Excalibur Hotel & Casino Parking Fee, Valet & Map 2021

Updated May 20th, 2021

With 3,981 hotel rooms, the Excalibur Hotel and Casino is the sixth biggest hotel in Las Vegas.

With all those rooms comes a huge demand for parking. The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority says that 25% of the 42 million annual tourists to Sin City are from Southern California. While some of those folks take short flights, tens of millions of others take cars into Las Vegas each year, looking to park at one of the mega-resorts like the Excalibur.

There's lots of parking available at the Excalibur Hotel and Casino
There’s lots of parking available at the Excalibur Hotel and Casino

In addition, the Las Vegas Golden Knights hockey team plays across the street at T-Mobile Arena, further increasing the demand for parking in the area. In fact, during concerts and games, parts of the Excalibur are used for T-Mobile Arena Parking.

For its part, the Excalibur does a good job of satisfying this massive parking demand, albeit it at a cost to the customer. But more on that in a second.

Excalibur Hotel & Casino Parking Map

(Here’s an aerial map of the Excalibur parking areas. Green dots are areas where there is uncovered self-parking spaces. The red dot represents the current 3 story parking garage. Black shows you the valet parking area, while the yellow dot is the new 10 story parking garage.)

Guests at the Excalibur wanting covered parking also can still use the original parking garage. This three story white concrete structure sits just behind the resort (to the west of the hotel and casino).

The parking garage has ten foot clearance. There is no direct walkway into the casino, so you’ll walk outside for a ways. If you can snag one, parking in one of the uncovered spaces (on any side of the resort), makes for a shorter walk into the casino.

Excalibur Las Vegas Hotel Parking Fee

1st HourFree
1 – 4 Hours$12
4 – 24 Hours$15
Each Additional Day$15

These fees apply to visitors and hotel guests alike. The caveat here is that players who have reached a certain level on Excalibur’s player’s card (M Life), are entitled to free parking.

As a member of the MGM Resorts brand of properties, the M Life card is used here. Beginning players start out with the “Sapphire” level and have to pay to park. However gamblers who have either a Pearl, Gold, Platinum or Noir M Life rewards card park free.

To park for free with your Pearl, Gold, Platinum or Noir M Life card, you simply swipe your card at exit. Unlike everyone else, you do not have to get a parking ticket.

Also, residents of the state of Nevada who can show identification receive three hours of free self-parking.

One last note: Because of the Excalibur’s close proximity to T-Mobile Arena, the aforementioned parking fees are subject to increase during busy events at the arena.

Hotel Guests

As mentioned above, those of you staying and parking at the Excalibur still have to pay a parking fee, (on top of the resort fee). The only added minor benefit you get as a guest is that you receive unlimited in and out privileges at the Excalibur, and any other MGM Resorts owned property.

In other words, say you are a hotel guest who pays the for a full day’s parking at the Excalibur. On that day, you will be able to park at say, the Aria, or Bellagio, without having to pay a new fee. When you return to the Excalibur, you won’t have to pay a new fee either. People not staying at the Excalibur will have to pay separate parking fees at every MGM Resorts property they visit. (If they choose to visit another one).

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Excalibur Hotel and Casino Valet Parking Fees

Parking TimeMonday – ThursdayFriday – Sunday
0 – 2 Hours$18$20
2- 4 Hours$22$24
4 – 24 Hours$26$30
Each Additional Day$26$30

The Excalibur valet parking entrance is at the front entrance of the casino. It can be accessed from Tropicana Avenue, or from Las Vegas Boulevard (The Strip).

The same rules apply here, as the Excalibur charges almost everyone for valet parking – even hotel guests.

Just like with self-parking, those of you with M Life Rewards members at the Gold, Platinum, or Noir levels get free valet parking. Unlike with self-parking, M Life players at the “Pearl” level still have to pay. Sapphire level members pay for both valet and self-parking, as they are the low man on the totem poll.

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And as an aside, although the valet parking is free for certain players, it still remains customary to tip the valet driver.

Excalibur Parking Spaces

The Excalibur is that rare Las Vegas casino to have parking spaces on all sides of the resort. There are numerous uncovered parking lot spaces on the north, east, south and west sides of the hotel/casino. In addition, the resort has two large parking garages behind the resort.

One of these garages, on the northwest part of the Excalibur’s acreage, opened in October 2017. The 10 story parking structure cost $54 million and can hold up to 3,000 cars. The garage was built in large measure to help offset parking demand at the T-Mobile Arena.

There is a convenient walkway that leads you from this parking garage to a path that goes under Tropicana Boulevard to T-Mobile Arena. It’s about a ten minute walk or so.

(By Steve Beauregard. Photos courtesy of Sandra Cohen Rose and Colin Rose via Flickr)