Caesars Palace Parking: Fee & Maps for Self-Parking & Valet at the Hotel, Forum Shops & Colosseum

By Steve Beauregard

With 3,960 hotel rooms, a spacious, always-bustling casino, a hot nightclub, popular concert venue, and the world’s most successful shopping mall, Caesars Palace has an extraordinary demand for parking.

Fortunately, this is adequately met most of the time, thanks to the massive 8 story Caesars Palace self-parking garage attached to the resort on the west side of the casino.

I say its eight stories in eight, but in reality, only levels 3 through 8 are actually self-parking for guests. Other levels are for valet parking. (More on that in a second).

The Valet Parking Area in front of Caesars Palace

The Valet Parking Area in front of Caesars Palace

From the parking garage, access to the casino is made via some nice elevators located on the east side of the garage. I say “nice” because they seem classier and cleaner than many of the normal casino elevators I’ve taken.

Clearance for self-parking at Caesars Palace is 6 feet, ten inches in height. The employee parking garage at Caesars is across the street to the north, at the corner of Jay Sarno Way and Frank Sinatra Drive. I only mention this because on busy occasions, a couple of levels of the employee parking garage is made available for the public.

There are usually plenty of spaces to be found (even if you have to drive up to the upper levels), and at night, all levels are very well lit.

Caesars Palace Parking Fee

In March 2017, Caesars Palace officially began charging customers for both self-parking and valet parking services, copying a move made earlier in 2016 by MGM Resorts (owners of the Mirage, Bellagio, MGM Grand, etc.) This applies to hotel guests, as well as customers just wanting to come in to gamble, shop or eat.

Parking costs are as follows:

0-60 Minutes: Free

1 to 4 Hours: $7

4 to 24 Hours: $10

Each additional 24 Hours: $10

You will receive a ticket when entering the parking garage, and you’ll pay by kiosk before leaving. Also, if you’re staying as a registered guest at Caesars Palace, you will use your hotel room key to enter and leave whenever you want without having to pay extra each time you leave and exit. You’re parking fee, again up to $10 maximum per day, will be automatically charged to your room bill.

Guests who aren’t staying at the hotel will have to pay each time they leave a Caesars Palace parking area.

(Here’s a map of the Caesars Palace parking areas. Red = self parking garage. Yellow = Forum Shops Valet Parking. Blue = Main Hotel Valet. Green = Colosseum & Omnia Valet Parking)

Anyone who has as a Platinum, Diamond, or Seven Stars Total Rewards Card receives free parking.

Lastly, anyone with a valid Nevada driver’s license receive free parking at Caesars.

Caesars Palace Valet Parking Fee

Up to 4 Hours: $13

4 to 24 Hours: $18

Over 24 Hours: $18 for each additional day.

As with the self-parking, valet parking is free for anyone with a Total Rewards card status of Platinum, Diamond, or Seven Stars.

(Here’s the view from the red and green dots on the map – the entrance to the main parking garage)

Some other notes:

* For hotel guests, the valet parking fee will be automatically charged to your room.

* A guest staying at one Caesars Entertainment hotel will have to pay the full valet parking fee at any other Caesars Entertainment hotel they visit. Even on the same day.

* Hotel guests will have in-and-out valet parking privileges at Caesars Palace, however non-hotel guests will have to pay a new valet parking fee each time.

In other words, if you’re just visiting Caesars Palace for a couple of hours and valet park for $13, but then have to pick up a friend at the airport, you’ll get charged another $13 if you drive back to Caesars Palace and valet park. Even on the same day.

Directions to the Caesars Palace Self-Parking Garage

There are two ways to get to the self parking lot at Caesars Palace: from the Strip, or from behind the hotel on the much less busy Frank Sinatra Drive.

**From the Las Vegas Strip**

The main, very busy entrance to Caesars is on Caesars Palace Drive, which is basically right under the large “Caesars Palace” sign. When entering this drive, you’ll want to take a right. Follow the signs, past the first Forum Shops valet on your right, under and past an overhead bridge, through an underpass, until you get back outside where the road leads to a stop sign.

You’ll see the large Caesars Self Parking garage on your left. So take a left into the garage, where you’ll want to stay in your right lane, following the self-park signs.

**From Frank Sinatra Drive**

This one’s easy. From Frank Sinatra Drive, just turn into Jay Sarno Way. This road does not go anywhere else, so you have to go east on it. You’ll immediately see the parking garage on your right.

Forum Shops Parking and Valet

The Forum Shops at Caesars Palace does not have a separate parking garage. Rather, you’ll just use the 8 story self-parking garage used by casino and hotel guests.

The nice thing about parking here, is that once you take the elevator to the casino level, it’s just a quick left turn and very short walk through a little bit of the casino before you are officially in the Forum Shops area.

Alternatively, you may wish to use one of two different valet stands for the Forum Shops.

The first one is outside. When entering the Caesars property from Caesars Palace Drive, take an immediate right, then another fast right. You’ll see the signs pointing you to the Forum Shops Valet parking lot.

The second valet is under the bridge, on your way to Caesars self-parking. You’ll follow the same directions as for the first valet, only you’ll want to continue a little further on the road (Jay Sarno Way). The well-lit valet parking area will be easily seen on your right.

Colosseum Parking and Valet

There is plenty of parking at Caesars Palace

There is plenty of parking at Caesars Palace

When attending a show or concert at the Colosseum, you’ll use the same Caesars self parking garage as guests and visitors of the hotel and casino use.

However if you wish to use the valet, the Colosseum has a separate valet for concert attendees. You’ll find this valet in the regular 8 story parking garage, and you’ll enter the parking garage the same way as if you were self-parking. However instead of taking a right for the self-parking, you’ll stay to the left, driving under the sign that reads, “Colosseum Valet.”

Caesars Palace Hotel and Casino Valet Parking

In addition to the Forum Shop valet parking and Colosseum valet parking, the Caesars Palace hotel itself has a main valet parking area in front of the hotel, by the famous fountains.

From the Strip, you’ll turn into the main entrance, Caesars Palace Drive. From there, go left to the front hotel entrance. You’ll pass the line of taxis on your right, and signage will point you to the valet. This is the area where the guys in “The Hangover” learned they had stolen a police car. Hopefully your experience will be better.

(One side note: Some of you may be familiar with the valet parking off of Flamingo Road at the “Laurel Collection.” This was the special valet parking area used for guests staying at the Nobu Hotel inside Caesars Palace, or for guests staying in either the Augustus or Octavius Towers. However in January of 2015, Caesars closed this valet area permanently, making it a limo drop-off only.)

(Photo courtesy of Britt Reintz, and Billy Kerr via Flickr).