Belle Casino of Baton Rouge

Address: 103 France St, Baton Rouge, LA 70802, USA

Phone Number: +1 225-242-2600


Hours: Belle of Baton is open daily from 10 am to 2 am.

Belle Casino of Baton Rouge, Louisiana

The Belle of Baton Rouge Casino and Hotel is a historic landmark in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The casino first opened in 1994 as the Lady Luck Casino and was later renamed the Belle of Baton Rouge in 2001.

The Belle of Baton Rouge also hosts various special events and promotions throughout the year, making it a popular destination for locals and tourists alike.

Whether you’re looking for a relaxing weekend getaway or an exciting night out, the Belle has something for everyone.

Guests rate the Belle of Baton Rouge very highly, with an average rating of 4.5/5 on TripAdvisor. Many guests applaud the casino’s elegant design and say that it’s a great place for a night out. Others commend the staff for being friendly and helpful.

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This casino offers a wide variety of gaming options, including slot machines, table games, and a poker room.

Table Games

Looking for something fun to do in Baton Rouge? Then head over to this casino for some great table games. They have all your favorites, from blackjack and roulette to craps and poker.

And if you get hungry, they have a great selection of food and drinks to keep you going all night long. Table game minimums at this casino vary but typically start at $5 for blackjack and $10 for craps.

So whether you’re looking for some excitement or just want to relax with friends, Belle of Baton Rouge is the perfect place for you.


There are a few popular slot machines at this casino. For starters, many people enjoy the “Penny Mania” machine. This machine offers a variety of games that can be played for as little as one penny.

In addition, the “Penny Mania” machine also features a progressive jackpot that continues to grow until it is won. As a result, this machine is always a popular choice for those looking to win big. Another popular slot machine at Belle of Baton Rouge is the ” nickelodeon.”

This machine provides players with the opportunity to win a variety of prizes, including merchandise and cash. In addition, the “nickelodeon” also offers a chance to win a jackpot of up to $5,000. As a result, this machine is also a popular choice for those seeking to win big.

The slot machine payback percentage at this casino varies depending on the specific game and machine. However, Louisiana law requires all slot machines to have a minimum payback percentage of 80%.

So, you can expect most slot machines at this casino to have at least an 80% payback percentage.


The Belle of Baton Rouge is much more than just a casino. In addition to providing guests with plenty of gaming options, the Belle also offers a variety of other amenities that are sure to please.

The on-site restaurants offer a wide range of dining options, from casual fare to fine dining, and there is also a lively bar and lounge area.

Although there is currently no hotel on site, it states that one will be coming soon on the website. In the meantime, there are several hotels within walking distance of the casino.

In addition, the Belle offers a variety of event spaces for weddings, meetings, and other special occasions. So whether you’re coming to play or simply looking for a fun weekend getaway, the Belle of Baton Rouge has something for everyone.

Restaurants & Buffets

The Belle is getting a makeover. New dining options will be available that are sure to elevate the food and beverage offerings. The expanded menu will include classic and contemporary dishes and a wide selection of wine and beer.

In addition, the restaurant will be adding a private dining room for special occasions. The updated interior will reflect the restaurant’s history and heritage while also providing a modern and stylish setting.

The Belle of Baton Rouge is one of the most iconic restaurants in Louisiana, and the new additions are sure to make it even better.


Unfortunately, the Belle of Baton Rouge does not currently have a pool on site. However, they do offer access to a nearby hotel’s pool for a small fee.

Although the Belle does not currently have its own pool, they do offer access to one nearby for those looking to take a break from the excitement of the casino and relax by the water.

Belle Casino of Baton Rouge, LA FAQ

Does Belle Casino of Baton Rouge Have A Sportsbook?

Sports betting is coming to Baton Rouge, and with it, a whole new level of excitement for fans of all the city’s teams. The sportsbook will be located at this casino and will offer visitors the chance to wager on their favorite sporting events.

With a variety of different bet types available, there will be something for everyone. So keep an eye out for the new sportsbook at Belle Casino of Baton Rouge.

Is Poker Available At Belle Casino of Baton Rouge?

Yes, poker is available electronically at this casino. In addition, they also offer live poker games with a variety of different stakes and tournaments available. So whether you prefer electronic or live poker, the Belle has something for all poker fans.

What Are The Age Requirements For Gambling At Belle of Baton Rouge?

While the Belle is open to guests of all ages, only those 21 and over are allowed to gamble. This age restriction is in place because gambling is considered a form of entertainment that may not be suitable for younger visitors.

Guests under the age of 21 are welcome to enjoy the other amenities at the Belle, but they will not be able to place bets or collect winnings.

Does Belle Have An Online Casino?

This casino does not have an online casino. However, guests can enjoy a variety of gaming options at the property, including slots, video poker, and table games.

The casino floor is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and there is also a hotel on site for guests who want to stay overnight.

In addition to gaming, Belle of Baton Rouge also offers a number of other amenities, including restaurants, bars, and live entertainment. As a result, it is a great option for those looking for a complete gambling experience.

Is There An Belle of Baton Rouge App?

Unfortunately, there is currently no app for this casino. However, guests can stay up to date with all the latest events and promotions by visiting the Belle of Baton Rouge’s website or following them on social media.

They also offer a loyalty program that rewards frequent visitors with special offers and discounts. So even without an app, there are plenty of ways for guests to stay connected with the Belle Casino.

What Is The Dress Code At Belle Casino?

While there is no strict dress code, the Belle does recommend that guests dress in business casual attire. This means avoiding any overly revealing clothing or sportswear, but jeans and a nice shirt are generally acceptable.

Is There An Airport Shuttle Available From Belle Baton Rouge Casino?

Unfortunately, there is currently no airport shuttle available from this casino. However, they offer valet parking for guests driving to the property.

For those flying in, the nearest airport is Baton Rouge Metropolitan Airport, which is about a 15-minute drive away. Guests can also arrange for a taxi or rideshare service to bring them to the Belle Casino.

What Is The Smoking Policy At Belle?

The Belle Casino does have designated smoking areas for those who wish to smoke while on the property. However, these areas are limited and restricted to prevent secondhand smoke from affecting other guests.

In addition, the casino floor is non-smoking to create a comfortable environment for all visitors.

What Is The Pet Policy At Belle Casino?

Unfortunately, pets are not allowed at the Belle Casino. This policy is in place for guests and staff’s safety and comfort.

However, service animals for guests with disabilities are always welcome at the Belle Casino. They just need to be clearly marked as such and have any necessary documentation on hand.

Is Wifi Available At Belle of Baton Rouge?

Yes, free wifi is available for all guests at this casino. This allows visitors to stay connected while enjoying all the gaming and entertainment options at the property.

What Is The Cancellation Policy For Belle?

There is no hotel on site, so Belle Casino does not have a specific cancellation policy. However, for any special events or reservations made at the property, it is recommended to check with the event organizers or contact the casino directly for their cancellation policies.


In conclusion, the Belle of Baton Rouge offers a variety of gaming options, amenities, and entertainment choices for guests.

While they do not have an online casino or app, they do offer a loyalty program and frequently update their events and promotions. Overall, the Belle Casino strives to create a fun and enjoyable experience for all visitors.