Planet Hollywood Las Vegas Parking Garage – Valet Parking and Directions to the Free Self-Parking Area

Entrance to the Planet Hollywood parking garage

Entrance to the Planet Hollywood parking garage

by Steve Beauregard

Smack dab in the middle of the Las Vegas Strip, Planet Hollywood is a popular resort, with a busy casino, almost 2,600 rooms, and the popular Miracle Mile shops. Originally opened in the summer of 2000 as the Aladdin, the resort was remodeled, and re-themed with the new Planet Hollywood version opening in April of 2007.

Parking at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas is free and convenient, as there is a large 10 story parking structure attached to the resort. Parking is free, whether you are a hotel guest or not. There is also free valet parking available, although tipping the valet person is customary. ($2 to $5 each time is widely considered appropriate).

It’s also one of the more easy parking structures to get in and out of in Las Vegas, with a large main entrance and exit off of Harmon Avenue, which connects to the Strip, and two back entrances/exits off of Audrie Street, directly behind the resort.

As for the parking itself, please know that it’s is a pretty good walk from the parking garage to the main casino floor. This is especially true if you find yourself having to park at one of the more distant, eastern parking spaces.

Directions to Planet Hollywood Las Vegas Hotel and Casino’s Self-Parking Garage

From the Strip, you’ll want to go east on Harmon Avenue. The intersection of Harmon and the Strip is easily recognizable by the giant, Times Square-ish appearance with the huge screen above a lighted Walgreens and McDonald’s signs.

(Here’s a Google map of the Planet Hollywood resort. Access to the parking garage is off of Harmon Avenue, at the bottom)

When going north on the Strip, you’ll want to take a right just after the large motorcycle you’ll see rising above the Harley Davidson cafe.

When going south on the Strip, Harmon will be the first left you take after you see Planet Hollywood on your left. It’s right after you pass the Cosmopolitan and before you get to the tall “Aria” sign on your right.

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Once you are on Harmon Avenue, you’ll simply want to stay in the left side of your lane and take the first left, at Planet Hollywood Way. The large red Planet Hollywood and Miracle Mile shop signs will be on your left.

Once you are on Planet Hollywood Way, driving into the resort, the signage is pretty good. Stay in the center lane for the self-parking garage. You’ll see signs pointing to the “Miracle Mile” self-parking area on the right as well. Both the Miracle Mile self-parking area the Planet Hollywood self-parking areas in the same 10 story structure.

Besides the Harmon Avenue exit, there are two parking garage exits on Audrie Street, which is the first street east of the Strip. This road can get busy at times, but taking a right when exiting this entrance will take you back to Harmon Avenue for access back to the Strip. Oftentimes, when the Strip is even busier than normal, an exit via the Audrie Street exit then going east on Harmon may be a faster route to wherever you are headed.

Clearance into Planet Hollywood’s parking garage is 6 feet, 8 inches.

Planet Hollywood Valet

There is no cost to park at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas

There is no cost to park at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas

Planet Hollywood is one hotel/casino where using the valet will save you a lot of steps and time. As I mentioned earlier, the parking structure is east of the PH/Miracle Mile complex. Getting stuck parking at the far eastern end of the 10 story parking garage can lead to a nearly 1/4 mile walk to get to the front of the resort on the Strip side.

Valet parking at Planet Hollywood is free. When entering the resort from Harmon Avenue (see directions above), you’ll want to stay in the far left lane. Signage is good, and the circular drive will lead you to the valet area.

While the PH valet is convenient and much closer than using the parking garage, there are no guarantees, as the valet parking has been known to be full on occasion. (Photos courtesy of Brown Bear Pro and Ted and Dani Percival via Flickr).