Distance from MGM Grand to the Bellagio: Best Way to Get There, and Can You Walk It?

The distance from the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino to the Bellagio is 9/10th of a mile, or 1.2 kilometers.

Without making any stops to drink or gamble or gawk along the way, it would take you about 15 to 20 minutes to walk it. There’s also a way to shorten the distance on your feet by taking a free tram – more on that in a second.

The .9 mile walking distance between the two resorts is measured from the entrance of the MGM Grand at its southwest exit (at the intersection of the Strip and Las Vegas Boulevard) to the front doors of the Bellagio.

The Bellagio is less than an mile from the MGM Grand
The Bellagio is less than an mile from the MGM Grand

I mention that because the MGM Grand is so massive in scale, that if you’re starting out from your room, it could literally add over 1/3rd of mile to the trip – just so you know.

I remember staying at the MGM Grand once and going out onto the Strip. Unfortunately I had left my wallet in the room. The trip from the Strip back to our room (which was at the end of the extremely long hallway of course), took 15 minutes itself with elevator time and all. So don’t forget your wallet. End of rant.

The route is a straightforward walk up the Las Vegas Strip going north.

By staying on the east side of the Strip, and not crossing over to the New York – New York, you’ll have to walk the full 9/10th of a mile, but at least it’s an interesting walk.

(Here’s the walking map from MGM Grand to the Bellagio if you don’t take the free tram)

You’ll pass by the famous M&M Store, Coca-Cola Store, and a couple of touristy strip mall/restaurant combinations. Before you get to Planet Hollywood, you’ll cross E. Harmon Avenue and take the pedestrian bridge over across the Strip towards the City Center.

From there, it’s just about another 600 feet to the start of the Bellagio’s covered path, then another 500 feet to the front door of the Bellagio. Again, this should take you in the 18 to 20 minute range to walk the entire distance.

Tram From MGM Grand to Bellagio

While there is not a direct tram from the MGM Grand to the Bellagio, there is one across the street a bit that makes it a much shorter walk.

You take this by leaving the upper level exit of the MGM Grand and taking the pedestrian bridge over the Strip on over to the New York – New York Hotel and Casino.

Going this way can provide you with a nice view of what I think is the beautiful faux architecture of the New York City skyline.

Going north on the Strip sidewalk outside the NY-NY Hotel and Casino, you’ll arrive at the Monte Carlo Hotel and Casino, which is being remodeled and re-branded as the Park MGM. Walk through the casino and follow signage to the tram station.

Because the Monte Carlo, City Center, and Bellagio are all owned by the same corporation (MGM Entertainment), the resorts offer guests a free tram between the casinos. This tram starts off on the southern end of the Monte Carlo/Aria border, and will go north to the Aria Hotel and Casino and Crystals Shopping center, then on to the Bellagio.

The trams run very frequently and are air conditioned and comfortable.

Taking this route and tram means that you’d only have to walk just over 4/10th of a mile, (by my calculations using aerial maps). That .4 mile distance includes the detour through the Monte Carlo/Park MGM Grand and the 600 feet (approximately) you’ll walk from the Bellagio tram station past the Bellagio convention center to the front door.

Bus From the MGM Grand to the Bellagio

There are two convenient bus routes to get you from the MGM to the Bellagio. They are the SDX (Strip Downtown Express) and the always-popular “Deuce.”

A bus stop serving both bus lines is just about 400 feet away from the MGM Grand exit on the Strip. Going north on the sidewalk, you’ll find the bus stop and bus ticket kiosk outside of the Grand Canyon Experience, next to M&M World.

The SDX runs every ten minutes or so, and will take you directly to the Paris Hotel and Casino. (It doesn’t anywhere between the MGM Grand and Paris). It takes an estimated five minutes to get to this stop. From there you’ll just cross the street on over to the Bellagio.

The Deuce, on the other, hand will take about nine minutes to get there, (according to Google Maps), and takes a tad longer because it makes a stop at Planet Hollywood first. The Deuce runs every 8 to 10 minutes.

While it may sound like you’re saving some minutes time taking the bus over walking, that doesn’t factor in the time spent waiting for the Deuce. Nor does it factor in the time spent walking to the bus stop, or from the Paris bus stop to the front of the Bellagio.

In addition, there is the bus fare. While it’s not expensive, I don’t find that taking the bus from the MGM Grand to the Bellagio to really be worth it, when there’s a free tram across the street that will drop you off right inside the Bellagio.

Now if you already happen to have, say, a 24 hour bus pass, and the Deuce or SDX is already at the stop and taking passengers – then in that case, hop on!

Driving or Taking an Uber/Lyft or Taxi from the MGM Grand to Bellagio

While crossing over to the Monte Carlo and taking a free tram seems a lot easier (and cheaper), I realize there are times when you’re all decked out for a night on the town and to not want to walk in the brutal Las Vegas heat, even if it’s just a few hundred feet.

In that case, a taxi or from the valet entrance of the MGM Grand on the east side of the resort to the front drop-off at the Bellagio is only 3/4 of a mile away and would take you five minutes or so. Make sure you tip the cab driver well, as this short fare would only cost you in the $5 to $8 range, depending on how long you have to wait in Strip traffic. I’m unsure what the Uber/Lyft rate would be, and it could be higher during surge pricing periods.

As for driving yourself, I don’t recommend it- even if the Bellagio is on your way out of town. First there’s the long walk through the MGM to the parking structure. Then, after navigating your way to the Bellagio parking garage (and paying for parking), you’d have another long walk into the casino. It’s just simply easier to walk over to the Monte Carlo and take advantage of the free tram offered.

Las Vegas Monorail from MGM Grand to the Bellagio

This option may be worth it if you already have an unlimited Las Vegas Monorail pass. While there is a Las Vegas monorail stop at the MGM Grand, it’s at the far eastern end of the resort. You would get on there and get off at the Paris/Bally’s Station.

From there, you’d walk through the Paris, go outside, and use the cross walk at the south end of Paris to go over to the Planet Hollywood side, where there is a crosswalk over to the Bellagio.

By my calculation, it’s just less than a 4/10th of a mile walk to the Bellagio’s front door from the Paris/Bally’s Monorail Station – or roughly the same distance you’d walk by taking the free tram at the Monte Carlo.

By Steve Beauregard. Photo courtesy of Clement Bardot via a Creative Commons license.