Encore Resort Las Vegas Hotel & Casino Parking: Fee, Map & Valet 2021

Updated February 8th, 2021

The Wynn Las Vegas Hotel and Casino’s slightly younger little sister, the Encore Resort, has 2,034 rooms, a popular party pool area, wonderful casino, fine restaurants, popular clubs, and fortunately, plenty of parking.

The Encore has two self-park parking garages. One it shares with the Wynn and is located in-between the two resorts, while the other is on the northeast side of the resort, much closer to the Encore’s core.

The Encore has plenty of self-parking in a garage behind the resort
The Encore has plenty of self-parking in a garage behind the resort

The dedicated Encore self parking garage has 10 stories. Similar to the Wynn Las Vegas parking garage, the Encore has the digital counter that lets you know how many empty spaces (if any), are on each level.

Clearance for the garage is seven feet, three inches. The spaces and driveways are wide, the structure is clean, and the elevators from the garage to the Encore itself may be the classiest, nicest in all of Las Vegas.

Encore’s parking garage is sort of hidden, on the north end of the Strip and behind the resort. As such, and unlike other hotel parking garages, it provides a pretty easy in and out access to either the Strip or to Desert Inn Road and to the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Encore Las Vegas Parking Fee


This applies to hotel guests, as well as non-hotel guests alike. Previously the Encore (like the Wynn), charged for self-parking, however this policy changed in May of 2019.

Valet Parking at the Encore


However please note that as a result of the Covid situation, valet parking is currently only available to the following guests:

Tower Suites guests
Chairman’s Club guests
Private Access guests
VIP/Executive guests
Handicap/accessible guests

Encore Parking Map & Directions

(The Black “P” represents the entrance to the dedicated Encore self-parking garage. The red star is valet parking, while the brown “P” is self-parking for both the Wynn and Encore)

The Encore’s dedicated self-park parking garage is accessible from just north of the resort. Directions are as follows:

When going north on the Strip, stay in the right lane. You’ll want to go past the Wynn, past the Wynn’s clearly marked self parking area (although you can use it if you would like – more on that below), and past the Encore.

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The first stoplight past the Encore is Wynn Boulevard. The signage pointing you to the Encore parking lot is very clear. You’ll take a right on Wynn Blvd.

From there, you will pass two different valet areas, along with the Encore’s drop off area, and follow the winding road. It will lead you to a right turn, where the Encore’s 10 story parking structure will be easily seen on your right.

When going south on the Strip, you’ll want to take a left at the stoplight before you get to the Encore/Wynn complex. Going south, the street is called “Echelon Resort Drive,” after the failed resort that was originally supposed to be built across the street. Actually though, “Echelon Resort Drive” is also Wynn Boulevard.

You’ll go on Wynn Blvd towards the Encore, following the signs leading you to the self-park parking garage at the back of the resort.

Using the Wynn/Encore Self-Parking Garage

As I mentioned before, instead of the Encore’s garage, folks can also use the large four story parking garage located in-between the Wynn and the Encore, situated off of Las Vegas Boulevard.

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Inside this garage, you’ll find an access to the Encore on the north part of the garage, leading you into the Encore Esplanade, near XS, the Encore’s very busy and profitable nightclub. Please note however, that parking at this lot makes for a much longer walk to the Encore’s casino and hotel registration. If you plan on staying or playing at the Encore, you’ll want to use the Encore Resort’s dedicated self-parking area instead.

The valet area at the Encore
The valet area at the Encore

Alternatively, you wouldn’t want to use the Encore’s parking garage if you’re main destination is the Wynn, as it is a long walk – a very pretty, air-conditioned walk, but a long haul nonetheless.

Encore Valet Parking Directions

The Encore’s valet area is off of Wynn Blvd, north of the hotel. It’s a little tricky, in that there are two valet areas you’ll see on your right.

The first one is the valet area for Encore Tower Suite guests only. Usually there will be an attendant present to make sure only registered Tower Suite guests are allowed in.

The next valet parking area is just a few feet down the street. This valet is for Encore guests, casino visitors, people going clubbing at XS, and others.

(By Steve Beauregard. Photos courtesy of Michael gray and www.bluewaikiki.com via Flickr.)