Stratosphere Parking Fee 2023, Map & Valet

Whether you’re just checking out the casino, staying in one of the resort’s 2,427 hotel rooms, or wanting to ride up to the top of the 1,149 foot tall tower, the Stratosphere Hotel Casino (or The Strat), has plenty of parking spaces.

The resort, has a large, concrete, eight story self-park parking garage to the west of the hotel and casino, although you access this via Baltimore Street, just south of the resort (more on that below).

There's lots of free parking at the Stratosphere
There’s lots of free parking at the Stratosphere

Also, although the parking garage has eight stories, the top level, which is uncovered, is always blocked off for some reason, making it basically just a seven story parking garage.

However that typically seems to be enough spaces.

Reportedly there are just over 2,000 parking spaces, although I cannot verify that since I refuse to spend my valuable time in Las Vegas counting the parking garage spaces at the Stratosphere.

The Strat Hotel & Casino Parking Fee


The Stratosphere is one of the few casinos to offer free parking on the Las Vegas Strip. Parking here is completely free; whether you are a hotel guest, or just wanting to check out the casino, shows, restaurants, or multitude of rides atop the Stratosphere Tower.

However please note that the Strat is currently in the process of implementing paid parking for some premium, closer parking spots on the 3rd Level and close spaces near the elevator on levels 4 to 7. Still the vast majority of the spaces at the Strat will be free.

Scott Roeben first broke this news on his poplar Vegas blog, and says these paid-for spots are called “Plus” spots.

Clearance to the self-park parking garage is six feet, seven inches. On level 3 is where you’ll find the pedestrian walkway into the casino. Otherwise, parking on other levels forces you to take the elevator or stairs to access the walkway.

The Strat Hotel & Casino Self-Park Parking Garage Map

(The Black star is the entrance to the self-parking garage, while the two green stars show valet parking entrances)

Directions to the entrance of the self-parking garage are pretty simple, as you’ll want to go west on W. Bob Stupak Avenue (Formerly “Baltimore Avenue.”) This is the street directly south of the hotel named after the colorful casino owner who built the Stratosphere.

When Going North on Las Vegas Boulevard

If you are going north on Las Vegas Boulevard, (going north means you’re getting further away from the Strip), you’ll simply take a left at the big street in front of the hotel and casino marked as “Bob Stupak Avenue.”

The parking garage entrance will be approximately 300 feet on your right.

When Going South on Las Vegas Boulevard

When going south on Las Vegas Boulevard, simply take a right on Bob Stupak Avenue, which is the first right after the resort.

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Once you are on W. Bob Stupak Avenue, you’ll drive past the casino entrance, and past the valet exit on your right. Approximately 300 feet up on your right will be signage pointing you to the self park parking garage.

Stratosphere Hotel and Casino Valet Parking

(The two green pins on the map)

The Strat has free valet parking directly in front of the hotel and casino. Although the valet parking services are free, it is customary to tip the driver when handing your car off, and when picking it back up.

Footprints at the Stratosphere Hotel & Casino's parking garage
Footprints at the Stratosphere Hotel & Casino’s parking garage

When going north on the Strip, you’ll take a left on the street directly in front of the resort, Bob Stupak Avenue, then immediately take the first right. The signage isn’t good here, in fact, it’s non-existent. However it is the very first right you can take on Bob Stupak Ave from the Strip. If you are counting, it’s just past the seventh palm tree on your right.

This little road winds in front of the resort, before curving left into the valet area. Get in your right lane for valet parking services.

When going south on Las Vegas Boulevard, you’ll simply drive almost the length of the resort, and take a right just after you pass the actual tall tower, into the obvious valet parking area. You’ll want to stay in one of the three lanes on your right, all of which are valet parking only lanes.

As I mentioned earlier, parking at the Stratosphere is free, for hotel guests and non-hotel guests as well. This changed, however, for a few days back when there were the Rock in Rio concerts on the vacant land nearby. During festival days, the Stratosphere charged non-hotel-staying, concert-goers $30 per day to parking on two vacant lots, one directly behind the resort to the north, and one directly across Las Vegas Boulevard.

Oversized Parking at the Strat

The Strat has free parking for oversized vehicles in a lot across the Strip, east of the casino. You will want to contact them before parking to ensure the spot and availability.

Stratosphere Hotel & Casino Las Vegas Address, Phone Number & Website

Address: 2000 S. Las Vegas Boulevard
Las Vegas, NV. 89104
Phone: (702) 380-7777


(By Steve Beauregard. Photos courtesy of Play among Friends paf and Michael Lehet via Flickr.)