By Steve Beauregard (Updated January 5th, 2018)

The Wynn’s buffet, (officially called “The Buffet at Wynn”) is beautiful. And that’s BEFORE you see the food.

It’s high ceilings, elaborate flower displays, crown molding, soft red awnings, and open atrium with marble flooring gives it a décor and atmosphere unlike that of any other buffet in Las Vegas.

When dinning under the Wynn Buffet arched atrium ceiling, you can almost imagine you’re seated in another Steve Wynn creation: the Bellagio Conservatory.

Already a visually-pleasing experience, the Wynn Buffet was completely renovated in late 2015.

It’s nearly always ranked up there with the Bacchanal Buffet at Caesars Palace and the Wicked Spoon Buffet at the Cosmopolitan, as one of the top three buffets in Las Vegas.

The Buffet at the Wynn is one of the prettiest in Las Vegas

The Buffet at the Wynn is one of the prettiest in Las Vegas

As for price? It doesn’t come cheap, but you get what you pay for, say people who use over-used sayings.

Wynn Buffet Prices & Hours


(Monday – Friday): 7:30 AM to 11 AM



(Saturday & Sunday): 7:30 AM to 3:30 PM



(Monday – Friday): 11 AM to 3:30 PM



3:30 PM to 9:30 PM

Sunday – Thursday: $42.99

Friday & Saturday: $49.99

These prices do not include the 8.25% Las Vegas sales tax, nor does it include the tip. So a lunch at $27.99 for two people would end up costing $60.60 after tax and before tip. The weeknight dinner buffet (Sunday – Thursday) would cost 2 people a combined total of $93.07 after tax and before tip.

Should you have 7 or more in your party, there will be an 18% tip automatically applied to your bill. Parties of 13 or more guests will have a 21% tip charged automatically.

Please also note that during holidays, prices are subject to rise. On Labor Day last year, for example, the weekend dinner price rose $3 per person more, while the brunch price shot up $9 more per person.

Please also note that during very busy times, the Wynn Buffet customers can expect an hour plus wait. To avoid this, they offer a skip-the-line pass costing $20 per person.

Wynn Buffet Children’s Prices

Children aged 9 and up pay the same price as adults.

For children 3 to 8 years of age, the prices are exactly half of the adult prices.

Kids under 3 eat free.

All-You-Can Drink Option

Called the “Endless Pour” this all-you-can drink add-on costs $19.

It includes your choice of draft beers (recently it included: Bud Light, Ballast Point Sculpin IPA, Shock top & Stella Artois), red and white sangria, wine (two varieties from StoneCap Vineyards: a chardonnay and a Cabernet sauvignon), sparkling wine, mimosa, non-alcoholic vitamin water, and a house cocktail that changes with the season.

Please note that the all-you-can drink option is good for up to two hours after purchase, so don’t plan on sitting there all day and drinking.

Some desserts at the Wynn Buffet

Some desserts at the Wynn Buffet

The Buffet at the Wynn Menu

The spacious, elegantly-appointed buffet includes 15 stations.

Many of the menu items are served in individual dishes, continuing a pleasant Vegas buffet trend of increased focus on presentation.

For those non-carnivores out there, the Wynn Buffet may be the city’s most vegan-friendly buffet, with plenty of dishes available for you. (Steve Wynn himself is vegan).

Below is a sampling of menu items from the Buffet at the Wynn, with the caveat that they are all subject to the executive chef’s discretion. Las Vegas buffets are always trying to improve their menu so they are always subject to change. This is even truer for a well-run property like the Wynn.

Breakfast and Brunch

You’ll of course find your eggs, chorizo potatoes, pancakes (buttermilk, lemon ricotta or red velvet with a variety of topping options), and other breakfast standards, but Wynn separates themselves from typical breakfast buffet fare with dishes that include Orange and white chocolate French toast and Meyer lemon and ricotta crespelles (a crespelle is an Italian version of the crepe, only shorter and more square).

There is also a Maine lobster & arugula quiche, breakfast pizza, baked Caribbean grits with Creole shrimp, smoked salmon hash, and crab cake eggs benedict.

The carving station serves Brown sugar and whole grain mustard glazed bone in ham, pepper crusted maple bacon, and a crispy Asian roasted pork, along with Wisconsin cheddar bratwurst, and a venison and blueberry sausage.

Hot dishes more on the lunch side of brunch include Mongolian style beef tenderloin tips, sweet chili chicken wings, grilled vegetable polenta, and white cheddar mac n’ cheese.

On the side and chilled front, you’ll find Parmesan pork rinds, marinated olives with herbs and poached garlic, kaiso salad, and small plates of “Granny Smith apples with manchego and arugula.”

A nice, classy touch are the small juice bottles provided for individual servings of unique drinks. These include mango strawberry agua fresca, pineapple guava agua fresca, and watermelon ginger juice.

Other unique breakfast buffet menu items found at the Wynn are a green tea and chia seed pudding, petit fruit cocktails and cutely-decorated parfaits (again, in single-serve dishes).

Lunch and Dinner Buffets

Some of these will be overlapping while other dishes shown below are not set out for both lunch and dinner. If the inclusion of certain menu items is very important to you, your best bet is to examine the menu board put out in front of the buffet before paying.

In addition to the standard salad bar with variety of condiments, (including several “house made dressings”) Wynn buffet’s salad area includes a selection of pre-made salads.

There is a raved-about watermelon & feta salad served in single-serve plates, a maple roasted Fuji apple salad, roasted tri-color cauliflower salad, red kale salad with salted caramel vinaigrette, farro tabbouleh salad, and a red and white quinoa salad.

The soup rotation includes chicken noodle soup, sweet corn chowder, southwest pinto bean soup, and a Tomato bisque soup.

Here you’ll also find artisinal breads, pretzel rolls, and gourmet meats and cheeses (spicy capricola, Gouda cheese, English cheddar, smoked mozzarella and the like).

Carne asada street tacos are made there on the rotating grill right in front of you, but you’ll have a hard time waiting as there are so many delicious options tempting you from every corner.

Whether it’s the beer battered fish and chips (served in individually portions), Jonah crab legs, oysters Rockefeller over a spinach bed or classic American comfort foods, like seasoned fried chicken and waffles, mashed potatoes, meatloaf, macaroni & cheese, there’s certainly something for everyone.

On the healthier side, you’ll find roasted root vegetables, like roasted carrots with sugar snap peas, roasted cauliflower and the like.

On the more exotic front, there’s Portuguese cataplana (a seafood dish in sauce), pan seared salmon with spinach, steamed black mussels in white wine.

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Behind the buffet’s carving station you’ll find an open fire grill. Selections here include prime rib, and turkey. Nearby are servings that include an Australian lamb chops/bacon dish marinated in a honey, garlic and rosemary, quail, and sirloin churrasco steak.

Next to the carving station is a section of mixed-ethnic dishes like a cheese pierogis with caramelized cippolinis, vegetable tamales and Spanish rice.

The Asian area is filled with a variety of woks and stir fry offerings, including a tofu option (Ma Po Tofu), shrimp & pork dumplings (toppings including your choice of cilantro, scallions, Szechuan chili oil and sweet garlic soy), dim sum and numerous Sushi rolls. On a recent visit, one found California rolls, caterpillar rolls, a crispy shrimp tempura roll and a spicy salmon roll.

Another dish not found at every buffet is the roasted Peking duck buns, which is sort like a steamed doughy bun with duck meat in the middle. You can complement this with cilantro, scallions, hoisin sauce and/or a plum sauce. This area was also home to BBQ Pork Char Siu Bao, and chicken pot stickers.

At the made-to-order ramen noodles station, you choose your broth: pork tonkotsu, chicken or vegan miso, before selecting your other ingredients, i.e. bean sprouts, pork belly, bamboo shoots, etc.

Italian inspired fare included Neapolitan pepperoni pizza, roasted vegetable pizza, (among other pizzas), garlic knots and arancini, which are fried and breaded stuffed rice balls filled with sauce and meat and cheeses.

This station also included a spaghetti and meatball dish whose recipe comes straight from Frank Sinatra’s family. There were also Polenta squares, a lobster ravioli, along with a butternut squash ravioli.


You won’t know where to start here, but you can’t go wrong with the elegant chocolate fountain underneath a tiled arch.

There is the made-to-order crepes station, with your choice of California apricots, strawberries, cinnamon roasted apples, Chantilly cream, chocolate sauce or crème anglaise.

Among the seemingly endless dessert options here, you’ll find: molten chocolate cake, butterscotch bread pudding, cute individual servings of dishes like parfaits, (including a vegan mango parfait), berry cheesecakes, a lemon berry meringue tart, strawberry shortcake, a popcorn cake, a chocolate peppermint cone that looks similar to an ice cream cone, orange creamsicle cupcakes, coconut chocolate cake, caramel red velvet cupcakes, lychee raspberry tarts, and even a green tea cake.

Want to cool off? Behind a mechanically rotating wheel, a Wynn employee scoops up your choice from among a variety of flavors of ice cream, sorbets, and gelatos. Flavors range from Strawberry cheesecake, to cookie dough, matcha green tea, mango, sea salt caramel, peach cobbler flavor, and chocolate vanilla malt.

Yet another little section includes candied apples, apple cranberry cobbler. Other in individual small plate dishes include a banana sticky toffee cake, strawberry rhubarb crisp, oatmeal cookies, snicker doodle cookies, and more.

Wynn Buffet describes their sugar free selections as “Non Sugar added” desserts. This good sized selection includes Lemon Mascarpone, marble chocolate cake with dark chocolate frosting, a key lime cheesecake, a “no sugar added” cherry pie, vegan mango tapioca, something called a “Madarin Yuzu” (not Mandarin) which I did not try, a tiramisu, and guava pannacotta.

Wynn Buffet Phone Number and Website

(702) 770-3340

Wynn Buffet’s website

Wynn Buffet Dress Code

Wynn Las Vegas official site describes the buffet’s dress code as “resort casual.”

While we’re not entirely sure what this means, we have seen signs near the entrance that read: “Gentlemen must wear shirts with sleeves” and that “ladies must wear opaque cover-ups.” Also, “Proper footwear required.”

For more information about the Wynn Buffet, go to their official site here: Wynn Buffet

(Photos courtesy of James Havard and kennejima via Flickr.)