Las Vegas Weather in August – Average Temperature and the Month’s All Time Highest and Lows

By Steve Beauregard

While not as brutal as July, the weather in Las Vegas is scorching in August, with the average daily high temperature of 102 degrees, and average daily low of 79.3. The average daily temperature is 90.6 degrees Fahrenheit, or 32.55 degrees Celsius.

If the 90.6 average doesn’t sound too bad, remember that is the average temperature for each of the 24 hours in the day. Sometimes, (5 a.m. for example), it will be cooler, and other times, (3 p.m.) it will be incredibly warmer.

Overall, August is the second hottest month in the Las Vegas valley. Yet that doesn’t stop millions from visiting. In fact, according to the Las Vegas Visitors and Convention Bureau, Las Vegas hotels still have a 90.4% occupancy rate in the month of August.

Here's a good spot to spend an August day in Las Vegas, when the average daily high is 102
Here’s a good spot to spend an August day in Las Vegas, when the average daily high is 102

This is due in part, to several large conventions that have chosen August for their convention dates. Two of the largest conventions in Las Vegas take place in August.

The large Las Vegas Market, for example is a bi-annual trade show for shoe and clothing retailers. It brings 50,000 visitors to the city in the early part of the month. Similarly, the ASD Las Vegas Convention for resellers of consumer goods brings in 44,000 tourists. It too is often held in the first part of August.

Average Las Vegas temperature in August

According to the National Weather Service, the average temperature in Las Vegas in August is 90.6 degrees. It’s one of only two months where the average temp is over 90.

This 90.6 average temperature makes is the second hottest month of the year in Sin City, (July weather in Las Vegas) is just slightly worse, when the average daily temperature is 92.5 degrees.

Some other statistics from the NWS:

Average High:

102 degrees Fahrenheit (or 38.88 Celsius)

As you might guess, the hottest part of August in Las Vegas is the first part. Between August 1 and August 5th, the average daily high is 104 degrees. Compare this to August 31st, when the average daily high falls to 99 degrees.

Hottest Temperature in Las Vegas in August

The highest the mercury has ever hit in the city in August is 116 degrees, (46.67 Celsius). This took place on several occasions: August 1, 1979, August 3, 1979, and August 11th, 1940. It should be noted this is just one degrees less than the city’s all-time highest temperature of 117, which has occurred three different times, all in July.

Average Low:

79.3 degrees.

The normal daily lows in Las Vegas range from 77 degrees in the last part of August, to 81 degrees in the first seven days in August.

Coldest temperature ever recorded in Las Vegas in August:

The record cold for the month is 54 degrees Fahrenheit, (12.22 Celsius), on August 3, 1937.


On average, Las Vegas receives just .33 inches of precipitation in the month of August.

Even on August nights, Las Vegas temperatures can be in the 90's
Even on August nights, Las Vegas temperatures can be in the 90’s

The record precipitation for August was set on August 21, 1957, when the area received 2.58 inches of rain.

Fact that may only interest me:

On August 12, 2003, the lowest recorded temperature for that day was 90 degrees.

On August 17th and 18th of 1983, the high temperature for the day in Las Vegas was just 74 degrees!

(Photos courtesy of Adam Selwood and Prayitno via Flickr).