Venetian Expo & Convention Center Parking 2023 Fee & Valet

From busy trades shows, to adult film conventions to presidential primary debates, the Venetian Expo and Convention Center, (formerly the “Sands Expo”), hosts over a half a million visitors each year during the Expo’s busy schedule of conventions.

The convention center has 2.25 million square feet of meeting space. Enough that it acts as a co-hosting venue (with the larger Las Vegas Convention Center) for the enormous Consumer Electronics Show, which brings in 163,000 attendees annually.

There is a lot of free parking at the Venetian Convention & Expo Center
There is a lot of free parking at the Venetian Convention & Expo Center

The Venetian Expo and Convention Center alone hosts meetings (like the annual “Mobility Week” phone/technology/social media trade show), that brings in 40,000 visitors just to the Sands.

So with all those badge-wearing convention-goers, there is a huge demand for parking. While the Sands Expo itself does not have separate, designated parking specifically for convention-attendees, demand is met by massive parking structures at the Palazzo Hotel and Casino, and Venetian Hotel and Casino – both of which are under one roof and attached to the Sands Expo and Convention Center.

Venetian Expo & Convention Center Parking Fee

The good news is that there is no cost to park at the Expo and convention center. Although Caesar and MGM properties, (i.e. the Bellagio, Aria, Flamingo, Paris, etc.) have all implemented paid parking fees, parking at the Venetian and Palazzo (and therefore Sands Expo) all remain complimentary, and represent one of the few places to park for free on the Strip.

Directions to Venetian Expo parking at the Palazzo

First the Palazzo

(The black “P” represents the main entrance into the Sands Expo & Convention Center. The red “P” is also a parking entrance and the entrance you’d use for valet parking)

This is the one most convention-goers use, even though The Venetian and Palazzo have parking nearly equal-distant from the actual meeting spaces at the Sands.

Yet while it’s arguable which is technically closer, there is no debate over which is the nicer facility. Hands down, the Palazzo parking garage is larger, and more easily accessible than the Venetian’s.

The Palazzo’s 4 story underground parking garage has 4,000 parking spaces. This is typically enough for all but the largest conventions, given that a majority of attendees fly into Las Vegas and take taxis or shuttles to the Venetian Expo.

Directions to the underground parking at the Palazzo are pretty easy. You can either use the self-parking entrances from the Strip, or from Sands Avenue.

From the Strip, you’ll just drive northbound, turning right into the Palazzo’s entrance, (under the arched signage), where staying in the right lane will lead you down to the resort’s self-parking garage.

Alternatively, you could go in the left lane, and use the Palazzo’s valet parking services.

The other entrance to the self-parking garage at the Palazzo is from Sands Avenue, which is the road just north of the resort. (Before it gets to the Strip, it’s called “Spring Mountain Road” in case you’re using a map or outdated GPS) Either way, this is the road that goes right in front of the “Venetian Expo and Convention Center” sign.

The 85,000 square foot Venetian Ballroom at the Venetian Expo & Convention Center

To use this parking entrance, turn south at the stoplight immediately in front of the Expo. Oddly, this little turn-off has two different names. The street is called simply “Palazzo” when going east, and called “South Wynn Gate Drive” when going west. You won’t miss it as the garage exit and entrance are pretty clearly marked. The maximum vehicle height is seven feet.

There are electric vehicle charging stations on levels P2 and P4.

Once in the self-parking garage, the elevators or escalators will lead you to the Palazzo casino. From there you’ll walk through restaurant row by the theater to begin another not-so-short walk to the convention center.

Venetian Expo and Convention Center Parking at the Venetian

Visitors to the Venetian Expo and Convention Center may also use the Venetian Self Parking Garage instead.

This 14 story parking garage sits to the south and east of the Venetian. Access to it is via either the Venetian’s Las Vegas Strip entrance, or from the back way, off of Koval Lane. The back entrance is usually less crowded.

Like its Palazzo sister attached to the north, the Venetian parking garage has a valet at the entrance. Self-parking here, (and valet parking) is free, although tipping the valet driver is standard.

Venetian Expo and Convention Center Drop-Off

Although not a valet stand, there is a taxi area and drop-off area directly in front of the Expo and Convention Center, on Sands. Please note that this area is not really large and can get really backed up during shows.

Venetian Expo and Convention Center Valet Parking

You can get valet parking by entering the Palazzo Valet area. Simply use the Strip entrance (the Red “P” sign on the map above), then once you have turned, just stay in your left lane. Prices will vary, but recently it cost $35 to valet park at the Palazzo. The valet stand is on the P2 level, and the signage is very good here.

(By Steve Beauregard. Top photo copyright Bottom photo courtesy of the Venetian).