Wynn & Encore Las Vegas Esplanades & Wynn Plaza: Directory of Shops & Hours

The Wynn Esplanade Shopping Area

The Wynn Esplanade Shopping Area

By Steve Beauregard

(Note: As of this writing in January 2017, Wynn Plaza, the 75,000 square foot retail addition to the Wynn is currently still under construction. It is expected to open in the fall of this year, and we will update this page as it progresses).

High, bright ceilings, wide hallways, towering curtains, luxurious shops, red carpeting complimenting beautiful tile. Welcome to the Wynn Esplanade.

Retailers at the 75,000 square foot Esplanade include Christian Dior, Cartier, Louis Vuitton, Rolex (the only American Rolex store), and Prada.

Here is a list of the other stores at the Wynn Las Vegas, along with a brief description of the stores.

For our purposes here, we’re including shops along the Encore Esplanade, which is the equally beautiful hallway connecting the Wynn to the Encore. It’s home to uber-hip nightclub XS (ranked by Nightclub & Bar as the number one nightclub in the United States), as well as the very red Le Reve – the Dream theater.

Alexander McQueen

McQueen was the famous designer from England, whose reputation has only escalated since his suicide in 2010. The four time winner of the prestigious “British Designer of Year” launched a company that is now famous for dressing the stars – many of whom wear the McQueen label at big time gala award shows, including the Academy Awards.


This upscale Italian men’s wear retailer is just one of six Brionis in the United States.

Brioni is the designer of the official suit for James Bond. (Yes he’s fictional, but it’s still incredibly cool). Other, more real clientele have included everyone from Clark Gable to John Wayne, to former President George W. Bush. Former mob boss John Gotti’s “dapper don” nickname came in part from his love of Brioni suits.

Outside the Wynn Esplanade

Outside the Wynn Esplanade

Cartier – The French luxury goods retailer specializes in jewelry and watches.

Chanel – You know the name, and the Wynn website says this retailer, “continues to inspire women of all ages around the world with its timeless modernity.”

Chloe – A French apparel and handbag designer.

Chopard – A Swiss retailer offering high-end watches and jewelry.

Dior – Christian Dior’s Wynn boutique offers “ready-to-wear pieces and accessories” with “Parisian luxury and elegance on your doorstep.”

Givenchy – This 3,100 square foot store represents the French retailers first store in the Unites States. Givenchy is an upscale men & women’s clothing retailer that sells luxury accessories as well.

Graff – This luxury diamond and jewelry retailer specializes in “fine gems and stones.”

Hermes – The iconic French high-end retailer offers “Classic, yet ever-popular fashion and accessories.”

IWC Schaffhausen – a Swiss watch maker. (The “IWC” stands for International Watch Company).

Jaeger-LeCoultre – Based in Switzerland, Jaeger-LeCoultre is another upscale clock and watch manufacturer.

Loro Piana – an luxury Italian clothing company that specializes in wool and cashmere.

Louis Vuitton – You’re undoubtedly familiar with Louis Vuitton’s outstanding reputation for quality handbags, watches, jewelry, sunglasses and more.

Moncler – “French designed, Italian crafted” jackets, clothes and fashionable ski wear.

Piaget – Luxurious Swiss-made designer of both jewelry and watches.

Prada – Luxurious shoes, their iconic handbags of course, along with fashions for men and women.

Rolex – It’s said this location is home to the world’s largest selection of Rolex watches.

Salvatore Ferragamo – The Italian fashion house sells men and women’s clothes, along with shoes and handbags.

Tiny Treasures – The rare (and only) children’s toy store. They also offer educational games, children’s clothes, and gifts.

Vertu – This British retailer sells very high-end, elegantly designed and crafted cell phones. Some of their phones are priced for over $300,000.

Wynn & Company Watches – “Unique timepieces” from a variety of high-end watch designers.

Wynn Collection – This 7,000 square foot store offers apparel for both men and women, along with accessories and cosmetics.

Wynn LVNV – Luxury home goods and furnishings. The limited apparel items include robes and house slippers designed by Steve Wynn’s daughter.

The Encore Esplanade

The Encore Esplanade

Wynn Homestore – Located in the Encore Esplanade, this store sells the same high-quality mattresses, and 100% cotton, 507 thread-count bed sheets found in the suites upstairs. The store’s inventory also includes home furnishings, and artwork.

Wynn/Encore Esplanade Shopping Hours

Sunday – Thursday: 10 AM to 11 PM

Friday and Saturday: 10 AM to Midnight


Previously the Wynn/Encore was home to that very rare store: a Ferrari dealership, however that 10,000 square foot showroom store has since closed as part of the Wynn Plaza construction.

Once Wynn Plaza opens, the resort will have 173,500 square feet of retail space. The two-story shopping plaza will front the Las Vegas Strip, and will include additional restaurants.

Overall, shopping at the Wynn Las Vegas is not for the faint of heart. However it does provide my wife and probably millions of other women, a fun way to dream for an afternoon.

(Photos courtesy of La Citta Vita, billy kerr and Jennifer Balaco