Mirage Las Vegas Parking Fee 2023, Valet & Garage Map

The Mirage self-park parking garage is a white, eight level story structure just to the north of the resort. It’s well landscaped and is one of the more attractive parking garages in Las Vegas, if there is such a thing.

It’s also one of shortest walks from a parking garage to the actual resort in all of Las Vegas. An uncovered pedestrian bridge on the 4th level of the parking garage provides access to the casino, as does a walkway on the ground level.

There's a fee for self-parking at the Mirage in Las Vegas
There’s a fee for self-parking at the Mirage in Las Vegas

Whether you are a hotel guest at the Mirage, a visitor to the casino, or just somebody who wants to check the place out, you will have to pay a parking fee.

There is also a charge to use the Mirage’s valet parking services too. There are two different valet parking areas. (More on that below).

Mirage Hotel & Casino Self-Parking Fee

1st HourFree
1 – 4 Hours$15
4 – 24 Hours$18
Each Additional Day$18

Free Parking at the Mirage

These fees above apply to everyone, even if you are a guest at the hotel.

You can, however, park free if you have an MGM rewards card, (the casino’s player’s card), and have reached the “Pearl” level or above. That is to say, if you have a Pearl, Gold, Platinum or Noir MGM Rewards Card, parking at the Mirage is free. Please note, this is in the process of changing as Hard Rock has taken over ownership of the resort from MGM Resorts.

Nevada residents receive their first three hours of self-parking complimentary.

Directions to the Parking Garage

The overhead clearance is six feet, ten inches. Should you happen to have an over-sized vehicle, please know there is parking, but spaces are limited. You should call the Mirage at the number at the bottom to ensure you’ll have parking for your R.V. or rig.

There are three ways to access it the Mirage’s parking garage. The easiest to describe is the entrance from the Strip.

From the Strip

This entrance (which in 2020 was named, “Siegfried and Roy Drive”), is very easily recognizable by the large arched “Mirage” sign next to the volcano on the north side of the property. The south arched “Mirage” sign is an exit only. You can access the Mirage entrance either going north or south on Las Vegas Boulevard.

Once on Siegfried and Roy Drive, you’ll have the option of going left, for hotel registration and valet parking, or going right, to the self parking garage.

The signage is pretty good, and it will lead you to take a left on Siren’s Cove Boulevard towards the Mirage parking garage entrance.

Mirage Hotel & Casino Parking Map

(Yellow represents the self-parking garage, red is the main valet and blue represents the north valet parking.)

Mel Torme and Siren’s Cove Boulevard

These directions to the Mirage’s parking garage is for those of you traveling on Interstate 15. You can get to the garage from the Strip, as described above, but this way is a little faster as you are not having to battle busy Strip traffic.

When exiting I-15 at Spring Mountain Road, you’ll be heading east, towards the Strip. The very first right you can take is called “Mel Torme Way.” Upon taking this, you’ll see the Treasure Island parking garage on your right.

Keep going straight, and signage will point you to take the first right then a quick left into the Mirage’s self-park parking garage.

From S. Industrial Boulevard

A third way to access the parking garage is for those who find themselves on South Industrial Boulevard – the main access road behind that Strip used by delivery trucks to service Strip hotels.

Drivers exit the main front valet area at the Mirage Las Vegas
Drivers exit the main front valet area at the Mirage Las Vegas

The directions are sort of hard to describe, since you’ll take an unmarked road that fronts the large white Mirage Events Center building. However if you are going south, it’s the first left after you pass the combined, Mirage/Treasure Island Employee only parking garage.

On this road going towards the Strip, you take the first left, which is Buccaneer Boulevard. Stay on Buccaneer as it meanders a ways down towards the Strip. Signage will eventually lead you to a one-way street going south, towards the hotel. The sign reads: “Valet. Hotel Registration. Self Park.” It has a direction arrow pointing you to the right.

Valet access is really easy here. However if you want to self-park, you’ll stay in the left lane and circle around the building to gain access to it. Again, the Mirage signage is really good and clear.

Mirage Hotel and Casino Valet Parking & Fee

Parking TimeMonday – ThursdayFriday – Sunday
0 – 2 Hours$21$25
2- 4 Hours$25$30
4 – 24 Hours$30$35
Each Additional Day$30$35

This is subject to change as the Mirage transitions from MGM to Hard Rock, however those of you who have reached the Gold, Platinum or Noir levels on your MGM Rewards card do not have to pay for valet parking. MGM Rewards members at the Sapphire and Pearl levels will have to pay for valet parking.

Like its west-side Strip neighbors, Caesars Palace and the Bellagio, the Mirage Hotel and Casino has two different valet parking areas.

(Below is the entrance to the Mirage Parking garage on the north side of the resort)

Main valet from Strip

This the one most people probably use. It’s the one directly in front of the resort. You access this from Las Vegas Boulevard by going under the lighted “Mirage” arch, and staying in your left lane.

This is the valet to use if you are staying at the hotel, as this drop-off puts you much closer to the hotel’s front desk than the other, north valet area.

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North Valet

This is a valet stand you can use when arriving at the Mirage from either Spring Mountain Road, or from S. Industrial Boulevard. The directions to this are similar to the directions we gave above for accessing the self-parking garage. And to be honest, unlike many other Las Vegas Strip casinos, using the Mirage’s north valet doesn’t seem to save you much in terms of walking, as the parking garage is very close to this valet entrance.

If you decide not to use the north valet, signage will direct you to either stay in the left lane and use the self-parking garage, or to take a right, which will allow you to use the Mirage’s main valet area.

Mirage Las Vegas Oversized Parking

The Mirage has some oversized vehicle parking available. You must call the resort ahead of time to reserve a space. Current rates for oversized vehicles are as follows:

Vehicles under 30 feet long$30 per 24 Hours
Vehicles 30 feet long plus$50 per 24 Hours

Mirage Hotel and Casino Address, Phone Number & Website

While the Mirage has been sold to the Hard Rock Resorts chain, the name and theming remains the same, for now.

3400 S. Las Vegas Boulevard
Las Vegas, Nevada 89109
Phone: (702) 791-7111

Website: Hardrockhotelcasinolasvegas.com

(By Steve Beauregard. Photos courtesy of Srikrishna Bingi, and Peter via Flickr).