Caesars Palace Parking Fee 2023, Map & Valet

With 3,960 hotel rooms, a spacious, always-bustling casino, a popular uber-club, concert venue, and the world’s most successful shopping mall, Caesars Palace has an extraordinary demand for parking.

Fortunately, this is adequately met most of the time, thanks to the massive connecting parking garages (5 stories and 8 stories respectively), attached to the resort on the west side of the casino.

The main Valet Parking Area in front of Caesars Palace

From the parking garage, access to the casino is made via some nice elevators located on the east side of the garage. I say “nice” because they seem classier and cleaner than many of the normal casino elevators I’ve taken.

Clearance for self-parking at Caesars Palace is 6 feet, ten inches in height.

There are usually plenty of spaces to be found (even if you have to drive up to the upper levels), and at night, all levels are very well lit.

Caesars Palace Parking Fee 2023

As you can see, prices vary on the day, with weekends being a flat rate. Current parking fees are as follows:

Monday – Thursday
1st HourFree
1 – 3 Hours$15
3 – 24 Hours$18
Each additional 24 hours$18
Friday – Sunday
First HourFree
1 – 24 Hours$23
Each Additional Day$23
Caesars Palace Hotel Guests$18

Please note that the “Event Parking” fees can shoot up much higher. As with weekend pricing, there is no hourly option during holidays and busy weekends, such as Super Bowl Sunday, New Year’s Eve, Memorial Day, and the like.

In the past, Caesars Palace hotel guests get a discounted event rate parking: $18 for 24 hours (the same as the standard rate).

Free Parking at Caesars Palace

Self-parking used to be completely free to all hotel guests, however that policy changed within the past few years.

However Caesars Rewards members at Platinum, Diamond or Seven Stars receive complementary parking. Nevada residents with proper I.D. receive their first 3 hours of parking for free.

Caesars Palace is a massive property, but has a massive amount of parking.
Caesars Palace is a massive property, but has a massive amount of parking.

For those of you who have to pay, you will receive a ticket when entering the parking garage, and you’ll pay by kiosk before leaving.

Caesars Palace Valet Parking Fee

In a twist, Caesars Palace charges different rates based on the valet. In any case, the valet fees are flat daily rates, with no hourly option available.

Main Valet Parking Fee:

Everyday $50

Colosseum Valet Parking Fee:

Monday – Wednesday$36
Thursday – Sunday$40

Augustus Valet:

This area on the south side of the resort is for a limited number of guests. Caesars Rewards members at the highest level, Seven Stars may use this value, as can those dining at Guy Savoy at Caesars, and/or guests of the Qua Spa.

Caesars Palace Parking Map

(Here’s a map of the Caesars Palace parking areas. Red Star = self parking garage. Black = Forum Shops Valet Parking. Blue = Main Hotel Valet. Green = Colosseum & Omnia Valet Parking. The brown star is the Augustus valet.)

More about Caesars Valet Parking

As with self-parking, valet rates can increase on holidays. You’ll want to keep the valet ticket you receive when arriving, in that you’ll scan it and pay your valet fee at a kiosk before the valet is able to retrieve your vehicle.

Please note that you cannot add a tip at the kiosk; valets only accept cash.

Hotel guests will have to pay valet parking. However as with the self-parking, valet parking is free for anyone with a Caesars Rewards card status of Platinum, Diamond, or Seven Stars.

Some other notes:

The top floor of the closer Caesars Palace Parking Garage
The top floor of the closer Caesars Palace Parking Garage

In other words, if you’re just visiting Caesars Palace for a couple of hours on a Saturday and valet park for $50, but then have to pick up a friend at the airport, you’ll get charged another $50 if you drive back to Caesars Palace and valet park. Even on the same day.

Directions to the Caesars Palace Self-Parking Garage

There are two ways to get to the self parking lot at Caesars Palace: from the Strip, or from behind the hotel on the much less busy Frank Sinatra Drive.

The main, very busy entrance to Caesars is on Caesars Palace Drive, which is basically right under the large “Caesars Palace” sign. When entering this drive, you’ll want to take a right. Follow the signs, past the first Forum Shops valet on your right, under and past an overhead bridge, through an underpass, until you get back outside where the road leads to a stop sign.

You’ll see the large Caesars Self Parking garage on your left. So take a left into the garage, where you’ll want to stay in your right lane, following the self-park signs.

This one’s easy. From Frank Sinatra Drive, just turn into Jay Sarno Way. This road does not go anywhere else, so you have to go east on it. You’ll immediately see the parking garage on your right.

Caesars Palace Hotel & Casino Valet Parking Directions

In addition to the Forum Shop valet parking and Colosseum valet parking (both of which are discussed further below), Caesars Palace Hotel has two valet areas: (1) the main valet parking area in front of the hotel, by the famous fountains, and (2) The Augustus Valet off of Flamingo Road.

1) Main Hotel Valet

From the Strip, you’ll turn into the main entrance, Caesars Palace Drive. From there, go left to the front hotel entrance. You’ll pass the line of taxis on your right, and signage will point you to the valet. This is the area where the guys in “The Hangover” learned they had stolen a police car. Hopefully your experience will be better.

2) Augustus Valet

This valet parking area is off of Flamingo Road, but is a special valet parking area only available to Caesars Rewards members at the Seven Stars level, as well as those dining at Guy Savoy. Those using the Spa may also access this valet.

Forum Shops Parking and Valet

The Forum Shops at Caesars Palace does not have a separate parking garage. Rather, you’ll just use the 8 story self-parking garage used by casino and hotel guests.

The valet parking area at the Forum Shops entrance
One of two valet parking areas at the Caesars Forum Shops

The nice thing about parking here, is that once you take the elevator to the casino level, it’s just a quick left turn and very short walk through a little bit of the casino before you are officially in the Forum Shops area.

Daisy from the Simon Group, (the owners of the Forum Shops), informed me that: “The main level of our employee garage is open to customers and oversized vehicles.”) This, I believe is free parking (I haven’t used it myself as I’ve seen it blocked off in the past). The employee parking garage is to the left of the red start on the map above, and can also be accessed off of Stan Mallin Drive to the north.

Alternatively, you may wish to use one of two different valet stands for the Forum Shops.

Once you’ve dropped off your car here, you take the nearby elevator or escalator up and you’re right there in the Forum Shops.

Valet Parking at the Forum Shops was free as recently as 2021, however there is now a flat $7 daily fee.

Forum Shop Valet Parking Hours & Prices are as follows:

Sunday – Thursday10 AM – 10 PM$7 flat fee
Friday & Saturday10 AM – 11 PM$7 flat fee

There used to be a third Forum Shops valet, behind the mall, on the north side, off of Stan Mallin Drive, but a Simon rep informed me it is closed.

Colosseum & Omnia Parking and Valet

When going to Omnia or attending a show or concert at the Colosseum, you’ll use the same Caesars self parking garage as guests and visitors of the hotel and casino use.

However if you wish to use the valet, the Colosseum has a separate valet for concert attendees and those going clubbing at Omnia. You’ll find this valet in the regular 8 story parking garage, and you’ll enter the parking garage the same way as if you were self-parking. However instead of taking a right for the self-parking, you’ll stay to the left, driving under the sign that reads, “Colosseum Valet.”

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Caesars Palace Employee Parking Garage

The employee parking garage at Caesars is west of the Forum Shops, across the street and to the north of the customer self-parking garages. It’s situated at the corner of Jay Sarno Way and Frank Sinatra Drive. I mention this because on busy occasions, a couple of levels of the employee parking garage is made available for the public.

(By Steve Beauregard. Photos copyright Aerial view photo courtesy of Mike McBey via Flickr).