What is the Distance from Treasure Island (TI) to the Bellagio, and Can you Walk it?

The fun and lively Treasure Island Hotel and Casino is just 7/10th of a mile from the gorgeous Bellagio Hotel and Casino. It would take you about 15 minutes to walk it.

This is figured by starting off at the bride fronting the Las Vegas Strip sidewalk, just outside of Treasure Island, where the famous “Sirens of TI” perform nightly.

From Treasure Island , it's just a 15 walk to the Bellagio
From Treasure Island , it’s just a short walk to the Bellagio

The ending spot is the first Bellagio entrance available, on the north side of the Strip along Flamingo Boulevard.

To get there by walking, you have two options. The simplest is just to head south on Las Vegas Boulevard and continue down the sidewalk.

The alternative is to take the free tram that runs between Treasure Island and Mirage – a product of when Las Vegas casino mogul Steve Wynn owned both resorts.

Anyway, the tram will drop you off at the northern entrance of the Mirage. From there you’ll have to walk about another 500 feet to the Strip sidewalk. The distance from the front of the TI to this point is approximately 1,500 feet, so assuming you’re starting off inside the Treasure Island resort, you’re saving yourself a 1,000 feet or so of walking. It may not sound like much, but that can mean a lot on one of those brutal hot Las Vegas summer days. Not to mention, it’s fun to stroll through the jungle-themed Mirage – the white and gold shimmering resort that ignited the mega-resort building boom of the 90’s and 2000’s on the Strip.

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Whether you walk the entire way, or take the free tram to the Mirage, you’ll wander south past the Mirage, Forum Shops, and Caesars Palace. At the end of the Caesars Palace property, you’ll be at the intersection of Flamingo Road and the Las Vegas Strip.

From there you’ll just follow the path up and escalators up the pedestrian overpass that helps save the lives of countless drunk tourists by forcing everyone to walk over, instead of across, Flamingo Road.

On the other side of pedestrian bridge of course, is the first entrance to the Bellagio. A right will lead you to its lovely shopping promenade full of high end retailers like Prada and Tiffany, and exquisite, award-winning restaurants, like Olives, and Picasso. This giant hallway leads you to the casino. By my measurement, it’s approximately 400 feet from the north entrance of the Bellagio to the casino floor.

Tram from Treasure Island to Bellago?

As mentioned above, there is not a tram or monorail going directly from Treasure Island to the Bellagio. However the free tram that goes from TI to the Mirage will shave 1/4th off of the walking you’d have to do. However since you may end up waiting for the tram (they run every 10 to 15 minutes), it may actually take you longer to take the tram.

Taking the Las Vegas Monorail is not worthwhile for this trip, even if you already have an unlimited pass. Being on the east end of Las Vegas boulevard means you’ve add a lot of walking time to get to the monorail station closest to TI (Harrah’s, and then back across the strip at your drop–off point, Paris/Bally’s). The way I’ve calculated it, you would walk roughly an extra 2,000 feet to and from the monorail stations in order to save roughly 1,500 feet of Strip walking.

Driving From Treasure Island to Bellagio

To and from the front door of each resort would only be a 7/10th of a mile drive and would only take you three to five minutes. Of course, that’s assuming you’re already headed south on the Strip, and are in front of the resort, rather than behind the TI in the parking garage.

In reality, you’d walking to the Treasure Island parking garage (5 minutes), then driving on the Strip (5 minutes), then walking from the parking at the Bellagio parking garage (5 minutes). My public school education tells me that equals to 15 minutes, or the same as if you would have just walked. For my money, a 15 minute stroll along the Strip is much more fun.

Bus From Treasure Island to the Bellagio

While you’d certainly save some wear and tear on your feet, taking the Deuce (the Las Vegas Strip bus system) will take you longer to get to the Bellagio than walking. And that’s not even counting the time spent waiting for the bus.

To take the bus, you’d want to walk south on the Strip 400 feet from the Sirens of TI bridge to the closest bus stop. (It’s across from the Venetian lake).

It will make two other stops before you’ll want to get off. Your stop will be just south of Lake Bellagio, under the large Bellagio sign, near the Cosmopolitan. From there, the escalator and covered walkway will lead you inside to the casino.

Taxi From Treasure Island to Bellagio

Remember, taxis aren’t allowed to stop and pick up passengers on the strip, so you’ll have to hail it from the valet area.
Being a fairly short haul, a cab will run you in the $6 to $9 range.

By Steve Beauregard. Photo courtesy of Clement Bardot via a Creative Commons license.