What is the Largest Hotel in Las Vegas? A Look at the Biggest Hotels on the Strip.

By Steve Beauregard

Las Vegas is a city with over 150,000 hotel rooms, including numerous mega-resorts, each one holding thousands of guest rooms. Yet amongst them, one green giant reigns supreme as the largest hotel in Las Vegas: the MGM Grand.

The MGM Grand has 5,044 rooms. Most of these are in the resort’s four main towers, each of which is 30 stories in height. On a night with average occupancy, the hotel sleeps around 12,000 guests.

The MGM Grand’s 5,044 room count figures includes 751 suites, and include 51 special suites called the “Skylofts.” These are luxurious two story suites set atop the hotel. Rates for these suites hover in the $800 per night range on weeknights, to $1,100 plus on weekends.

The MGM Grand is the largest hotel in Las Vegas
The MGM Grand is the largest hotel in Las Vegas

It also includes 29 very exclusive private villas in a hidden area called “The Mansion.” These ultra-luxurious villas are designed like a Tuscan village.

As for their price? Well, as the saying goes, if you have to ask….. (actually The Mansion villas are reserved for “qualified guests” only, by which they mean, “high rollers.”) I don’t believe they are available for nightly rental.

The 5,044 room count does not, however, include the MGM Grand’s sister property, The Signature at MGM Grand hotel. I mention this because some websites count the Signature rooms with the MGM Grand rooms.

The Signature at MGM Grand consists of three different hotel towers, each of which has 576 rooms, or 1,728 rooms total. The three towers are located north east of the MGM Grand, just north of the hotel’s large pool area.

These towers are a long walk away from the MGM Grand, devoid of a casino, and (not counting the covered, enclosed walkway between the hotels), they do not share a same roof as the MGM Grand. Therefore the Signature’s 1,728 rooms are typically not included in the MGM Grand’s total.

Nevertheless, some sites do, so if you include the rooms at Signature, you’d get a total of 6,772 rooms at the MGM Grand.

As a side note, the MGM Grand resort employs 900 housekeepers, according to a Wall Street Journal article, and delivers around a thousand room service meals every day.

The MGM Grand, situated on the busy intersection of Las Vegas Boulevard and Tropicana on the south end of the Las Vegas Strip opened in December of 1993. When it opened, it was the largest hotel in the world.

The Ten Biggest Hotels in Las Vegas

1) MGM Grand – 5,044 rooms

2) Luxor Hotel and Casino – 4,400 rooms.

3) Venetian – 4,034 rooms.

4) Aria – 4,004 rooms.

5) Bellagio – 3,993 rooms

6) Excalibur Hotel and Casino – 3,981 rooms

7) Caesars Palace – 3,960 rooms.

8) Circus Circus – 3,767 rooms

9) Flamingo Hotel and Casino – 3,626 rooms

10) Mandalay Bay – 3,211 rooms *

Interestingly enough, The Guinness Book of World Records considers the Venetian and its sister property next door, the Palazzo to be the largest hotel in Las Vegas.

Since the Venetian and Palazzo are connected, and all under one roof, Guinness considers them, technically, as just one hotel. The two hotels combined have a total of 7,017 rooms.

Palazzo has 3,066 rooms while the Venetian has 4,034 (and yes I realize those numbers add up to 7,100, and no, I cannot explain the discrepancy with Guinness).

The Venetian was built first of course, and completed in 1999, while its connected sister property, Palazzo opened in 2008. While Guinness is entitled to its opinion, the vast majority of folks would certainly consider the Venetian and Palazzo to be two different hotels.

* The Mandalay Bay’s room count does not count its fancier sister hotel attached next door, Delano Las Vegas, which has 1,117 suites. However the resorts are in different areas and marketed separately, so we’re not combining their respective room counts.

Similarly, we don’t count the Four Seasons part of the Mandalay Bay complex. The Four Seasons (actually inside Mandalay Bay), consists of an additional 424 rooms, which would bring the resort’s total hotel room count to 4,752.

Also, the Wynn has 2,716 rooms, while its sister resort Encore (which is attached and under the same roof sort of), has 2,034. Meaning the Wynn/Encore resort has 4,750 rooms total.

(Photo courtesy of smneale via Flickr.)