Biggest Casinos in Las Vegas – List of the Top 20 Largest Casinos in Sin City

By Steve Beauregard

It’s a city known for mega-casinos, with floor spaces so large, you can walk a quarter mile just getting from your room to the outside doors. (Trust me, I’ve measured it).

And while companies and Indian tribes are opening, or expanding humongous casino/resorts around the world, in places ranging from Macau China, to Thackerville, Oklahoma, Las Vegas remains the gambling capital of the United States, and the world’s most exciting city.

The figures used here in our breakdown of the biggest casinos in Las Vegas come from the Nevada Gaming Control Board. The square footage noted is casino floor space only. In other words, space from showrooms, clubs, spas, restaurants, the lake in front of the Bellagio, etc., is not included.

The Wynn & Encore combined make for the largest casino in Las Vegas

The Wynn & Encore combined make for the largest casino in Las Vegas

Also, all of the casino space that is under one roof and which has the same gaming license holder is counted together. Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville casino inside the Flamingo Hotel & Casino, for example, may have a different look, feel, and entrance from the Flamingo, however both casinos have the same license holder, and are under the same roof and therefore their square footage is combined. This is why you’ll see that, although individually they are normal sized casinos, the Wynn/Encore complex ranks number 1.

Of course, size doesn’t always directly correlate with financial success. The Cosmopolitan, for example, is arguably one of the hippest, most popular and buzzworthy casinos in Las Vegas right now, and is making a profit, yet it didn’t make our list. On the other hand, an iconic, classic resort like Caesars Palace is the 12th biggest casino in Las Vegas, yet it’s parent company declared bankruptcy.

Another interesting note is that appearances can be deceiving. You look at a mega-resort like the Excalibur, with its shiny white castle, towering turrets, and 4,400 hotel rooms, and think that it may be one of, if not THE, largest casino in town.

It didn’t even make the top 20.

The enormous huge black pyramid known as the Luxor is the second biggest hotel in Las Vegas, yet is not one of the top 20 biggest casinos in town.

One last surprising note (as least for me), was the presence of so many locals casinos on the list. For example, the Sante Fe Station Hotel & Casino is larger than the Bellagio! Nine of the 20 biggest casinos in Las Vegas are locals casinos, located away from the Strip.

If you’re an infrequent visitor to Las Vegas, you may not have even heard of a few of these casinos. These locals casinos are located away from the Strip, in areas where land is less expensive, meaning they are bigger because they can be bigger. In addition, some of these locals joints have large bingo parlors, which they build to cater to locals, and which counts towards the casino square footage.

Biggest Casinos in Las Vegas

All that said, the Wynn/Encore complex ranks number one as the biggest casino in Las Vegas. Below is the full list of the 20 Biggest Casinos in Las Vegas, as measured by casino square footage figures from the Nevada Gaming Control Board:

1) Wynn/Encore – 186,187 square feet. 1,900 gaming machines. 167 table games.

2) Sunset Station Hotel & Casino – 162,173 square feet.

3) Mandalay Bay – 160,334 square feet.

4) Sante Fe Station Hotel & Casino – 156,401 square feet.

5) Bellagio – 156,000 square feet. 2,449 slot machines. 207 table games.

6) MGM Grand – 153,000 square feet. 2,500 gaming machines. 178 table games.

7) Aria Resort and Casino – 150,000 square feet.

8) Venetian/Palazzo – 142,354 square feet.

9) Green Valley Ranch Station Casino – 143,891

10) South Point Hotel & Casino – 137,232

11) Orleans Hotel & Casino – 137,000

12) Alliante Casino & Hotel – 125,000

You may be suprised to learn this is the 2nd largest casino in Las Vegas

You may be suprised to learn this is the 2nd largest casino in Las Vegas

13) Caesars Palace – 124,181

14) Circus Circus – 123,928

15) Texas Station Gambling Hall & Hotel – 123,045

16) Sam’s Town Hotel & Gambling Hall – 120,681

17) Red Rock Casino Resort Spa – 118,309

18) Rio All-Suites Hotel & Casino – 117,330 square feet. 1,245 gaming machines. 104 table games

19) Westgate – 111,143

20) Monte Carlo – 101,493

Other Large Vegas Casinos

As you may know, the Paris Hotel and Casino and Bally’s are connected, all under one roof, and owned by the same owner (Caesars Entertainment). Yet for reasons that are not entirely clear, the Gaming Control Board counts each one individually.

The gaming square footage of the Paris is 95,263, while Bally’s has 66,187 square feet of casino space. Combined these two have 161,450 square feet of casino floor space, which would put them third on the list of the largest casinos in Las Vegas.

Other casinos not making the cut include the Luxor, at 100,889 square feet, the Mirage (97,750 square feet), Excalibur (96,656), Harrah’s (91,833 square feet), The Cosmopolitan (68,124 square feet), and Planet Hollywood (60,835 square feet).

(Photos courtesy of Jake Przespo and John Novak via Flickr.)