Wynn Las Vegas Parking Fee, Map & Valet Cost for 2017

By Steve Beauregard (Updated July 2017)

The Wynn Las Vegas Hotel and Casino’s self-parking garage is one of the prettiest in town. Would you expect any less of Steve Wynn?

I realize that a place where thousands of people park their cars won’t ever be an architectural marvel, however with a soft tan exterior that is mostly covered by trees, the Wynn parking garage is a step above the typical dirty concrete monstrosities found at many of the mega-resorts on the Strip. In fact, the Wynn self-parking lot area is one of the few parking structures that doesn’t take away from the beauty of the resort.

It even has a parking guidence system to help you find an empty spot. And up until recently, self-parking at the Wynn was completely free.

A valet parking area at the Wynn

A valet parking area at the Wynn

The resort has recently implemented paid parking plan for both self and valet parking. This applies hotel guests, as well as people just eating at the hotel, gambling, shopping, and/or those just wanting to look around.

Please note, this article covers the Wynn Las Vegas only. While guests can access the Encore Hotel and Casino from the Wynn’s garage, the Encore has its own, separate parking area. Guests staying at there should use the Encore’s self-parking garage, as using the Wynn’s would result in a very long walk.

Wynn Las Vegas Hotel & Casino Parking Fee

The following rates are the Wynn’s Self-Parking fees:

One Hour or Less: Free

1 to 2 Hours: $7

2 to 4 Hours: $12

4 to 24 Hours: $15

Each Additional 24 Hours: $15

You’ll receive a parking ticket when first entering the parking garage. Hotel guests can take this to the front desk when registering to have the parking applied to their hotel bill. From there, you’ll use your hotel room key to get in and out of the garage. Wynn hotel guests have in-and-out privileges during their stay.

Non-hotel guests will pay before leaving the garage, either by credit card at a kiosk near the elevators, or by cash or credit card at the kisok inside the casino.

However you pay, be sure to keep track of your ticket as there is a $30 lost ticket fee.

Unlike MGM Resorts and Caesars Entertainment hotels, Wynn parking rates will not go up during special events.

Wynn Las Vegas Hotel and Casino Valet Parking & Fee

Paid valet parking began at the Wynn in December of 2016. Rates have gone up since then and are as follows:

Up to 4 Hours: $15

4 to 24 Hours: $20

Over 24 Hours: $20 for each additional day.

Wynn Parking Garage

The Wynn’s parking garage has four stories. And unlike some of the older structures, like the Flamingo’s self parking garage the driveways are wider for today’s larger-sized cars and S.U.Vs. Another nice feature of the Wynn’s self-parking garage are the electronic signs that display the number of available parking spaces on each level.

Clearance for the structure is eight foot and 2 inches. Vans or vehicles higher than this can use the garage’s roof level parking. There is a separate lane for roof-top parking.

There are two main pedestrian exits from the Wynn’s self-parking garage. One will take you closer to the Encore and the Esplanade shopping area, while the other one leads you to the Wynn casino entrance.

(Here’s a map of the Wynn parking area. The Red pin is the self-parking entrance. The Yellow Pin is the valet parking entrance, while the black pin is valet parking for Tower Suite guests).

Wynn Self-Parking Garage Directions

When going north on the Las Vegas Strip, (towards the Stratosphere), you’ll come across the large moving “Wynn” sign. Stay in your right lane. You’ll see an elaborate entrance to the resort past the sign on a street called, “Wynn Main Gate Drive.” This, however, is for valet parking and hotel registration, so go past this entrance, up the Strip a little bit more.

The next stop sign will show a street (not on any maps) simply called “Wynn Las Vegas.” Take a right here, where the parking garage and signage will be clearly marked on your right.

When going south on the Strip, you’ll pass the Encore, where you’ll take the first left at the first stoplight after the Encore, on a street called “Wynn Las Vegas.” Signage will clearly show you to the self-parking area.

However if you want to register for your room before hauling bags, or if you want valet parking, skip past this stoplight to the very next stoplight. It’s just before you arrive at the Fashion Show Mall on your right. In fact, the street sign will read, “Fashion Show Mall Drive.” You’ll take a left here, driving under the arches, into the Wynn valet area.

Wynn Valet Parking Directions

There are two valet parking areas at the Wynn Las Vegas, the Main Entrance, and the South Gate Entrance.

*** Main Valet Entrance

You reach this entrance from the Strip, turning into Wynn Main Gate Drive, then following the signage to the valet area. When going north on the Strip, it’s the first right past the giant “Wynn” sign. When going south on the Strip, you’ll want to take a left on “Fashion Show Drive.”

The self-parking garage at Wynn Las Vegas

The self-parking garage at Wynn Las Vegas

*** South Gate Entrance

First off, this valet is only for guests staying in the Tower Suites at the Wynn Las Vegas. Typically, there will be someone checking to make sure your reservations are for the tower suites, rather than just in the main hotel, however some have reported not being checked. That seems to be the exception, rather than the rule. To be safe, you’ll probably just want to use the regular main gate entrance on the Strip.

If you are staying in the Tower Suites and wish to use this valet, you’ll access it off of Sands Avenue. When going on Sands Avenue towards the Strip, you’ll take a right into “Wynn South Gate.” (This street is also called “Holmes Street” on Google Maps for some reason).

When driving from the Strip on Sands Avenue, you’ll take a left on this same street, however the sign will read “Palazzo.”

(Photos courtesy of Jeff Wilcox and xiquinhosilva via Flickr.)