By Steve Beauregard

As the 8th largest hotel in the world, and the second largest Hotel in Las Vegas, (with 4,400 rooms), there is a great demand for parking at the fun Luxor Hotel and Casino.

Luxor tries to accommodate its guests who drive with a large, spread-out, two story parking structure behind the Luxor’s main black pyramid-shaped hotel building.

There's plenty of self-parking available at the Luxor in Las Vegas

There’s plenty of self-parking available at the Luxor in Las Vegas

On the second level of the Luxor parking garage, you’ll find the walkway that leads you to the hotel itself. It passes over Luxor Drive and over the resort’s beautiful pool area.

Luxor Las Vegas Self-Parking

The Luxor has self-parking, and valet parking. Both cost money, but the self parking is less expensive.

The parking fee applies to hotel guests, casino customers and anyone else off of the street. There are however, some exceptions.

Those with the MGM Resorts Players Card, called M Life, can park for free at the Luxor, but only if you have reached one of the following tiers: Pearl, Gold, Platinum, or Noir. Players just starting out, or low rollers, typically are at the Sapphire level of M Life, and therefore will have to pay for parking.

(Here’s a map of the Luxor property. The red dot on the left is the self-parking garage. The blue dot to the right represents the Strip entrance to the hotel’s valet parking.)

Another caveat is that parking is free for the first hour. (As if you are going to stay in a casino for the 40 or so minutes you have left after accounting for time to park and walk in and out of the casino). Nevertheless, those of you needing to run into the Luxor to say, place a sports bet, can self-park for free for the first hour.

Luxor Las Vegas Hotel & Casino Parking Fee

Here’s a breakdown of the self-parking fees at the Luxor, which were raised in April of 2017:

First Hour: Free

1 – 2 Hours: $5

2 – 4 Hours: $8

4- 24 Hours: $10

Every 24 hour period after that: $10

Again, this parking charge applies to everyone not in the Pearl M Life Status or above. Those guest staying at the hotel will pay too, and are allowed to stay in the parking lot or garage until 11:59 p.m. on the day they check out, without paying additional fees.

Hotel guests use their hotel room key to get in and out of the parking garage.

Inside the Luxor Las Vegas

Inside the Luxor Las Vegas

Please also note: MGM Resorts (owners of the Luxor) state that these prices can go up during special events. This would main apply to concerts at the nearby T-Mobile Arena.

VERY IMPORTANT! When using the Luxor’s self-parking garage, do not lose your parking ticket. If lost, you have to use the kiosk to connect with someone (I’m picturing a call center in India), who will try to determine how long your car has been there, and what the fee should be. They know your vehicle based on the videotaping of all license plates that enter the garage.

My point is that it will be a hassle if you lose your ticket. On top of that, MGM Resorts says that if they cannot determine how long you’ve been there, you will be charged a $30 “lost ticket parking fee.” Oddly, they have never advertised that part of the parking program.

Luxor Hotel Parking Directions

The Luxor parking garage is on the west side of the resort, behind it, bordering both Frank Sinatra Drive and Interstate 15.

Directions when going North on the Strip

When on the Strip, going north (towards the Excalibur), you’ll take the first left after Mandalay Bay, called Mandalay Bay Road. After passing under the walkway between Mandalay Bay and Luxor, you’ll take the first right, at Luxor Drive.

From there, take the first left. The Luxor parking garage will be on your right, and you can eight use the covered parking, or go a little further for the second story parking.

When Going South on the Strip

When going South on Las Vegas Boulevard, you’ll want to take the first right on the street just past the Luxor, on a street called W. Reno Avenue.

This road, W. Reno Avenue, will take you under the pedestrian bridge walkway that links the Luxor to the Excalibur. You’ll continue driving past the two large black box towers of the Luxor on your left.

Immediately after the towers, you’ll come across Luxor Drive. You can either take a right to access the Excalibur parking garage, or go left to get to the Luxor parking lot. It’s pretty clearly marked, so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding it.

Once you are on Luxor Drive, you’ll see the Luxor parking garage ahead, about 300 feet, on your right. After a stop sign, (continue past it), you can take a right for the covered parking, or continue on, going underneath another pedestrian bridge, and take another right, going a little further to access the top level of the parking garage. Since the walkway is on this second level, many people prefer to park close to the walkway.

(The self-parking garage behind the Luxor)

Luxor Hotel & Casino Las Vegas Valet Parking

The Luxor’s valet parking area is directly in front of the main hotel entrance. It’s the area under the giant Sphinx, facing the Strip. You access it when going south on the Las Vegas Strip.

Valet parking is more expensive than the self-parking, and that’s before factoring in the tip.

Luxor Las Vegas Hotel and Casino Valet Parking Fees

0 to 4 Hours: $10

4 to 24 Hours: $15

Each additional 24 Hours: $15

Valet parking is free for M Life Rewards members who are either the Gold, Platinum, or Noir levels. While self-parking is free for Pearl level players, they must pay for valet parking.

On top of the valet parking fees, of course, it’s expected that you leave a tip. Some claim that you only need to tip when picking up your car, but it’s a good practice (and just plain nice) to tip the valet when dropping off your vehicle.

Random Luxor Parking Lot Fact

On May 7, 2007, a man was killed when a pipe bomb exploded on the second story of the Luxor’s parking structure. A 29 year-old illegal alien, Porfirio Duarte-Herrera, was convicted of manufacturing the device and sentenced to life in prison without parole. Duarte-Herrera had assisted his friend, (who was also sentenced to life for the murder) in killing the man, who had worked inside the Luxor and was dating the friend’s ex-girlfriend.

(Photos courtesy of Dieter Weinelt, and Steve Parker via Flickr).