Palazzo Hotel & Casino Parking Fee, Map & Valet 2022

The Palazzo Hotel’s self-parking garage is considered by many to be the nicest, best parking structure in all of Las Vegas.

It certainly is spacious, with 4,000 parking spots. This is partly because it’s also used for parking for folks attending shows, shoppers going to the Grand Canal Shoppes and people going to a convention at the Sands Expo and Convention Center, which is attached to the Venetian and Palazzo.

Since there is no separate, designated Sands Expo and Convention Center parking area, convention attendees usually use this one at the Palazzo.

The entrance to free self-parking at the Palazzo in Las Vegas
The entrance to free self-parking at the Palazzo in Las Vegas

While the Palazzo is technically, a part of the Venetian, the Palazzo’s area is in a different area, and is much nicer than the Venetian Hotel/Casino Parking Garage.

Whereas the Venetian parking garage is above ground, the Palazzo’s is that rare Las Vegas garage that is completely underground. And being directly under the hotel and casino means you’ll have less of a trek to the lobby and casino floor than you would at many of the other parking structures in Las Vegas.

Palazzo Parking Fee


The Palazzo’s self parking garage has four stories, all underground. Self-parking remains completely free and you don’t have to be a guest staying at the hotel to use it. In fact, many people use it for quick access to The Shoppes at the Palazzo.

Palazzo Hotel & Casino Parking Map

(The black star represents the entrace to both the Palazzo’s self-parking garage and valet areas. The red star shows you the Sands Avenue entrance into the parking garage).

Palazzo Hotel and Casino Parking Directions

There are two entrances to self-parking at the Palazzo: (A) From the Strip, or (B) From Sands Avenue right behind the hotel.

(A) From the Strip

Going north on the Strip, you’ll pass the Venetian and cross under a pedestrian overpass. Immediately after the Walgreens on your right, you’ll see the elaborate overhead signage and “P” (for “Palazzo” not “Parking”).

You’ll take a right into this entrance. Once there, the far left lane is for hotel registration and valet for hotel guests. (For those of you staying at the hotel, you can skip this however and self-park, then register).

To your right will be two lanes that lead to the underground parking garage. Staying in the right lane will lead you to the self-parking garage. The road is tunnel-like and curves to your left, leading you to the clean and modern parking garage.

The valet parking area at the Palazzo Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas
The valet parking area at the Palazzo Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas

You’ll enter the garage on the “P1” level. Oftentimes, going down to the lowest level “P4” will result in more free spaces, or spaces closer to the elevator, if that is important to you.

Speaking of which, one of the most unusual features of the self-parking garage at the Palazzo is that in addition to two banks of elevators, there are enclosed escalators that will take you to the casino, (by the sports book), or back down to parking levels.

The gold tinted elevators take you either to one of the four levels of the parking garage, or to The Shoppes at the Palazzo or casino floor. The Shoppes at Palazzo will be reached by punching the “2” button, while the casino and lobby entrance is on the first level.

(B) From behind the Palazzo.

This entrance to the Palazzo’s self-parking area is off of Sands Avenue.

If you’re driving south on the Strip, you’ll want to take the first left after the Wynn Las Vegas Hotel and Casino. The street is called “Sands Avenue” and it’s the street that acts as the Palazzo’s northern border.

Stay in your far right lane. You’ll cross underneath a pedestrian bridge, then you’ll want to take a quick right into the Palazzo self-park parking garage. This entrance is just before the first stoplight you’ll come across.

Palazzo Hotel and Casino Valet Parking

Valet parking at the Palazzo is free as well. It’s only found from the Las Vegas Strip entrance.

When entering the Palazzo from the Strip, the far left lane will be manned by security. This land will lead you to the Palazzo’s hotel registration and valet area.

Valet parking for those of you not staying at the hotel, can be found underground, using the same tunnel you would use for self-parking access. However instead of staying in your right lane, you’ll just follow the signs and stay in your left lane.

This bright, clean elegant-looking underground valet parking area is spacious and nice. Valet parking is free, but you should tip the driver.

From the casino, this underground valet is accessible down an escalator from the casino floor. This is the valet to use when taking a taxi from the resort. (The one above ground is just for arrivals checking into the hotel). This underground waiting area, however, has these comfortable pseudo-leather couches for you to relax one while you wait.

Other Notes

* Please note that that the maximum vehicle height to park at the Palazzo’s underground parking garage is exactly seven feet.

* In an era of increasing fees and nickel-and-dime add-ons, the Venetian/Palazzo stand out as one of the few casinos to offer free parking on the Strip.

* Also, there are electric vehicle charging stations on Levels 1, 2 and Level 4. There are 3 Tesla charging stations in the lower level of the valet parking. It’s free to charge your car.

* Lastly, the Hertz rental car area is on Level 2 as well.

(By Steve Beauregard. Photo courtesy of AI R, and Daryl Mitchell via Flickr).