Tropicana Las Vegas Parking Fee 2023, Valet & Map

An old school joint with a great location, the Tropicana Hotel and Casino has some of the easiest in and out parking access of all the resorts on the Las Vegas Strip.

It’s also one of the few resorts that has outdoor, uncovered parking spaces, along with a traditional parking garage.

The front valet parking area at the Tropicana Las Vegas
The front valet parking area at the Tropicana Las Vegas

Most of the time, in most of the spaces, parking at the Tropicana is free, whether you are a guest, casino player, or just a curious onlooker. There is, however, a parking fee for non-guests during events at T-Mobile Arena, and a fee for some “premium” self-parking spaces. (More on that below).

The parking garage is to the south and west of the property, and its entrance and exit are directly on the Strip, making it very convenient to get in and out (more on that below). It is, however, older and smaller by Las Vegas standards, with just two levels.

Tropicana Las Vegas Parking Map

(The Black “P” is the entrance into the self-parking garage (still free). The brown star is the entrance to valet parking. The purple “P” is uncovered self-parking, which now has spaces with a fee.)

The Tropicana Las Vegas has two large hotel towers, called the Paradise Tower and Club Tower respectively.

There is another section – an unusual feature of the Tropicana – and a byproduct of its age: it still has motel style rooms in the back.

They call them “Bungalow” rooms, and they are different than the hotel rooms in the two towers.

Guests staying in these bungalow rooms can park in the outdoor, uncovered lot behind the hotel, to the east, making it a shorter walk than had they parked in the parking garage near the Strip.

I could also not find information about RV parking, or oversized vehicle parking at the Tropicana, but there appears to be a special area where RVs have parked to the south of the resort, bordering E. Reno Avenue.

Tropicana Las Vegas Parking Fee


Parking is free in the garage except for when there are events scheduled at the nearby T-Mobile Arena. They may also charge when there are events across the street at the MGM Garden Arena.

This “Event Day” policy includes Golden Knights games, concerts and other events. Previously, the Tropicana was the closest free parking to T-Mobile arena, and but this new policy prevents attendees from using the Tropicana to avoid the T-Mobile Arena parking fee.

Parking fees on event days is now $15 for self-parking, but may increase if demand warrants it. Hotel guests will still have free parking.

On days when there aren’t events at T-Mobile, self-parking will still be free for everyone.

Tropicana Premium Parking Fee

The Tropicana has begun charging a modest fee for those who park in their up-close spots. These outdoor spaces are located right along Las Vegas Boulevard on the west side of the resort, and along Tropicana Avenue on the northeast side of the property.

The fee for these spaces run $5 for up to 4 hours, or $10 for up to $24 hours.

Parking in the garage remains free.

Directions to Parking at the Tropicana Las Vegas

As I mentioned at the top, self-parking at the Tropicana is some of the easiest in Las Vegas, in terms of access and being able to get back on the road.

No eleven story maze here; just a simple two story white parking garage that runs parallel with the Strip.

If you are going north on the Strip, (when hotels like the Luxor and Excalibur are on your left), you’ll have a very simple and quick right turn at the sign that reads, “Self-Parking.”

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Getting out of this garage is just as simple, however when leaving back on the Strip, you can only take a right turn.

As for directions to check in? They are the same directions as for the valet parking, which I mention below…

Tropicana Hotel & Casino Las Vegas Valet

As of this early 2023 update, there isn’t valet parking at the Tropicana Hotel and Casino.

In the past, using the valet driver to park your car at the Tropicana was free for hotel guests, and free for everyone else on non-event days – meaning days when there wasn’t an event at the nearby T-Mobile Arena. I’m not sure if the closure is due to hiring shortages or what, but I’ll try to update this if and when it returns.

The Tropicana's self-parking garage is in the middle-right
The Tropicana’s self-parking garage is in the middle-right

On event days in the past, however, valet parking cost $20 for non-hotel guests. It was still be free for hotel guests.

The valet parking area at the Tropicana is in the front corner of the building.

To get there, you take E. Tropicana Avenue. The very first right east of the Strip leads you to the Tropicana’s front door and hotel registration, where you’ll take another immediate right. There is good signage pointing you to the valet in front.

Those of you wanting to access the self-park parking garage can also do so from this access off of Tropicana.

However, those of you staying in one of the resort’s bungalow rooms will be advised to skip this turn off and proceed down E. Tropicana Avenue, taking the next right instead.

This right hand turn is on “Ocean Drive.” Taking it will lead you to the back of the Trop. From there, take a left to what should be many available, albeit uncovered parking spaces.

Tropicana Las Vegas Hotel & Casino Address, Phone & Website

3801 Las Vegas Blvd S,
Las Vegas, NV 89109
(702) 739-2222



It’s not illegal of course, however in an era of greedy casino fees, the Tropicana should be rewarded for still offering free parking. If you do this to save a few bucks on parking, maybe at least throw them a bone by dropping a few bucks in a slot machine or something.

(By Steve Beauregard. Photos courtesy of Jared and Mike McBey via Flickr).