t make it worth it.

Whether you take the Deuce or the SDX, the total time it’d take (including walking to and from stops) would be in the 25 minute range.

Tram or Monorail from Treasure Island to New York – New York

As mentioned above, there are two free monorails you can use to shorten the distance, however you’ll still do quite a bit of walking.

The other tram option, the Las Vegas Monorail, is not really feasible for this trip, as walking to and from the two stations closest to your destination (Linq/Harrah’s on the north, and MGM Grand on the south), would add nearly 2/3 of a mile of walking.

Uber/Lyft Treasure Island to New York, New York Hotel and Casino

The 1.7 mile trip would only take you ten minutes of driving time.

The latest UberX estimate I ran showed it to be $9.38