Venetian Hotel & Casino Parking Garage: Fee, Valet Info & Directions for 2017

By Steve Beauregard

The Guinness Book of World Records lists the Venetian and Palazzo combination as the largest hotel in the world, with just over 7,000 rooms. And with the Grand Canal Shoppes and Sands Convention Center bringing even more visitors in, you can see why the Venetian has such a humongous parking garage.

In this article, we’re talking strictly about the Venetian Hotel and Casino’s parking area only, as the Palazzo’s parking garage is separate, and in a different area further away from the Venetian.

For its part, the Venetian itself has 4,034 rooms, making it the third biggest hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Entrance to the Venetian Parking Area

Entrance to the Venetian Parking Area

Guests staying here (and casino patrons not staying at the hotel), use the resort’s 14 story parking garage located to the south and west of the main part of the hotel and casino. The structure is very large, and it’s a long meandering maze to get from your parking spot to inside the resort.

Once in the parking garage, access to the hotel and casino is through a walkway found on the 3rd level. There are elevators of course, to take you to this level.

As I said, it’s quite a haul from the parking garage to your room at the Venetian. I haven’t measured it myself, but one person reported a walk of 20 minutes from car to hotel room door. I can’t vouch for that, however as massive as the Venetian/Palazzo/Sands Convention Center complex is, I don’t doubt that figure for a minute.

Venetian Hotel and Casino Parking Fee

While almost every other hotel and casino along the Las Vegas Strip has introduced paid parking, parking at the Venetian is free to everyone. It doesn’t matter if you’re a hotel guest, or not, anyone can park at the Venetian’s parking garage free of charge. The Venetian remains one of the few resorts left to offer free parking on Las Vegas Strip.

Venetian Parking Directions

There are two ways to access the self-parking garage at the Venetian Hotel and Casino:

1) From the Strip.
2) From the back of the hotel.

***From the Strip

Whether you’re going north or south on Las Vegas Boulevard, you’ll turn into the only street that goes into the Venetian. (Another street goes into the Palazzo, but ignore this one). The street leading to the Venetian is unnamed, but you’ll know the street when you see it, as it is by the little lake out in front of the resort.

Once on it, you’ll pass under Rialto Bridge (a pedestrian bridge that leads people from the Strip into the casino). A little bit past the bridge, you’ll see signs pointing you to the self-parking garage, accessible from the right hand lane.

***From the Back of the Hotel

This is the easier, faster way, in my view, as you don’t have to battle the never-ending parade of pedestrians who make it difficult for cars to make right hand turns onto Strip hotels.

To access the parking garage, you’ll want to take Koval Lane, which is a busy street that runs parallel to the Strip, behind all of the resorts.

You’ll want to west off of Koval Lane onto an unnamed street. Don’t worry, there will be signs telling pointing you to the Venetian parking lot. For reference though, you’ll be turning onto this street right under the Las Vegas Monorail tracks. The Wynn employee parking garage will be on the east, and you’ll want to go in the opposite direction, to the west, towards the Strip.

Once on this unnamed street, stay in the right lane, as the left lane will take you to Harrah’s Las Vegas parking garage. The right lane will shortly led you to the Venetian self-parking garage, which again, is well marked. You’ll take a right into the garage.

Venetian Hotel and Casino Valet Parking

There are two valet parking stands at the Venetian. Both are near the self-parking garage entrances, so they’ll be easy to spot.

One is accessible off of the Strip, just after you go under the Rialto Bridge. You’ll see the circle and valet parking stand on your left.

Entrance to the Venetian Parking Garage

Entrance to the Venetian Parking Garage

The other valet parking stand is the one accessible from behind the resort, when you are coming towards the Venetian from Koval Lane. Instead of staying in your far right-hand lane and using the self-parking, you’ll just want to follow the signs in the middle lane that lead you to the valet parking. (Using the far left lane takes you to neighboring Harrah’s parking area).

Valet parking at the Venetian is free, but you should tip the valet at least a few dollars both when dropping off your vehicle, and when picking it back up.

Grand Canal Shoppes Parking

There is not a separate parking area designated for shoppers going to the Grand Canal Shoppes.

Instead, guest use the same 14 story parking garage guests staying at the Venetian use. Alternatively, you could use the 5 story underground self-parking garage at the Palazzo, which is accessible off of the Strip, just a few feet north of the lake in front of the Venetian.

If you are heading for the Grand Canal Shoppes and want to valet instead of suffering the long walk from garage to shops, you can quickly do so at the back entrance to the parking garage off of Koval Lane. (Using the front valet by the strip results in a much longer walk to the shops).

(Photos courtesy of David Jones and and Insapphowetrust via Flickr).