What is the Distance from Treasure Island (TI) to the Aria at City Center in Las Vegas, and Can you Walk It?

The Aria is less than 1.5 miles from Treasure Island
The Aria is not far from Treasure Island

By Steve Beauregard – The distance from the front of the Treasure Island Hotel and Casino to the Aria Resort and Casino is 1.3 miles (or 1.9 kilometers), to the registration desk of the Aria Resort at City Center. It would take you 30 to 35 minutes walking non-stop to get there – less you take either (or both) of the two free trams offered. (More on that in a second).

Mapping systems like Google maps says it’s less, with less walking time, but they are assuming you’re walking a perfectly straight line down the strip. Plus they just put you at the front door of the Crystals, the large luxurious shopping mall that fronts the Aria. In reality, you’ll have to wind your way up and down a couple of pedestrian bridges, then navigate through the Crystals before really reaching the Aria.

The best way to get from the TI to the Aria is to first take the free tram to the Mirage. From there, walk out front, back to the Strip, and head south, past Caesars Palace.

You’ll then use the first pedestrian bridge to cross over Flamingo Boulevard over the Bellagio. You’ll have a choice to go right (through the Bellagio shops and casino), or left, (which will take you down an escalator back to the Strip). Go right, and meander through the Bellagio casino, to the front desk, past the gorgeous conservatory, past the convention center, to the free tram that leads to the Aria.

The tram from the Bellagio to the Crystals and Aria runs frequently, every 10 to 15 minutes, seven days a week, until 4 in the morning.

(Go here for the distance from Treasure Island to the Bellagio)

Once on, the quick ride will enable to either stop at the Crystals, (where it’s just a short walk to the Aria), or to the last stop on the tram, which is at the southern entrance of the Aria. Either stop is fine, and will put you at, or a minute away, from the actual floor of the Aria.

The point is that the tram from the Bellagio will save you time and walking when going from Treasure Island to the Aria. Plus it will help you avoid walking through the entire length of the Crystals, which is nice for me since I currently cannot afford anything offered for sale there.

On the other hand, if it’s a nice night, and you want to be in the middle of the Las Vegas Strip action and wish to walk outside the whole way, you’d simply head south on the sidewalk outside the T.I., and head south for just over a mile, past the lake at the Bellagio.

When you pass the Cosmopolitan, you’ll cross a pedestrian bridge over Harmon Avenue on the south end of the Cosmopolitan. This pathway will lead you directly to several entrances to the Crystals. And cutting through this shopping mall is certainly faster than the Google-suggested route of walking to the next street down, City Center Place, then taking a right after the Gucci store and backtracking a little north to the front of the Aria directly ahead of you.

It’s hard to say which is faster: walking the entire length, or taking the Bellagio tram, but unless its night and you want to see the fountain show again, I’d take the tram. It’s especially more of an enjoyable option when the temperatures are scorching.

Bus From Treasure Island to the Aria

Taking the Deuce (“Deuce is the name for the bus line that goes up and down the Las Vegas Strip 24 hours a day), is a great option for this route.

You can hop on the Deuce just south (about 500 feet or so) south of Treasure Island. It’ll take you two minutes. Stay on the same side of Las Vegas Boulevard as the TI of course.

Busses run every 10 minutes during most of the day and night. You’ll want to get off at the Bellagio stop, which is just under the enormous “Bellagio” sign. From there, it’s just a 3 minute walk (.1 miles) to the front of the Crystals, which will lead you to the Aria. All in all, once you are on the bus, the ride is just 17 minutes long, with stops and such.

Monorail From Treasure Island to Aria

Other than the free tram from the TI to the Mirage, and the Bellagio to Aria tram, there is not a full length monorail from Treasure Island to the Aria.

One could, conceivably, take the Las Vegas Monorail from the stop closest to the TI at Harrah’s/The Quad down to the stop closest to the Aria, (the Paris/Bally’s stop), but the extra walking, both across the strip then to the stations at the far eastern end of both resorts, doesn’t make a monorail trip worth it on this route.

Driving from the TI to Aria

From the valet area of the Treasure Island to the valet area of the Aria is 1.4 miles. It would take you 6 to 8 minutes or so to drive this, unless there was above normal Strip traffic.

Taxi from Treasure Island to the Aria

Being just a 1.4 mile route, you won’t pay much for this cab fare. Figure $9 to $12 dollars – (this includes the tip). Again, it will only take you just over five minutes to get there.