Harrah's is usually a cheap hotel option on the Strip

Harrah’s is usually a cheap hotel option on the Strip

By Steve Beauregard

It all depends on your definition of “cheap” of course, but even in an age of super glitzy and luxurious Vegas mega-resorts, there are a few hotels on the Las Vegas Strip that could reasonably be considered “cheap” for most of us.

My list of cheap Las Vegas Strip hotels does not include the few dive motels scattered in and around Las Vegas Boulevard, nor does it include places I don’t consider to be (for lack of a better word), “nice.”

For example, there are a couple of Travelodge motel chains on the Strip. A quick search on sites like Expedia or Hotels.com will show very attractive rates for these rooms, ($40’s range), yet these are motels in areas near very heavy pedestrian traffic. Maybe I’m old or a diva, but the days of cheap motel stays with loud drunks in the parking lot just inches from my bed are behind me.

So in other words, while you can find some dumps at very cheap rates, my list of cheap Las Vegas Strip hotels only counts places where I’d feel comfortable (and safe) taking my family.

A key factor to keep in mind is the Las Vegas convention calendar. I say this because during a major convention, there’s no such thing as a cheap room in Sin City. For example, recently a regular room at Planet Hollywood was advertised for $89 on a normal Tuesday night in October. That same room booked in the first week of November would cost you $219. That’s because of SEMA (a huge international automotive trade show), which takes place in early November, bringing with it 60,000 visitors from around the world.

You also are not likely to find that cheap of a Las Vegas Strip hotel room on weekends, or on major holidays.

So here’s a brief rundown of cheap and affordable hotel rooms on the Las Vegas Strip, along with some sample rates.

Excalibur Hotel and Casino

The Excalibur Hotel and Casino is my default hotel when I need a cheap place to crash.

The Excalibur can get away with affordable rates due to the fact there’s nothing really fancy about the rooms, nor the resort in general. More significantly, the hotel’s room count of nearly 4,000 rooms ensures there’ll nearly always be a good inventory of rooms they need to fill.

On a non-busy weekend night, you may be able to get a room here for $40.

The Linq Hotel and Casino

This place used to Imperial Palace – widely known as having the cheapest hotel rooms on the Strip. Yet they were also known for having dated, unclean rooms.

All that changed with the rebranding of the Imperial Palace into first the Quad, then now the Linq. Caesars Entertainment has put $223 million in remodeling these rooms and the entire property. Yet while the rooms have been changed, the rates haven’t jumped up as much as most of us expected (at least not yet).

Linq rooms on non-busy weeknights can be had in the mid-$60’s to mid $70’s range. Making the Linq even more of a bargain is its awesome center-Strip location in the heart of the action.


This is a hit and miss hotel for finding cheap rates, (at least in my experience). As the second largest hotel in Las Vegas, it has rooms to fill, yet it seems to want to charge MGM Grand prices on occasion, despite not having MGM Grand quality.

A search for rooms for a typical, slow weeknight at the Luxor Hotel and Casino resulted in a $45 nightly rate.

Harrah’s Hotel and Casino

With fancy themed resorts and remodeled, architecturally stunning hotels found up and down the Strip, Harrah’s plain vanilla hotel means it often gets lost in the Sin City shuffle.

To be fair, the rooms at Harrah’s are simple, small and plain, however like its Linq cousin next door, Harrah’s location cannot be beat.

While weeknight rooms at Harrah’s can be found in the $50’s range (again, all depending on the time of year, conventions, etc.), this is one hotel where the rates really shoot up astronomically on weekends.

Hooters Hotel and Casino

Hooters Hotel and Casino

Hooters Hotel and Casino

Yes Hooters. And yes, it is not, technically on the Strip. But being a block away and right across the street from the MGM Grand means it’s close enough to be an option for those of you like me who are somehow able to talk your wife into staying here.

Our stay at Hooters was pretty decent, especially given the $29 room rate. The rooms were clean, and the service great at all areas of the hotel, casino and restaurants.

Runners Up for Great Cheap Las Vegas Strip Hotel Rooms

Monte Carlo, Bally’s, Treasure Island.

You’ll occasionally see these resorts show up with affordable rates, in the mid $50’s to mid $70’s range, (on weeknights only), but it’s becoming more rare.

Las Vegas Strip Hotels I wouldn’t Stay At, but which are Cheap

Circus Circus and Riviera rooms can often be had for under $30 a night. Similarly, rooms at the Stratosphere Hotel and Casino can often be had in the $30’s range, (if you don’t mind staying on the north end of the Strip, a little away from the action). (Photos courtesy of Daryl_Mitchell and Michael Gray via Flickr).