How Far is the Distance from the Luxor to the Mirage, and Can you Walk It?

The Mirage is 1.8 Miles from The Luxor
The Mirage is 1.8 Miles from The Luxor

By Steve Beauregard

It’s 1.8 miles (or 3 kilometers), from the front of the Luxor Hotel and Casino to the front door of the Mirage. This is walking a direct line up Las Vegas Boulevard (The Strip), which means the actual walking distance is closer to 2 miles since you have to zig zig along the way and take some detours on pedestrian bridges. It would take you about 40 minutes to walk it.

There are, however a couple of free Las Vegas Strip trams you can take to cut down the walking distance, if not necessarily the time. (The time is not cut significantly due to time spent waiting for the trams).

The best free way to get from the Luxor to the Mirage (without walking the entire way), involves three trams.

First take the complimentary monorail that runs from Mandalay Bay to the Excalibur. It makes a stop at the Luxor.

Once at the Excalibur you’ll proceed across the pedestrian bridge over Tropicana Avenue to the New York – New York Hotel and Casino. Continue on past that resort to the first entrance you see going into the Monte Carlo.

At the far north end of the Monte Carlo (you’ll have to walk through the casino and shopping area), you’ll come to the tram station that will take you to the Bellagio.

At the Bellagio, you’ll walk through the spacious resort, past the convention center, casino, and shops, and cross over the Flamingo Road pedestrian bridge to Caesars Palace. From there, the Mirage is the next resort to the North. Again, it will take you in the 40 minute range to get there.

Bus (the Deuce) From the Luxor to the Mirage

Taking the Las Vegas Strip’s bus system, the Deuce, from the Luxor to the Mirage is a pretty easy and convenient option for getting between the two resorts, as there are bus stops almost directly in front of both hotels.

Including time spent walking from the casino to the bus stops, and vice-versa, it would take just over 1/2 hour to get between the Luxor and Mirage.

The Luxor Deuce bus stop is south of the resort, on the other side of the Strip. The street directly south of the Luxor is Mandalay Bay Drive. You’ll want to go to this street and cross the Strip over to the other side, where the bus stop is a few feet north, to your left. It should only take you about 5 minutes to walk there.

Once on the Deuce, you’ll want to get off at the Harrah’s stop. From there, you just have to walk a few feet north, and cross over the Strip to the Mirage. It’s also about a five minute walk from this bus stop to the front of the Mirage. (Note: there is not a pedestrian bridge here, but there are well-marked crosswalks.)

The Deuce runs up and down the Strip, 24 hours a day, with buses running every 10 minutes during most hours.

Taxi Fare from the Luxor to the Mirage

Being a fairly straight shot, and just 1.8 miles, a taxi cab ride from the Luxor to the drop off point in front of the Mirage will cost around $12 before tip. (Depending on traffic of course.)