Distance from the Luxor to Mandalay Bay – Can You Walk It and How Long Does it Take?

By Steve Beauregard

Being connected via an enclosed walkway, it’s just an easy .3 of a mile walk from the Luxor Hotel and Casino to its sister property next door at Mandalay Bay. This is measuring from the front entrance of the Luxor to the main casino at Mandalay Bay. It would take you only about five or so minutes to walk it.

In addition, there is a tram between the resorts.

Both the Luxor and Mandalay are owned by the same company, (MGM Resorts International), and they therefore make it very easy for visitors to hop to and from each resort via a free monorail service that shuttles guests back and forth the two casinos. We’ll discuss that in a second.

First, the walking route.

It's just a 5 to 7 minute walk from the Luxor to Mandalay Bay
It’s just a 5 to 7 minute walk from the Luxor to Mandalay Bay

While you can get some fresh air and use the sidewalks by the Strip, getting from the Luxor to Mandalay Bay is much easier when using the pedestrian walkway that attaches the two casinos together over Mandalay Bay Road.

So to get to Mandalay Bay from the Luxor, you’ll want to head towards the south side of the Luxor and look for the signs pointing to the Shoppes at Mandalay Bay Place.

The Shoppes at Mandalay Bay Place is basically a mall that acts as the walkway between Mandalay Bay and the Luxor. It’s full of stores such as Shoe Obsession, Ron Jon Surf Shop, and Swarovski, as well as bars places like Fat Tuesday, and other bars and restaurants, including Burger Bar, the RX Boiler Room, and the famous Minus 5 Ice Lounge.

As mentioned, it’s just under a 1/3rd of a walk. Some other distances, starting at the east, Strip side entrance to the Luxor (by the large Sphinx).

* Luxor to Bayside Buffet: .34 miles. That way you can walk off your feast.

* It’s 1/2 mile (.49 miles to be exact) from the front entrance of the Luxor to the Mandalay Bay Events Center.

* It’s .49 miles to the Mandalay Bay North Convention Center from the Luxor, and .65 miles to the south convention hall rooms, called the Bayside ballrooms.

* Luxor to the Delano: 1/3rd of a mile.

* Lastly, the distance from the Luxor to the Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay is .6 miles.

Tram from Luxor to Mandalay Bay

While there is a tram that goes from the Excalibur to the North, down south to Mandalay Bay, it does not stop at the Luxor when going south. It does, however, make a Luxor stop when going north. (No, I don’t know why either).

Therefore, don’t plan on taking the tram south to Mandalay Bay. It’s a quick and easy ride back to the Luxor however, after you’ve done your gambling or eating and drinking at Mandalay Bay and want to head back.

If you really don’t want to walk from the Luxor to Mandalay Bay, you can take the free tram north to Excalibur, get off, then take the south tram past the Luxor to Mandalay Bay.

(Here are the two walking routes (one outside and the other inside) that get you from the Luxor Hotel & Casino to Mandalay Bay)

Bus from Luxor to Mandalay Bay

This bus ride would last two minutes, but would take you longer than that to get to the bus stops. While I love the Deuce (the Las Vegas Strip bus system), the close proximity between the Luxor and Mandalay Bay eliminate this from being a viable transportation option.

Some other miscellaneous information:

* The Luxor opened in October of 1993 and has 4,400 guest rooms.

* Mandalay Bay opened in March of 1999. 4,752 rooms spread out over three (yes three), hotels.

* Mandalay Bay itself has 3,211 rooms. The Four Seasons inside has 424 rooms, when Delano has an additional 1,117 rooms.

* The Mandalay Bay Convention Center at the south end of the resort, happens to be the fifth largest convention center in the United States.

(Photo courtesy of janeLLoyd Nichols, and via Flickr).