Caesars Palace Bars & Nightclubs

Your drinking options at Caesars Palace range from a pulsating club to casual drink stands, to everything in between. Here are quick rundowns of the eleven bars and clubs at Caesars Palace.


One of the few true, uber nightclubs in Las Vegas, Omnia is a 75,000 square foot multi-level dance club with an outdoor patio offering incredible views of the Strip below.

The terrace at Omnia at Caesars Palace
The terrace at Omnia at Caesars Palace

The crowded club has three different lounges with an lounge. In addition to aforementioned terrace, there’s the multi-level main club, and the “Heart of Omnia” ultra-lounge.

The long lines getting into Omnia are testament to its popularity, but you can buy pre-sale tickets ahead of time.

Calvin Harris, Illenium, Afrojack, and Steve Aoki, and the like are frequent guest D.J.s. Entry fees for men on weekends when a popular DJ is performing can run close to $100. There is a dress code here that is enforced.

Purple Zebra

This is an outdoor daiquiri bar situated on the steps just outside the south Strip entrance to Caesars.

Purple Zebra just outside the entrance to Caesars Palace
Purple Zebra just outside the entrance to Caesars Palace

An outdoor bar sounds insane considering Las Vegas can get to 117 degrees in July. But this place gets decent traffic – thanks to misters and icy cool frozen drinks, and to people like me who are so hot and ready for a drink that they’ll pay $18 (not including tip) for a fruity slushy rum drink. Las Vegas already makes you somewhat numb to money, and I guess the heat only adds to that effect.

This place got my business once after an unbearable short walk from the Bellagio. It’s amazing how sweaty and drained you can get in Las Vegas in the summer just walking outside to one casino. No wonder those guys selling the $1 dollar bottles of water on the pedestrian bridges do so well!

Purple Zebra is very similar to that of Fat Tuesday’s. Another specialty here are fresh mojitos. There are misters and tables to keep you cool, and in the winter, they put out heat lamps.

Vanderpump Cocktail Garden

Perhaps the most unusual lounge at Caesars, the décor at Vanderpump Cocktail Garden is pretty and unique and hard to describe. Maybe a combination of lush garden, Savannah courtyard and New Orleans speak-easy? I don’t know.

Vanderpump Cocktail Garden at Caesars Palace
Vanderpump Cocktail Garden at Caesars Palace

What I do know is that this lounge has been a hit since it’s 2019 opening. In addition to the extensive wine and champagne menu, signature hand-crafted cocktails (in the $18 range), include the Matcha Matcha Man (Vanderpump Vodka, Matcha Fresh Mint, Lemon, Ginger Liqueur, and aquafaba), and the Hanky Panky (Machu Pisco, Fresh strawberry, Basil, Grapefruit Liqueur, Lime, Egg White and Aquave).

The selection of small bites available include Manchego Stuffed Bacon Wrapped Dates, Crispy Chicken sliders, and Ahi Tuna Tartare tacos.

Numb Bar and Frozen Cocktails

Another daiquiri bar – but this one is inside, where there are a few seats at the colorful, neon-lit bar.

Situated across from the Colosseum, the Caesars Palace version of Numb Bar is known for its gorgeous bartenders and signature drinks, such as the Acai Mojito (a regular mojito with acai berry), Purple Haze, and the Up All Night, which consists of an energy drink, vitamins, and Skyy Vodka.

Vista Cocktail Lounge

This bar is run by the Hakkasan Group (who brought your Hakkasan at the MGM Grand and Omnia at Caesars).

Vista Cocktail Lounge at Caesars Palace
Vista Cocktail Lounge at Caesars Palace

Although there are DJ’s at night, this isn’t a traditional Vegas dance club in the sense that there aren’t doorman nor is there a cover charge, which is good, since drinks run $18 here.

The unique feature of this upscale bar, (which opened in May of 2015), is the LED lighting which gives you the impression that the view out of the faux windows are those of the famous skylines of the world’s most beautiful cities and settings.

Montecristo Cigar Bar

This elegantly-appointed 4,000 square foot space includes cigars, of course, and specializes in fine whiskeys: Bourbon, Irish whiskey, Scotch, Tennessee whiskey, you name it. They also offer a small plates menu of gourmet appetizers.

Lobby Bar

Nothing exciting here, just your typical gathering place type of bar: open 24 hours a day, centrally located, and situated just to the right of the hotel’s registration desk. There are video poker machines at the bar, and Caesars says that a well known mixologist has created eight signature drinks for this bar.

Alto Bar

An open, casual casino bar – the type where you sit and have a drink while waiting for someone to meet you.

Alto Bar at Caesars Palace
Alto Bar at Caesars Palace

Situated close to Omnia and the race and sports book, Alto has private booths, 15 TVs, and some video poker machines.

Cocktails here range in the $15 to $21 range.

Stadia Sports Bar

Next to the Forum Food Hall, Stadia is an upscale sports bar with TVs of course, and sports-themed booths and decor.

Stadia is an upscale sports bar at Caesars Palace
Stadia is an upscale sports bar at Caesars Palace

Opened in 2021, you won’t find cheap Bud Lights here, as they specialize in harder-to-find bourbons and ryes and the like. The highball cart allows you to “Choose your preferred spirit, flavor of Fever-Tree tonic or sparkling water, plus fruit or herb garnish” to create your own specialty drink.

Apostrophe Bar

This is a circular bar near the entrances to both the very popular Bacchanal Buffet, Rao’s and other of popular Caesars Palace Restaurants. The specialty cocktails include the bar’s signature “Missing Apostrophe.”

It’s a convenient place to park and nurse a drink while waiting for dinner.

Caesars Palace Sports Book Bar

One hundred and forty seats (not including all the chairs in the sportsbook itself) offer incredible viewing spots of the 143 foot TV screen. Each seat has a video poker machine in front.

The bar at the famous Caesars Palace Sportsbook
The bar at the famous Caesars Palace Sportsbook

Cleopatra’s Barge

(Editor’s note: Cleopatra’s Barge is temporarily closed and may be on the chopping back, as Caesars has announced the end of live entertainment at this bar. We’ll try to update this when further plans are announced).

One of my favorite places in Las Vegas is the cheesy (but fun) Cleopatra’s Barge. It’s one of those places that you stumble across, not really expecting to have any fun, yet you do.

The bar is a little floating lounge off the casino floor. They often have live music (with no cover to boot). It’s a nice little, cozy getaway from the large, boisterous casino.

On top of its intimate Egyptian decor, there is a ship! Or at least a replica of one, and a dance floor and a little river. On top of that, Cleopatra’s Barge was the shooting location for the famous scene in “Rain Man,” where Dustin Hoffman meets the prostitute.

Cleopatra's Barge Caesars Palace

Bars at Caesars Palace That are no Longer Open

Here are the past original writings on bars and clubs at Caesars Palace that have since closed or rebranded:

Fizz (Closed in 2017).

Opened in March of 2014, Fizz is an upscale champagne bar owned by David Furnish and frequent Caesars Palace entertainer Elton John. It has 2,750 square feet and is elegantly appointed with “silk moire, walnut walls” chandeliers, and photos from Elton John’s personal collection. It’s the kind of place that would be home at The Cosmopolitan.

You can get glasses of champagne that range from $9 to a glass of Dom that costs $130 (yes, for one glass). Their 2005 bottle of Cristal goes for $2,725. There are several signature drinks, including champagne cocktails, one of which, the “Fizz Deluxe,” costs $2,500, but it comes, according to their website, “dusted with real 24K gold flakes.”

Fizz also serves small plate food offerings. These include a Thai lobster summer roll, panini bites, and caviar.

Fizz opens at 5 p.m. on weekdays, and at noon on weekends. It’s tucked in the corner by the Colosseum, and close to the entrance to the Forum Shops at Caesars Palace.

Seahorse Lounge (Closed in 2016)

This longtime Caesars Palace staple is a gathering-place type of bar that is easily recognizable by it’s aquatic decor, including its 1,700 gallon aquarium. It’s pretty close to the Colosseum, and therefore a favorite of ticket-holding guests wanting a relaxing drink before, or after a show.

Beware of the hefty prices however, as a standard drink will run you in the $15 to $25 range. If your budget allows it however, the Seahorse Lounge at Caesars Palace is great for people-watching.

Shadow Bar (Closed in 2015)

You may have seen this joint on the Travel Channel, during one of their Las Vegas specials. This is the bar where presumably beautiful women dance behind a curtain, (nude I believe – I didn’t look THAT close), allowing only their silhouette to be seen gyrating, (hence the “Shadow” name). It’s sexier than I’m making it sound.

Right off of the casino floor, Shadow can be a convenient meeting spot. There’s no cover charge here. It has comfy chairs and couches but can get sort of loud if you just want to chill out and talk.
Seahorse Lounge

This place is open, casual, blue in decor, and filled with comfortable chairs. It’s not real noteworthy, other than the presence of an enormous aquarium.

PURE (Closed in 2014)

As a happily married man, I’m both too old and too unfashionable for the club scene, but if you’re into that, PURE is about as good as it gets. It has about 40,000 square feet of space, including an outdoor patio with some of the best strip views in Las Vegas. It’s one of the clubs you hear about on Entertainment Tonight, when people like Kim Kardashian or Brittany Spears are attending some big bash.

Inside, there’s a lot of white, and with the curtains it resembles an incredibly large bedroom. There’s the main area, where famous DJ’s perform, as well as several different rooms featuring different music. Outside, however, is the place to be, with the views and the fresh air coming off of all the taxis on the Strip.

Pure is open Thursday through Sunday, and then again on Tuesday. Your basic cover without table bottle service is around $30, but I believe there are free passes for guests staying at Caesars. And of course there are the millions of Las Vegas promoters who promise to get you in for free, with VIP service, and with Paris Hilton giving you lap dances.

I’ve seen long lines stretching to the poker room to get into this club, which opens at 10 p.m., or the time I’m going to bed (I told you I’m old).

The dance floor and even non-dance floor can get packed – I realize you don’t want an empty club – but the design of PURE, with a journey through the crowded dance floor to get to a bathroom , is not for the claustrophobic.

Galleria Bar

Just your typical Las Vegas casino bar. No cover charge here, and they often have a piano player performing. It’s open 24 hours a day.

Spanish Steps

The outdoor daquiri bar fronting Caesars Palace was rebranded as the Purple Zebra in 2021.

( By Steve Beauregard. Photos courtesy of and Caesars Entertainment.)