Mohegan Sun Parking –Fee & Information on Hotel, Valet and Arena Parking

By Steve Beauregard

Although it is one of the largest casinos in the United States, (the 3rd largest to be specific), the Mohegan Sun in southeastern Connecticut has a plethora of parking spaces to accommodate the millions of annual visitors who flock to the resort for gambling, dining, shopping, concerts and more.

In fact, the Mohegan Sun has over 13,000 parking spaces!

Parking is completely free, whether you are a hotel guest, concert-goer, gambler, or whatever. Even on very busy nights when the resort is packed and there’s a big concert going on, there is no fee to park at the Mohegan Sun.

The Mohegan Sun Has Over 13,000 Parking Spaces

The Mohegan Sun Has Over 13,000 Parking Spaces

The resort contains four different self-park parking garages, not including the seven-story employee parking garage. All have covered parking, have elevators and are well-kept and well-lit.

Three of the parking garages are connected to the resort directly, or through a covered walkway. The fourth garage, the Thames garage, sits on the southeastern part of the resort property. It’s used on very busy occasions when the other garages are at full capacity. A free shuttle transports guests who park at this garage to the resort.

Self-Parking at the Mohegan Sun

In case you were unaware, the Mohegan Sun is made up of three different casinos all under one roof: Casino of the Sky, Casino of the Earth, and Casino of the Wind. The largest, by far, is the Casino of the Earth.

In addition to the four covered parking garages, there are thousands of more uncovered parking spaces available. Because of the massive size of the parking lot (and of the Mohegan Sun property in general), there are shuttles that will take you from the parking lot to the front of the casino.

(The four dots mark the four different parking garages at the Mohegan Sun)

The various parking garages have computerized digital printouts to let you know if spaces are available, and if so, on what level. Here’s a breakdown of the four garages:

Riverview Garage (The red dot on the map)

The main parking garage, this is the garage you will want to use if you’re going to the arena. It leads to the Casino of the Earth’s Summer entrance.

It has five stories, each with exactly 500 parking spaces, for a total of 2,500 parking spaces. During warmer months, the open air top floor of the parking garage is used for concerts, and parties.

Clearance is 7 feet 2 inches.

Indian Summer Garage (Brown dot on the map)

Just like the Riverview Garage, the Indian Summer Parking Garage holds 2,500 vehicles.

It’s just a little down the road from the Riverview. Parking here will lead you to the Casino of the Earth’s Autumn Entrance.

Winter Garage (Blue dot on the map)

Set away from the other parking garages, the Winter Parking Garage sits on the north end of the resort. As you might imagine, this garage leads you to the Casino of the Earth’s Winter entrance.

There's lots of parking for those of you going to the Mohegan Sun Arena

There’s lots of parking for those of you going to the Mohegan Sun Arena

This garage has five levels, and 1,300 parking spaces. It has a clearance of 8 feet 0 inches. In front of this garage are acres and acres of uncovered parking lot.

Thames Garage (Green dot on the map)

To handle the crowds, the Mohegan Sun has a large parking garage a little off of the resort, approximately a quarter of a mile away from the casino.

Called the “Thames Garage” (since it sits on the Thames River), this six story parking garage is located on the far south eastern part of the property and is handy when the other lots are full. Shuttle service is provided to take you from this garage to the casino. Actually they drop you off (and pick you up), at the entrance to the Casino of the Sky.

When you arrive to the Mohegan Sun from the south off of Mohegan Sun Boulevard, you’ll see this large concrete parking garage on your right, next to the river. If there are plenty of open parking spaces available at the other lots and garages, this parking garage will be closed.

Mohengan Sun Arena Parking

In case you stumbled here and skipped the stuff above, here we’re talking about parking at the arena at the Connecticut Mohegan Sun, not the Mohegan Sun Arena at Casey Plaza in Pennsylvania.

The best parking when attending a concert or event at the Mohegan Sun Arena is the Riverview parking garage, as this provides the shortest walk to the arena. Like all other parking areas here, it’s absolutely free.

However if the entire resort is packed and bustling, you may have to park at the Thames Garage, and take the resort shuttle to the arena.

Alternatively, you could also use the valet parking at either the Summer Entrance, or the Casino of the Sky entrance and avoid a long walk or shuttle ride altogether.

One side tip if you’re going to park at the Riverview Parking Garage: when going to a big event at the arena, try to park on the 5th floor if you can. It takes a little longer to navigate up there when arriving, however when leaving, you’ll be able to get out much faster, as the road access is directly from the top level.

Oftentimes, everyone will be leaving the event all at once. By parking on the 5th level, you’ll avoid a lot of the congestion in the parking garage.

Which Garage Do I Use If Staying at the Mohegan Sun Hotel?

Unfortunately, none of the four parking garages are close to the hotel’s front desk or elevators.

Your best bet when checking in is to use the hotel’s valet. Speaking of which…

Mohegan Sun Valet Parking

There are three different areas where you can use valet parking at the Mohegan Sun.

For hotel guest, the north side of the resort property has a valet for hotel guests only. It’s free, but tipping is expected. On its website the resort itself recommends $5.

There are two other valet parking areas. One is at the eastern end of the resort, at the Casino of the Sky entrance. This would be the valet you’d want to use if going to the poker room.

The third valet area is the Summer Entrance valet, in-between the two main parking garages: the Riverview and the Indian Summer garages.

One of the four parking garages at the Mohegan Sun

One of the four parking garages at the Mohegan Sun

Signage is very good, and you shouldn’t have trouble finding the valet areas, (nor the self-parking garages for that matter).

Although I have not used Mohegan Sun’s valet service myself, (I’m a cheapskate), an article by Josheph Albano stated that each car ready for valet services is photographed, with the license plate, make, model, etc. photographed. This way, the vehicle’s condition is recorded, (to prevent false claims of damage), as well as providing verification should an owner lose his or her valet ticket.

In addition, when ready to retrieve your car or truck, you can use a kiosk, rather than having to track down a valet driver. The electronic kiosk system informs a driver that you want your car.

RV and Oversized Parking

Two parking lots in which RVs and oversized vehicles are allowed. They are the “Turtle” and “Bear” parking lots. When driving north on Mohegan Sun Boulevard towards the resort, you’ll see these, and the “Oversized Parking” signs on the right hand side.

Those of you who want to RV park at the Mohegan Sun have to have a permit, and it is advised you contact the resort ahead of time to obtain it.

Employee Parking

Parking for employees of the Mohegan Sun is available at the Eagleview parking garage, on the western end of the resort, off of Sandy Desert Road.

This seven story structure was completed in 2000, and has 2,700 parking spaces. The building is also home to public safety offices, the employee fitness center, and the employment center. (Photos courtesy of Mark Goebel, and Mystic Country CT via Flickr).