Mandalay Bay Parking Fee & Valet 2023 – the Delano & Convention Center

It has a 3,211 room hotel and casino, the 5th largest convention center in the United States, an 11 acre beach, a 12,000 seat events center, and even a popular aquarium, all set on 120 acres.

Needless to say, there is a huge demand for parking at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino.

Whether you’re going to Mandalay Bay to gamble, relax, dine, drink, visit the Shark Reef Aquarium, party at the Daylight Beach Club, or attend a convention or concert, there should be plenty of available, and easily accessible parking spaces for you. It is, however, a pretty good walk from the parking garages into the resort.

There is a fee to self park and valet park at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas
There is a fee to self park and valet park at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas

You can either use one of two self-parking parking garages, or use one of the resort’s valet services. Either way, you will have to pay a fee when parking at Mandalay Bay.

Mandalay Bay Parking Map

(Yellow is the main valet entrance. Red is the self-park parking garage. Purple is the convention center garage. Light blue represents the Delano valet and black shows you the Four Seasons valet.)

This events center and convention center parking is actually an underground garage with 900 parking spaces underneath the resorts newly-expanded convention center space.

Mandalay Bay Hotel & Casino Parking Fee

1st HourFree
1 – 4 Hours$15
4 – 24 Hours$18
Each Additional Day$18

The parking fees listed above apply to everyone, including those of you staying at the hotel, and those just going to the convention center. The costs listed below are for the use of the self-parking garages and uncovered parking spaces. Valet parking is more expensive and addressed a little bit below.

When arriving at Mandalay Bay, you’ll take a ticket at the gate, and payment is made at a kiosk when leaving. Hotel guests can have it charged to the room. These fees are the same for those of you staying at the Delano.

Inside the parking garage at Mandalay Bay.
Inside the parking garage at Mandalay Bay.

The only exception this rule is that anyone who is an MGM Rewards card holder (MGM Resorts and Mandalay Bay’s player’s card program), can park for free, but only if they have reached one of the following tiers: Pearl, Gold, Platinum or Noir.

New players and low-rollers start off with a Sapphire card and have to work their way up to Pearl or higher if they want free self-parking at Mandalay Bay.

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Please note that hotel guests parking at one MGM Resorts property, like Mandalay Bay, are allowed you to park at another MGM Resorts property without having to pay again that day. In other words, once you’ve paid for a day of parking at Mandalay Bay, you can drive and park at say, the Mirage, or Aria, without having to pay a new parking fee.

Lastly, Nevada residents with proof of residency get their first three hours of self-parking completely free.

Here is one of the kiosks you'll use to either pay for your parking, or get your free parking from your MGM Rewards card.
Here is one of the kiosks you’ll use to either pay for your parking, or get your free parking from your MGM Rewards card.

Self-Parking Garages at Mandalay Bay and Events Center

Mandalay Bay Hotel and Delano Hotel guests and visitors all share the same parking garage. It’s a large, six-story structure situated right behind the resorts, to the west, off of Frank Sinatra Drive.

This is the same garage you will use if you’re going to a concert, show, or a boxing/UFC fight at the Mandalay Bay Events Center.

A newer, separate $14.3 million dollar parking garage is on the south end of the resort, to accommodate convention center guests. You can also use this parking garage when going to the Events Center, although it would make for a longer walk.

Directions to Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino Parking Garage

From the Strip:

When driving on Las Vegas Boulevard, you’ll want to turn west onto Mandalay Bay Road, the main road that is in-between the resort and the Luxor.

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Stay in one of the two center lands. You’ll drive underneath the large pedestrian overpass bridge, following the signs, and taking a left on Luxor Drive. The large, six-story self-parking structure will be directly in front of you.

From Interstate 15

Exiting onto Russell Road, you’ll head east towards the Las Vegas Strip.

The second left available to you will be Frank Sinatra Drive. This road will curve around the back end of the resort and convention center. You’ll see the self-parking garage entrance on your right.

Directions to the Mandalay Bay Events Center/Convention Center Parking Garage

Guests going to a show or convention can use the aforementioned main parking garage, or can use the new underground parking. Either way, there will be the same parking fee as listed above.

This convention center parking area is located on the far south part of the resort, underneath the new convention center buildings. Access is available from both the Strip and from Russel Road, which is the road on Mandalay Bay’s southern border.

Mandalay Bay Valet Parking Cost

Parking TimeMonday – ThursdayFriday – Sunday
0 – 2 Hours$18$20
2- 4 Hours$22$24
4 – 24 Hours$26$30
Each Additional Day$26$30

As with self-parking, you will be charged to use the valet parking services at the Mandalay Bay. This is on top of the tip that is customary to give to the valet driver when dropping off your vehicle, and when picking it back up.

These rates are the same for the Delano.

Also, MGM Rewards Card holders at the Gold, Platinum and Noir reward levels get free valet parking. Those of you at the Sapphire and Pearl level will have to pay to use the valet parking here.

There are actually four different valet parking areas at the resort: the main Mandalay Bay hotel valet, the Shoppes at Mandalay Bay, valet parking for the Four Seasons Hotel, and the aforementioned Delano.

The Delano valet area at Mandalay Bay.
The Delano valet area at Mandalay Bay.

Main Valet – The main valet for guests of the hotel, or just visitors to the casino, is located in the front of the resort.

From the Strip, you’ll want to go west on Mandalay Bay Road. You’ll see the signage directing you to take a left on “Road to Mandalay” to get to the valet area.

Once on this Road to Mandalay, you’ll want to stay in the left lane, as the right lane is for taxis only. Once you reach the large, covered awning in front of the hotel lobby, you’ll see the valet area on your left. Guests checking in using valet will stay to the right, whereas returning guests or visitors to the casino will stay to the far left.

Shoppes at Mandalay Bay Valet – From the Strip, you’ll go west on Mandalay Bay Road. Once on Mandalay Bay Road, you’ll take a right before the large pedestrian overpass. The signs are pretty clear leading you to the valet area.

Delano Valet – The valet parking for Delano guests is behind the resort, (to the west), and is accessible from Luxor Drive. You’ll see the clearly marked “Delano Valet” sign on the left.

Four Seasons Parking and Valet – This hotel within a hotel at Mandalay Bay occupies the top floors of the resort. It has a separate entrance located right off of the Strip. You’ll see it south of Mandalay Bay Road.

Guests of the Four Seasons wanting to self-park use the Mandalay Bay parking areas and garages, paying the same fees as listed above.

Valet parking rates at the Las Vegas Four Seasons are not listed on their website, but if you are staying at the Four Seasons, you can afford it.

(By Steve Beauregard. Top photo courtesy of James Havard via Flickr. All others copyright