Distance from the Rio to the Strip – Can You Walk It? And is there a Free Shuttle?

The Rio is less than a mile away from the Las Vegas Strip

The Rio is less than a mile away from the Las Vegas Strip

By Steve Beauregard

Although it’s located on the other side of Interstate 15, away from the bustling action of the Strip, the Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino is within reasonable walking distance of Las Vegas Boulevard (The Strip). There’s also a free shuttle that will take you from the Rio to the Strip. (More on that below).

The closest Strip point is at the intersection of Las Vegas Boulevard and E. Flamingo Road – basically the southeast corner of Caesars Palace. It’s a pretty hopping intersection, with the Bellagio anchoring one corner on your right, Bally’s on another, along with the aforementioned Caesars Palace.

It’s just under a mile to this location. To be more exact, it is 9/10 of a mile, (or 1.4 kilometers), from the front door of the Rio to the Las Vegas Strip. The walk is doable, pedestrian-friendly (in spots), and would take you in the 17 to 20 minute range to walk.

Here I have to issue the standard disclosure that everyone’s physical conditions vary, and if you have any health issues at all, you should avoid this nearly one mile walk during the summer months. With Sin City temperatures often lingering above the 100 degree mark well into the evening, this .9 miles on the concrete could feel like a death march.

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Directions When Walking from the Rio to the Strip

To get there, you’ll be heading out the south (front) doors of the Rio, past the entrance, and onto the sidewalk on the north part of the W. Flamingo Road, which is the street directly in front of the Rio. Do not cross the street over to the south side of Flamingo, as there is not a sidewalk on portions of this side. So even if you want to hit up places like the Bellagio that are on the south side of Flamingo, keep on the north side for now.

(Here’s a map of the route. Please ignore the route with the blue dots to the north. Google recommends this, but this way is more dangerous and less scenic. Stick with the gray route, using the sidewalk on Flamingo Road.)

The sidewalk is not real wide, and heavy traffic dominated Flamingo at almost all hours, so this is un-friendly pedestrian part I mentioned earlier.

Before you get to Interstate 15 however, the sidewalk meanders left, bordering an exit lane, leading you to a more friendly fenced and protected sidewalks. This will lead you to a pedestrian bridge over the exit ramp, then back on to the Flamingo sidewalk.

After crossing over I-15, you’ll encounter a couple of walk lights, so be sure to wait for the crossing signal, as Las Vegas drivers are notoriously bad. And those are just the locals. The distracted tourists (like me), are even worse.

Once you’ve crossed over Interstate 15, you’ll strong alongside the tall towers of Caesars Palace. From I-15, it’s just about 800 feet to the nearest Caesars Palace public entrance, which you’ll find to your left at a road called only “Caesars Palace.”

Caesars Palace is massive however, and this entrance – while providing air conditioning – is not technically the Strip. However it’s just another 400 feet straight ahead to Las Vegas Boulevard.

A little before that, you will see a pedestrian bridge that can guide you over on to the Bellagio, or, on your left, you’ll see the gleaming white Caesars Palace plaza, where you can treat yourself to a frozen cocktail at their outdoor bar, Spanish Steps.

Free Shuttle from the Rio Hotel and Casino to Bally’s and Harrah’s on the Strip

Because the Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino, Bally’s and Harrah’s are all owned by the same company (Caesars Entertainment), the Rio doesn’t mind taking guests (and their money) off their property and dropping them off at their sister resorts.

The free shuttle service from the Rio to these strip properties starts at 10:00 a.m. and goes until 1 a.m. seven days a week.

While there is not a set schedule published, the shuttles run approximately every 30 minutes.

You’ll get on the Rio shuttle in the front of the resort, near the entrance to the Carnival World Buffet.

At Bally’s, the shuttle pick-up and drop-off is near the sportsbook entrance alongside Flamingo Road, on the north side of Bally’s. At Harrah’s, the Rio Shuttle drop-off and pick-up spot is at the back of the hotel, away from the Strip.

The same schedule and 30 minute departure times apply when you are at Harrah’s, or Bally’s, wanting to get back to the Rio.

Taxi/Uber From the Rio to the Strip

Your view on the walk from the Strip to the Rio

Your view on the walk from the Strip to the Rio

This is a cheap option for those of you not wanting to walk, wait for the shuttle, or who have to get to the Strip before or after the shuttle hours.

Besides saving time, taking a taxi is actually a little less in distance than walking to the Strip. That’s because taxis cannot stop on the Strip, and will drop you off a nearby casino.

In this case, you’ll want to tell the driver to drop you off at the Bellagio’s north entrance, at the street called “Via Del Nord.”

From the Rio, this drop-off point is about .7 miles away, and would take you five minutes (or less) to get there. The taxi driver won’t be happy, as this fare would cost you just in the $8 to $10 range (including tip). (Photos courtesy of Cliff and
Don Richards via Flickr).