Foxwoods Resort Casino Parking – Map & Fee 2023

As the largest casino resort in the United States with three separate hotels and more square feet than the Pentagon, Foxwoods Resort Casino sees over 40,000 visitors each day – meaning there is a heavy demand for parking spaces.

To meet this demand, Foxwoods has four separate spacious parking garages spread out on opposite ends of the resort’s massive footprint.

The Grand Pequot Valet parking area at Foxwoods Resort Casino
The Grand Pequot Valet parking area at Foxwoods Resort Casino

Typically this is enough, however during very busy weekends, parking can get backed up with long valet parking lines as well. Lines can get especially long if you’re trying to leave right after a concert.

And while we can’t promise you a short walk from your parking space to the casino, restaurant, mall or theaters, the parking garages are strategically placed to at least ensure a manageable walk, regardless of your destination in the sprawling complex.

If you’re staying overnight, the key is to make sure you’re parking at the garage closest to your hotel, otherwise the long trek through the casino with your luggage is a long one.

Foxwoods Parking Map

(The four self-parking garages are marked as “P.” The four valet areas are marked by stars, however Rainmaker and Great Cedar valet parking may not be available. The red RV is for RV/camper parking.)

Foxwoods Resort Casino Parking Fee

Self-parking at Foxwoods is completely free.

Unlike most of the casinos on the Las Vegas Strip, Foxwoods Resort Casino still offers complimentary parking. This applies to hotel guests, people just up gambling, shoppers, and eaters alike.

In addition to a parking garage under the casino (the Grand Pequot parking garage), Foxwoods has three other separate parking structures detached from the casinos and hotels.

All are connected to the resort via an enclosed pedestrian walkway.

Grand Pequot Garage (Purple)

This underground garage is under the Grand Pequot Hotel/Casino, and is the most central of the four parking garages.

You’ll want to use this parking garage if you’re staying at one of the Grand Pequot Tower’s 785 hotel rooms or 23 villas. It’s also the closest parking to the Great Cedar Showroom

Please note that there are also two electric car charging stations on the first level of the garage. Clearance here is six feet, eight inches.

Fox Tower Garage (Black)

If you’re staying at one of the Fox Tower Hotel’s 825 rooms, you’ll definitely want to use the Fox Tower self-parking garage, as the hotel is quite a jaunt from the other parking garages.

The resort’s northernmost garage is also the best garage for those of you going to the Tangier Outlet shops and/or to see concerts and shows at the 4,000 seat Premier Theater. Clearance here is a height of 8 feet, 2 inches.

Rainmaker Garage (Blue)

This is the tall 7 story parking garage you see on your left when arriving at the main front entrance to Foxwoods, on Grand Pequot Drive.

You access it, however, from the Rainmaker entrance, on Rainmaker Drive a little to the south. It has 2,100 parking spaces and climate-controlled pedestrian walkway into the Rainmaker Casino.

This is the garage you’ll use if your main destination is the poker room, bingo hall, race book, or Hard Rock Café.

Vehicle clearance here is 8 feet on the first level, but seven feet from then on.

Great Cedar Garage (Green)

The resort’s southernmost garage, you’ll use this if you’re staying at the Great Cedar Hotel.

Premier Theater Foxwoods Parking

The Premier Theater, (formerly known as “The Grand Theater”), holds up to 4,000 guests and his host to big-name comedians and musicians.

If driving up to attend a show, your closest parking will be at the Fox Tower parking garage, on the northern end of the resort. The Fox Tower has valet parking as well.

Valet Parking & Fee at Foxwoods Resort Casino

As with self-parking, valet parking at Foxwoods is complimentary. It is customary to tip the valet driver though of course.

Valet parking is available in front of the Fox Tower and the Grand Pequot Tower. The map above, (as well as the map from Foxwoods itself), shows four different valet parking areas, each one near its corresponding parking garage. However my understanding is that valet services aren’t currently offered at the Great Cedar and Rainmaker garages.

Tangier Outlets at Foxwoods Parking

If you’re main destination is to shop at the Tangier Outlets, the best parking options is at the Fox Tower.

You can also park at the Grand Pequot parking garage, but it’s typically a longer walk. You’ll want to park on the north side of the Grand Pequot if you use this garage.

Either way, this isn’t like your local mall, where you’ll find a spot and walk right into the mall. There is not a separate entrance into Tangier Outlets. Instead, you’ll walk a little through the casino to get to the shops.

RV & Camping Parking at Foxwoods Resort Casino

Just to the north of the Pequot Outpost and Mobil gas station you’ll find a designed RV/Camper parking area represented by the red RV on the map above.

This is level, and well-lit at night. Being at a casino, there is casino security presence as well.

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It’s free to park here, but there aren’t any utility hook-ups.

It’s roughly a five to ten minute walk to the casino from the RV parking area.

Foxwoods Resort Casino Expansion

Foxwoods is in the middle of a planned $85 million dollar expansion that will add 50,000 square feet of casino space to what is already one of the largest casinos in the United States. It will include a new large restaurant and is expected to be completed in the summer of 2023. This is in addition to the new adjacent Great Wolf Lodge Hotel being built, which will include 550 hotel rooms and a 90,000 square foot water park.

(By Steve Beauregard. Photo courtesy of Foxwoods Casino Resort)