Luxor Buffet: Prices, Hours, & Menu Items 2022

As one of the largest hotels in the world, the Luxor’s buffet does a solid job in giving large crowds a decently-valued buffet option. And, after being shuttered during Covid, the buffet is back, albeit with limited hours (more on that below).

Located in the resort’s lower level, Luxor’s buffet keeps with the resort’s Egyptian theme in décor, with marble columns and arches. It has a spacious, tile-filled open layout to accommodate the crowds. It seems clean and open, but can seem a little dark and “basement-y” at times.

Entrance to the Luxor's Buffet
Entrance to the Luxor’s Buffet

Luxor’s The Buffet Prices & Hours

A call to the Luxor confirmed that the Luxor Buffet hours and prices are currently as follows:

Monday – Tuesday Closed
Wednesday & Thursday (8 AM – 3 PM)$26.99
Friday – Sunday (8 AM – 3 PM)$29.99

Also, don’t forget the Las Vegas and Clark County combined tax of 8.38% on meals. What this means is that a buffet for two people on a weekend would cost you exactly $58.50 after tax.

Lastly, at the Luxor, children are considered those aged from 5 years to 11 years. Kids 12 years and older pay the normal adult fee, while kids 4 and under are free.

Unlimited Drinks at the Luxor Buffet

A popular feature that is back with the re-opening at the buffet is an all-you-drink option.

The most recent pricing for this option was $11.99 per person (on top of what you pay to get into the buffet).

Once you’ve paid and have gone inside the buffet, you can show your receipt at the bar and receive free alcohol for up to two hours.

Your drink options include: draft beer and house wine and a few selected cocktails.

Luxor Buffet Menu Items

(Editor’s note: We haven’t been back yet since the re-opening, and the dinner items mentioned below do not apply either. We will update this section once we get back and the dinner buffet returns. The breakfast items mentioned below however, are likely to be the same as before the shutdown.)

As with any Las Vegas buffet, menu items are subject to change, but a recent visit found the following options:


There are your standard staples of course, like scrambled eggs, fruits, yogurt, breads and pastries, such as blueberry muffins and banana nut muffins.

In addition, you’ll find everything from chicken fried steak, biscuits and gravy to a caramelized onion & spinach strata (which is similar to a quiche).

We also saw Spanish omelets, potato pancakes, corned beef hash, and chorizo & eggs.

Whether you choose pancakes, French toast, crepes, waffles or all of the above, you can choose to drench them with a variety of syrups, including maple, peach, or a banana caramel sauce that looked delicious, but maybe a little too rich for my morning tastes.

Lunch/Dinner Buffet Menu Items

As with most buffets in Las Vegas, there several different stations to try.

In the seafood area, you’ll find chilled crab legs, chilled New Zealand green lipped mussels (odd sounding, but also said to help with arthritis), shrimp, sushi rolls, crawfish and the like.

The buffet has a pretty good salad area, with plenty of toppings and dressings (I counted seven different dressings), along with several unique pre-made salads, like a kale & quinoa salad, Italian bread salad, sweet potato salad, greek salad and a fattoush salad.

There is your standard deli meat and cheese selection, with two different soup options. We also saw pita bread with baba ganoush dip.

For you non-carnivores, Luxor has something I’ve never seen before: vegetarian meatloaf. This was next to summer squash and polenta cakes.

International station combines a lot of different cultures, but a sampling included Menudo soup (a traditional Mexican soup made with beef stomach), made-to-order fajita station. The Asian area has bok choy, fried rice, chicken dishes like ginger chicken and Korean beef barbecue ribs.

You’ll find a Made-to-Order pasta station, along with several pre-made pasta dishes, and of course pizza.

The buffet has both a grill station, (where you can watch your meat being prepared on the grill for you), and a carving station, where you’ll see roasted kielbasa sausage, and a huge Texas spiced Slow Roasted Beef Steamship ready to be carved for you.

There’s also made-to-order soups, fish and chips, traditional meatloaf, mac n’ cheese, mashed potatoes and gravy, corn on the cob and other dishes you see almost everywhere.

Luxor Buffet Desserts

Everyone’s favorite area, Luxor’s dessert area includes a vaariety of cakes (including lava cake), cookies (including sugar-free cookies), fudge brownies, chocolate trifle, fresh fruit tarts, panna cotta, eclairs, and three different kinds of cheesecake: plain, strawberry and a Heath bar cheesecake (my wife’s favorite).

There’s also a soft serve ice cream machine with vanilla or chocolate. Toppings including rainbow sprinkles, strawberry sauce, or crème anglaise (a rich egg custard). Other desserts include raisin bread pudding and apple pie.

One dessert menu item I haven’t noticed much at other Las Vegas buffets is their sorbet machine. The Luxor’s sorbet dispenser offers two flavors: raspberry and peach.

As for drinks, the self-serve drink station offers Pepsi products, juices (apple, orange, grapefruit and cranberry), iced tea, coffee and milk (whole, skim, 2%, or chocolate milk).

Next to this drink stand is a little bar area where you can order beer or cocktails.

The Buffet at the Luxor is down the escalators from the main casino floor
The Buffet at the Luxor is down the escalators from the main casino floor

Luxor Buffet Holiday Pricing

As with most buffets in Las Vegas, the Luxor’s buffet bumps prices up a tad on weekends and special occasions. Prices can also increase during entire holiday weekends, ranging from traditional (Christmas) to “holidays” like Super Bowl weekend.

Here at the Luxor, holiday pricing is only slightly higher than normal days.

Luxor’s All-Day Buffet Pass

(Editors’ note: this option is unavailable currently. We’ll update this when it resumes.)

The Luxor and its sister property next door, the Excalibur, offer guests an all-you-can eat all day buffet option, (previously called the “Take Two Pass.”)

It allows you unlimited access to both the Luxor and the Excalibur Buffet all day long. Prices for the wristband are as follows:

Monday – Thursday: $41.99 ($26.99 for children)

Friday – Sunday: $48.99 ($26.99 for children)

Just recently, the Luxor Buffet offered this all-day pass during holidays, when each buffet price goes up.

All-Day Buffet passes during holidays will cost you $49.99 for adults, and $26.99 for children.

One last item: if you don’t want to sit and eat, you can fill up a to-go box one time for a $20 charge.

Luxor Buffet Phone & Website

(702) 262-4000

Official website: Luxor’s official Buffet website

(By Steve Beauregard. Photo courtesy of Prayitno via Flickr.)