Bingo on Fremont Street Las Vegas at the Plaza Hotel & Casino

Between Las Vegas locals and visitors alike, bingo has a dedicated following. And why not? The game provides a leisurely way to gamble, away from the noisy crowded casino floor, while still offering the chance for a big payday.

Unfortunately, there aren’t many casinos that offer bingo in Las Vegas.

Entrance into the Bingo Hall at the Plaza Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas
Entrance into the Bingo Hall at the Plaza Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas

There is, however, a recently remodeled bingo hall right on Fremont Street. It’s the popular bingo hall located on the third floor of the Plaza Hotel & Casino, and it is the only one downtown.

The clean contemporary room boasts seating for 280 patrons, and has electronic bingo monitors and phone chargers. There are six sessions daily, with starting times as follows:

Each session features patterns that include games with triple Bingo, small crazy kite, block of nine and coverall games, (among others). For those unaware, a coverall is what we used to call a “blackout” – meaning every square on your card has to be marked.

Numerous add-on options include hotball validations and cashball bonus balls. There’s also extra games, where if you get a coverall in certain number of balls, you get to spin a wheel for cash. Up to $50,000 for some games. These cost extra above the regular game fee.

The Plaza also often runs a daily bingo match play promotion.

However of the numerous bingo promotions and add-on options here, perhaps the most noteworthy one is the Bingo Millions Mega Progressive. In this game, getting a coverall with 47 numbers or less results in a million-dollar plus payday.

Just keep in mind that according to the excellent gaming site,, it takes, on average, about 73 balls for one person playing one card to get a coverall.

The Plaza Casino's Bingo Hall is the only one on Fremont Street
The Plaza Casino’s Bingo Hall is the only one on Fremont Street

Any schedule changes, cancellations or updates can be found The Plaza Casino’s Bingo page here:

Plaza Super Bingo Tournament

Sort of like the World Series of Bingo, Super Bingo is the casino’s very popular regularly-held two-day bingo tournament that attracts around 1,000 players.

It’s so popular in fact, the tournament takes place in the casino’s 19,000 square foot ballroom. Not including warm-up sessions, there are 22 sessions each day.

The entry fee is $160 as of this writing, and includes the following:

There’s also a complimentary continental breakfast.

The Plaza makes it even easier with a $300 Hotel & Bingo package. This seems like a good value to me, as it includes your $160 Super Bingo entry fee, a four night hotel stay, along with the aforementioned free drinks, continental breakfast and boxed lunch.

Keep in mind, these tournaments run on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Super Bingo $50,000 Coverall

Perhaps the highlight of the two-day bingo extravaganza are the two $50,000 SUPER Coverall games. There is one each day of the two-day tournament.

If you don’t win the $50,000, you still have two second chance coverall games to play, with payouts of $5,000 then $2,500 as of this update.

The Plaza Hotel's Bingo Room has daily games
The Plaza Hotel’s Bingo Room has daily games

The current Super Bingo schedule and payouts can be found here: Plaza Super Bingo Page

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Other Bingo Halls in Downtown Las Vegas

After the Plaza, the next closest bingo parlors to downtown can be found 2 miles north, at Jerry’s Nugget Casino, or 3 miles south, at the Palace Station Hotel and Casino.

More about Bingo in Las Vegas

According to latest figures from the Nevada Gaming Commission, there are 21 different licensed bingo operators in Clark County (which includes Mesquite, Nevada). Over $4 million dollars per month is wagered on bingo in Clark County each month.

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