Seminole Hard Rock Hollywood Parking Fee 2023 & Valet

It has 1,271 rooms, 3,100 slot machines, and boasts the most eye-catching, distinctive architecture of any casino in the world.

It’s the Seminole Hard Rock Hollywood Hotel & Casino Hollywood.

Seminole Hard Rock Hollywood's Winner's Way Parking Garage is in the left background. You can see a section of the Lucky Street garage is on the far right.
Seminole Hard Rock Hollywood’s Winner’s Way Parking Garage is in the left background. You can see a section of the Lucky Street garage is on the far right.

And whether you’re a South Florida local, or out-of-state tourist planning to visit this gorgeous resort, you’ll be happy to know that parking here is completely free.

The free parking is for everybody – both hotel guests, and those just visiting.

Keep in mind, while self-parking is free, there is a fee to have your vehicle valet parked.

Seminole Hard Rock Hollywood Valet Parking Fee

0 – 12 Hours$30
Over 12 Hours$35
When there is an event at Hard Rock Live $40

The Seminole Hard Rock Hollywood’s player’s card is called the Unity Card, and it has four levels: Star, Legend, Icon and X. High rollers who have reached the X-card receive free valet parking. (Not including tip).

Parking Garage

After a recent $1.5 billion dollar expansion, the Hard Rock Hollywood has gotten even busier. Between the 140,000 square foot casino, three hotel towers, shops, bars, restaurants and Hard Rock Live concert hall, there is a huge demand for parking at this resort.

Fortunately the Seminole Hard Rock is usually able to handle it well, thanks to three different parking garages boasting an incredible 10,000 parking spaces total.

Two of the garages are on the south end of the property, while the third, (Lucky Street) is on the northeast corner.

If you’re staying in the Oasis or Guitar you’ll have a long walk to registration, regardless of which garage you’ll use.

The parking garages are as follows:

Winner’s Way Garage (Black “P” on map)

The main, massive nine-story garage has 2,400 parking spaces. There are 14 elevators inside and a pedestrian bridge that leads you into the casino.

The well-lit garage has security patrolling all nine levels, and there are 160 security cameras as well.

It’s the closest garage the non-smoking slot machine area.

Seminole Way Garage (Brown “P” on map)

The original, smaller garage of the three. This four-story garage sometimes is easier to get into, with less cars backed-up on busy nights, as it is the parking garage furthest from the main vehicle entrance into the resort.

This is the main one to use if you’re going to the original, Hard Rock Hotel Tower.

By my calculations, it’s also the closest garage to the Seminole Event Center and meeting rooms.

Lucky Street Garage (Red “P”)

This elongated seven-story garage on the north east corner of the resort is the one the resort recommends you should use when going to a show at the Hard Rock Live.

The Hard Rock Live is the resort’s beautiful brand new, big entertainment venue for concerts, comedy shows, MMA fights and the like. It seats 7,000 people.

The upper floors of the garage offer great views of the lagoon and the guitar-shaped hotel tower.

It’s also the closest parking garage to the poker room, the Daer Nightclub/Dayclub, and to the resort’s new 26,000 square foot retail promenade.

The Lucky Street garage has elevators and easy access off of State Road 7.

I said, “easy,” but not necessary “quick.” That’s especially true if you’re leaving right after a sold-out concert at the Hard Rock Live – particularly on a busy weekend night.

Your best bet if wanting to leave after a show is to hang around the casino or bar or restaurant for a while. I’ve heard reports of it taking you thirty minutes just to drive down one level, and a total of an hour and half to leave the garage after a concert ends.

Seminole Hard Rock Hollywood Casino Parking Map

The “P” represents the three parking garages while the stars show you the three different valet parking areas.

Hard Rocky Hollywood Valet Parking Areas

As you can see from the map above, there are three different valet areas:

1) Guitar Hotel Valet (Blue star on map)

2) Hard Rock Hotel Valet (Purple star)

3) Lucky Street Valet (Green star)

The Guitar Hotel Valet area is the first one you come to when entering from Seminole Way. It’s open and beautiful, with sparking lighting above and plenty of room to maneuver.

When you drive into the resort on Seminole Way from State Road 7, you’ll stay to the right, following the signage to this valet area.

The Hard Rock Hotel Valet is just a little further west down the road, while the third valet is at the Lucky Street garage to the north.

One last note: on busy nights when there is a concert at the Hard Rock Live, valet parking is often full, and therefore not available.


* The Seminole Hard Rock Hollywood is far and away the largest of the ten casinos in the Miami, Florida area.

* The main, Winner’s Way Garage opened in December 2010 with a pretty elaborate celebration – considering it’s just a concrete area to park a vehicle.

Huey Lewis and the News were there to open the garage and perform a song.

There were fireworks, and the resort established a Guinness Book of World Records for guitar smashing (apparently that’s a thing), when 1,914 participants smashed acoustic guitars at the same time – according to a story by CBS4 News.

* I’m not exactly sure how the Hard Rock Hollywood comes up with its 10,000 parking space figure, unless they are counting surface lot parking that is across State Road 7, southeast of the resort.

The 9-story Winner’s Way garage is the largest, with 2,400 parking spaces. The 7-story Lucky Street parking garage, opened in 2006, has 2,235 spaces, (per the builder, Jess Burts Enterprises).

That gives us 4,635 spaces. The Seminole Way garage adds more of course, however it is the smallest of the three garages.

By Steve Beauregard. Photos courtesy of the Seminole Hard Rock Hollywood Hotel & Casino.